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Ono Chi, on the TOYOTA automation of humanity

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Humanized automation. High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

Another pillar of TOYOTA production is an automation

As long as a switch can operate the machine with a lot of. Recently because the machine constantly toward the high performance and high speed development, once slightly abnormal, it will lead to dozens, hundreds of times the consequences of defective pile up like a mountain hand. For example, doped into heterogeneous materials, mechanical equipment and mould will be damaged or clogged with debris, or Yin die breakage and so on, and the model of mechanical equipment damage and production of defective products, it can not be called labor, is not working. In addition, to prevent the damage of mechanical equipment, the production of defective phenomenon, we must arrange the guards on duty. The automation will not have efficiency. Therefore, the Toyota Corporation of automation the process is very strict and cautious. High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

We also hear about the automation of Daye’s instructions:

If TOYOTA does not use humanized automation, what is the situation? No humanized automation can be applied in any factory, and humanized automation is what we should think of as a user. High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

The automation of this humanization, simply say that in some adverse circumstances, will automatically start to stop the operation of the device. The processing end or defective time, if not installed automatic stop device, there will be a lot of trouble. If we do not advance awareness of the situation, will continue to produce defective products, the it is very bad. So the device in the factory must be installed to prevent defective batch production “

User intelligence

The word “automatic” was created by TOYOTA. It was Toyoda Sayoshi, the founder of the company, who invented the humanized automatic textile machine. High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

There are various specifications of textiles. In a few inches of square fabric, there should be a few warp threads, a few weft threads, and what names of fabrics are used. Such specifications are all definite. Even if one warp or one weft is not enough, it is unqualified

TOYOTA’s automatic spinning machine, if cut off a warp or missing the weft, the machine will stop working immediately, so as to avoid the production of substandard products. The automatic stop device is generally said that the automatic machine of adult sex. High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

“People go to the TOYOTA automatic knitting machine when making, said: if the harbour evil designs never do that, the company should now do not have a good reputation in it. In fact, because of the automation of humanity, in the production of the products, even if there is no arrangement to monitor the production staff, can also work continue to run smoothly. Once the defective machinery on the spot, will automatically stop. Therefore, the device of the invention, a female employee can operate dozens of textile machinery, and are capable of running at a fairly high speed. Before the invention of this machine, with their feet pit-a-pat stepping aside while textile, rather than the time, the production efficiency is improved by several times now, hundreds of times! High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

This method is also applicable to the manufacture of automotive parts, as long as the automatic stop device, a few hundred times to improve production efficiency is difficult not what big deal.

“We also require the installation of the device in bought with automatic machine automatic stop device, requires workers to know how to operate it. The direct use of buy back of the machine, that the Department is lack of wisdom of the guy, so we need to learn to installation of automatic stop”

Automatic stop. High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

Even now, TOYOTA is still Japan and even the world’s top car manufacturers. It Showa twelve years (1937) has issued the first roar, continuously manufacturing enterprise competition in Europe and America advanced car. They should try their best to catch up with and surpass Europe, so the automation equipment is necessary in any case, in the Showa thirty years (1955) to forty years (1965) in the past ten years, TOYOTA greatly realized the automation. High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

However, the automated results are no less artificial than expected, and even there are extreme situations in which one person monitors a machine

If so, it doesn’t make any difference from manual work

Of course, this is not to say that the manual machine is good, this is the case, because of the lack of automatic thinking. That is to say, the first step is not mechanical and automation can be automatically processed, but should be in what circumstances can have abnormal machine perception of Cha Jue, and can automatically stop, this is very important.

If not with automatic stop device of automatic machine will be very troublesome, so whether it is new or old machine machine, should strengthen efforts to make these devices have become the wisdom of mankind, human machine. These include intelligence positioning stop mode, comprehensive network system, to know how to avoid mistakes, the use of safety devices and various the and so on. High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

The concept of automation is not only refers to mechanical equipment automation, also includes the assembly line personnel work. People, machine or production line, once the system exception occurs immediately stop operation, this is TOYOTA in general named production: “Jidoka”.

The operator automated “self” refers to the operator itself, is that in his homework “no”, “defective” situation, the operator can stop error repeat operation. TOYOTA requires each operator can stop and start control of the production line, if where a little. Immediately stop the production line.

The so-called humanization of the automatic is in the case of abnormal circumstances, their own judgment and stop the operation of the machine

The general automatic machine if abnormal occurs, will damage the machine and model, produce a large number of unqualified products, so must be placed on duty personnel. High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

Stop production line

Usually, it’s hard to stop the production line when you’re working on the production line, because if you stop the production line, the immediate production will drop, and the supervisor will be reluctant. Even if you don’t want to stop at TOYOTA, you can stop

But TOYOTA’s production line is often stopped, but this stop is only a few seconds, because the production line can continue to run. High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

Here is an example of A, the supervisor of the production line that never wanted to stop the production line, and the B. that was operated according to the instructions

B in time to stop production line without hesitation. So whether the whole plan or what is stopped, the yield will be down. Production stopped for a number of reasons, the direct operation of the operator is of course very clear about these issues, but as a supervisor B do not understand the problem.

In short, because the production line stopped, so the problem is clearly revealed. Then put these questions one by one, after three weeks, and thought that as long as a stop production line will reduce the efficiency of production, resulting in the loss of the company, so let’s not stop production line production line compared to A B production line, the actual performance is more prominent, the result beyond all expectations.

On the other hand, to stop the production line is kept for more production line, so as to achieve complete, perfect production line operation. Therefore, the supervisor must be ready for a certain loss, the appropriate time to stop the operation of the production line, then the supervisor must fundamentally solve the deadly (lead line stop) the problem. High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

Supervisors who can’t say “stop the production line” are the same failures as the supervisors who have stopped the production line for two or even three times for the same reason

Managers should think carefully, “can’t stop the production line is a good production line or a bad production line?””

“Can’t stop the production line is a very good production line or poor production line?” did not stop the production line because most costs a lot of manpower, the problem is not apparent. Therefore, it is necessary to stop the construction of normal production line, continue to improve, become even do not want to stop stop the production line.

High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer

High Quality CNC milling and turning China Manufacturer





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