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[Workplace Story] Don’t worry about the boss

Every employee will think, I work hard to do more for the boss, the boss will think of me well. But sometimes your worry is really redundant, but the more you do it, the more you mistake it. CNC Milling Services – CNC Turning

Who does not want to show his talent in front of the boss? However, I think about the boss is good, but the boss said you are not qualified, this situation is actually more than Dou Huan. I have had this experience. I worked as a human resource manager for five years at a Japanese company. At that time, a human resources director from the headquarters sent me to direct leadership. He ran in Shanghai and Beijing. In order to lighten his work, I only wanted to get things done well in advance. I didn’t call him and bothered him. He rarely communicated with him and asked him not to meddle. CNC Milling Services – CNC Turning

I laboriously cut the manpower cost of my own department. I was supposed to have two people doing the work and letting one person come to me. All of them wore Star Daiyue and made outstanding achievements. Even the general manager had placed great hopes on me. However, at the end of the year, an unknown manager from another department mentioned the position of the deputy director. My position in this department is still empty. I was paralyzed. I couldn’t find where I was wrong by trying to break my head. I just felt I was wronged. Finally holding the intention to resign, decided to make an in-depth communication with the director. Before the talk, the grievances in the heart did not even mention it. One was that he thought that he was more male than another, and the other was that he was deliberately trying to make me difficult. After sitting down, the director said unexpectedly: “I waited more than a year for you to come to me to do this communication. You should come to communicate with me when I took office or at regular intervals.”

“Ah?!” I was shocked.

“You are a very good employee, but you are not a good leader. You are the company’s firefighter, too professional and too much work, but you are not empowered. All human resources processes are you alone. In control, you do not have a church department and let them do things.In addition, you have such a large workload to maintain such a small number of personnel to prove that your personnel planning problems, I think your department should increase staffing in order to maintain this work the amount.”

“Ah?” I once again held back, thinking that while reducing the cost of personnel and not to lead the trouble for the leadership, in addition to their own tired mess, what the boss saw is another case. “Your department is always in an emergency state. You haven’t considered the overall situation of the company. What you do is only the department manager. So you are not qualified for the position of the director.” CNC Milling Services – CNC Turning

The district governor went on to say, “I do think that men and women are different, but I am a son. It is very hard for you to give birth to your child. I want to see your balance in family and work. I am also looking at it.”

After working for so many years, I was praised and used. Individuals were also relatively strong. But after listening to these words, my heart resigned and I wondered where I was going. I feel like a rookie in my workplace and I am worried and happy.

“Whenever you gave your work to your subordinates, you had nothing to do and started telling me what I was doing now. You could go one step further.” The director’s words awoke himself. “ If you are so busy now, how can you possibly receive it if I give you a higher job? I don’t want the leaders to be busy all day. I hope that you will talk to different people and find new ideas. The time for speaking should be better than doing things. More time.” CNC Milling Services – CNC Turning

This day became a turning point in my career. I understand two reasons: First, do not think that all things are in order to firmly hold onto your territory. Only after you have talented people have the opportunity to go up, otherwise the pit can only fill in forever. Second, the principle of lazy ants. Only by letting their brains not be dragged down by trivial matters, can we think of the overall situation at a higher level.

Since then, I have learned to authorize. In the past, the way I issued the task was imperative; the latter method was the purpose and the result. The division of labor was arranged by the men themselves. The result was pleasantly surprised to find that the employees formed a cooperative relationship in the project. Everyone had the opportunity to no longer compete excessively, the team’s cohesiveness was strengthened, and I also saw the talents that had not been discovered before.

In retrospect, without the words of the Director of the year, my career may have stagnated in a state of exhaustion and hardship. So even if you worry about the boss, you must look at what the boss needs.CNC Milling Services – CNC Turning

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