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[workplace Story] every employee is the brand’s image spokesperson

Starbucks in 5 years to make their own in the world become synonymous with “enjoy coffee”. Howard Schulz summed up his experience said: “create the Starbucks brand, first of all we rely on the people, not consumers. We believe: to cater to and even exceed customer expectations is the best way to hire and train well the employees” CNC milling process

At a Starbucks store in Beijing, a coffee maker is holding a cup of hot coffee and is demonstrating to more than twenty customers.

She said, “people smell nearly 1000, so the feeling of coffee should be first heard.” she inhaled deeply near the coffee cup, and said, “the aroma of coffee is found by smell. When you drink, you have to leave some gaps in your mouth so that you can taste the flavor of coffee.” CNC milling process

She gently drank coffee, and let the coffee in the mouth for a while, only to swallow. She then said: “the time to seriously feel the acidity and concentration of coffee. Due to the type of coffee, the taste is not the same. The high acidity of coffee has a bright stimulus sense, such as Colombian Coffee. Different concentrations of coffee, but also has the obvious difference. If you haven’t eaten yet, may choose to add milk with higher proportion of cappuccino or latte, if the spirit is not enough, you can choose a double espresso (Italy espresso), if you want to go to sleep, have a good dream, you can drink some Sumatra”

The employee to taste the coffee was both wonderful and romantic, so that customers can completely into the coffee of intense interest, the magical world.

In fact, this is Starbucks’s most important brand strategy. Schultz stressed: in the coffee shop, we should actively communicate with customers, especially the communication between coffee masters and customers. CNC milling process

For years, Starbucks has spent much more money on employee training than spending on product advertising.

At Starbucks, every coffee student takes 24 hours of training – learning coffee knowledge, customer service, basic sales, coffee making skills, and so on. CNC milling process

Coffee masters should be able to anticipate the needs of customers, patiently explain the different tastes and flavors of coffee, and show Starbucks’s pursuit of every cup of coffee for every service.

Howard Schulz is probably the world’s most understand the “popular, one of the business world. He admired the British composer Taylor’s words:” from the heart, will take it to heart ” CNC milling process

Howard Schulz believes that only if every employee can truly accept the coffee culture that Starbucks shapes, can Starbucks truly convey the brand idea to the customer’s heart. CNC milling process

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