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[HR] performance appraisal and management (1): how to make employee performance plan better?

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Managers and employees to jointly formulate a good performance plan, performance appraisal is the most successful. So, how to plan employee performance is good? How to make such a performance plan? Believe in different enterprises and HR each have their own experience, a discussion of communication with me, please: DIN Approved CNC milling parts Manufacturer

1, what kind of employee performance plan is better?

2, how to make such a performance plan?

Performance management is a cycle process, including performance planning, performance guidance, performance appraisal, performance feedback and performance improvement, and performance planning is the key to the whole performance management. If the performance plan is not done well, the whole performance management is failure. DIN Approved CNC milling parts Manufacturer

Performance planning, we generally follow the following steps to carry out, to give you a reference:

1, according to the development strategy of the company to determine the performance plan, that is to determine the company’s development strategy objectives, and then through the decomposition of each department, the formation of performance plans and objectives of each department; DIN Approved CNC milling parts Manufacturer

2, the company’s development strategy target is divided into each department’s work goal, with the Department’s work goal, can decompose the goal of each department;

3, the staff according to their respective post instructions, combined with the objectives of the Department, draw up their own performance plan and objectives, performance plan should include the task of the task, to achieve specific performance standards, assessment indicators, so that employees clear their position and performance plan positioning;

4, department heads and staff to develop the performance plan, the performance of some staff to formulate the plan may be high or low, the HR department will assist the department head to analyze and develop performance plan (according to the SMART principle, which is specific, measurable, actionable, real can be realized, sometimes limit); DIN Approved CNC milling parts Manufacturer

5, by the Ministry of manpower, department heads and staff interviews on the performance plan, performance plan in the process of communication, the staff do not give too much pressure, we should pay attention to create a relaxed, gentle atmosphere, so that employees can take their own performance plan starting point, the department heads first affirmed the common part, then there is difference of the proposed amendments views, consultations and final implementation (clear performance evaluation index and evaluation standard, a plan of action, and ultimately the formation of the performance appraisal Confirmation signed by both parties confirmed that human as witness signature). DIN Approved CNC milling parts Manufacturer

Matters needing attention:

The 1 part, the whole individual performance plan that is the key person in charge of the Department’s guidance, namely how to analyze and develop the performance plan index, also is how to guide employee performance plan interview, certainly consistent, pointed out the different points, to guide employees to express their planning intention, guiding the implementation of evaluation and development the action plan, the whole process is to grasp a degree, that can not let employees feel too much pressure, can not let employees too easy, there is pressure to moderate, but as long as you work hard can be completed;

In 2, the interview should pay attention to methods, not too tough, how some indicators of employees not recognized and tough, excessively may force effect is not good, not good can be temporarily put first, compromise, let employees feel the leadership or take into account his feelings, then in the next interview with appropriate targets;

3, the achievement of employees should be encouraged, the use of “hamburger” principle to communicate with it, the effect will be better

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