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[career Story] Toyota is very simple, is really give employees the space to think, guide their wisdom.

TOYOTA’s production mode and management culture have changed the form and order of the global manufacturing industry in the twenty-first Century. Learning TOYOTA can’t just focus on learning and production mode (TPS). We should pay attention to the concept behind this mode of production: how to make good use of the wisdom of employees? CNC milling online

Ono Chi, the founder and advocate of TOYOTA’s production mode, is called “the father of the resurrection of Japan” by the Japanese, “the godfather of production management” and “the sage dressed in clothes”.

Ono Chi 1932 graduated from Nagoya Industrial College (now known as the industrial machinery department, after graduating from University) entered the TOYOTA Corporation in 1943 to the textile industry, TOYOTA Auto Industry Corporation, TOYOTA founder of TOYOTA. TOYOTA Jusco, founder of Toyoda Kiichiro effect, until retirement.

After the Second World War, TOYOTA was in a very dangerous situation. At that time, TOYOTA was faced with the shortage of raw materials and the shortage of raw materials. CNC milling online

We are all resistant to a cudgel thinking how to find the better way of production.

Japan imports from Europe and a lot of automation equipment, but actually in each machine side also be equipped with a worker in charge. In order to solve this problem, Ono Chi thought of the sensor is mounted to the machine, and then installed lights, the lights, and the machines are connected, where an exception can immediately know greatly to improve the work efficiency. The effective operation of the production line of the rate increase to 95%! CNC milling online

Ono Chi worked in TOYOTA for a lifetime. After repeated setbacks and failures, he created a complete, ultra conventional and revolutionary new mode of production TOYOTA production mode (TPS).

In the 80s of the last century, independent research and development activities began to emerge within TOYOTA, and workers had to independently study the ways to improve site management. CNC milling online

The basic idea of TPS is beginning to penetrate into all aspects of the business. So the comprehensive TPS is born. It marks the emergence of another great principle of TOYOTA’s production mode — the principle of activeness.

The essence of the principle of action is to mobilize staff enthusiasm and ambition. Members of original TOYOTA engineering technology company chairman horikiri Junxiong to < > management at home and abroad to Japan delegation who drew a map, tell us the vitality of the staff is how a little bit excited. CNC milling online

He said: let the staff do things, not to improve or achieve 100%, as long as 50% of the possible, start to move, in the action live, continuous improvement to 100%.

Don’t give employees too much pressure and expectations. It’s best to let them stretch out their hands and reach them. Then, employees feel a sense of accomplishment and feel fulfilling, so that the brain can begin to activate so that they can keep forging ahead.

The biggest difference between an American factory and a US factory is that the US companies do the job standard and the workers do according to the standard. TOYOTA’s TOTAL TPS fully believes in the wisdom of the workers, realizes on-site activation, and advocates “live goods”. CNC milling online

In Gifu, one of the factories belonging to TOYOTA automobile body factory, “Chinese and foreign management > a row to see the scene everywhere with eye-catching” improving Kanban Kanban “. The content is divided into two parts, one is to improve the situation before, one side is improved. The economic benefits of improving the effectiveness, improve the Undertaker name and reward are written on the board for the public.

Of course, improving the intelligence of front-line staff does not mean that the goal of improvement is from bottom to top, but that every year the company has an improvement policy, making improvement goals from multiple angles such as quality, cost, safety and so on, and then decomposes it to every team. CNC milling online

In his later years, Ono Chi left a touching reflection in the book: “nobody love yourself just screw, work just followed orders, immutable and frozen, do not know why TOYOTA is busy, do something very simple, is to really give employees space of thinking and wisdom leads to their employees. Valuable time and dedication to the company, if do not properly use their wisdom, is a waste” CNC milling online

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