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Introduction: On-site management is tedious, but there are only three basic elements: people, objects, and places; the situation on the ground is ever-changing, and it comes down to “two streams”: logistics and information flow; as site managers, whether it is production managers, production Supervisor, workshop director, foreman, team leader, or improvement engineer, IE engineer, quality control engineer must make detailed analysis and research on these three elements and two streams, discover the problem, analyze the reason and find the solution to the problem . CNC plastic machining

This article provides field managers with an idea and tools for on-site management analysis and creation, so that less capital investment can be made and efficiency and effectiveness should be required in scientific management.

1. Check the process flow
The diagram depicting the steps and routing of a process is called a flowchart. It includes two major categories of workflow and process flow, but the essence is the same, with which you can use a graphical representation of the complex process.

Process or work flow is a unit of craft or work of the general line, which image reflects the process or work procedures, departments and processes connected to determine or check the handling procedures to a business or a department to find the problem should be from At the beginning of the process, we have analyzed the entire process of the current production and work, which processes are unreasonable, which areas have flowed backwards, where there are pauses, and which process routes and links can be eliminated, merged, and simplified. Analysis and judgment of each step of the flowchart is under control? Can test play a check? Cross-sectional contact is in place? Is it smooth? Do you need to build or add new pathways? From the various aspects of the flow chart and the delivery routes, it is analyzed whether the existing work functions of various departments are in place. Is it necessary to adjust or reorganize existing organizations? CNC plastic machining

2. Plan a tone up

Some factories in the early days of the factory did not elaborate on the site layout and equipment layout, or due to the continuous development of production, equipment continue to purchase, upset the layout, or due to changes in product structure, resulting in plant or equipment The layout is unreasonable, so that the product and the workpiece in the production of long transport routes, which is the hidden dangers of manufacturing waste every moment, must resolve to change.

In the process flow chart, we can’t see the plane route. An arrow on the flowchart may actually take tens of meters. Therefore, we must further look for benefits in the floor plan. CNC plastic machining

By analyzing the operation method and equipment configuration, according to the flow direction of the production process, whether there are duplicate routes and reverse flow conditions, identify irrational parts, reasonably adjust and design a new layout, to shorten the process route and the operator’s walking Distance, reduce unnecessary waste of resources. Very often, we have to wonder, a small change, the result is that the movement of a device will bring tens or even hundreds of meters away from the savings, or even save more space.

3. Pipeline count

The production line and assembly line should be carried out in accordance with the same beat, and production can be balanced. Some enterprises often appear in the production of “front dry, back look ahead in front of walking behind the overtime” situation. One of the causes is the unreasonable movement method, and the other is that the beat is not balanced.

A wooden barrel that is bounded by many wooden boards of different lengths determines its size is not the longest one, but the shortest one. Similarly, on the assembly line, the slowest person is the one who decides the final efficiency of the assembly line. The balance efficiency of the production line or the assembly line = the sum of the networking time of each process / the working time of the longest process x the number of people. The balance rate of many product lines is often less than 50%. If the time-consuming processes are simplified, speed-up, substitution or splitting methods are used, the time-shortening processes can be used to balance the line by cutting and adding. The production efficiency of the entire production line will be greatly enhanced, slow and individual processes resulting in nesting and accumulation will be eliminated.  CNC plastic machining

4. The action element minus one minus
Any operation is based on manual action as the basic unit, assembly process, process and other manual processes as the main part of the process, the action is to produce a very important factor in efficiency.

The main purpose of motion analysis is to eliminate unnecessary movements, invalid movements, or slow movements, such as bending over, carrying out work, unsmooth workplaces, lack of suitable tools, and the search for people and things. The method to achieve maximum work efficiency. CNC plastic machining

This research can greatly increase production efficiency without spending a penny. For example, in real life, why do some people make dumplings faster than the average person? Why will some people planting seedlings be much faster than most people? That’s all because they have a certain amount of know-how to do their job in the most economical way. CNC plastic machining

5. Handling a pressure of air pressure

According to statistics, between 25% and 40% of the processing fee is the handling fee; 70% to 80% of the processing time is the time for carrying and pause; another 85% of the factory’s disasters occur during the handling. Visible handling of compression is very important. Improve the handling To optimize the handling, from the handling capacity, handling space, handling time to improve.

First, to reduce the number of handling and the number of handling;

Second, in the handling space, it is necessary to shorten the transport distance, reduce the number of transport routes and times as much as possible;

Third, in terms of handling time, it is necessary to shorten the time and reduce the number of times; in terms of methods, it is necessary to pay attention to management coordination and try to use non-power such as using gravity to slide on a slope or carry it on a conveyor belt. CNC plastic machining

The principle of rationalization of handling is to achieve almost no loss of the material being transported; handling methods should be scientific and civilized, to eliminate brutal crude; transport environmental safety, appropriate, put an end to risks; reduce the occurrence of temporary placement phenomenon, try to do it once In place; a reasonable layout of the factory can effectively shorten the transport distance. In the factory, planning has been set, by rationalizing the planning process, but also can effectively shorten the removal distance.

6. Manpower efficiency mention

People and equipment is a contradiction, not handled properly, it will happen that people are not machines, machines and others. People and equipment constitute the relationship between ergonomics. During the analysis, it is necessary to analyze the working conditions of the operator and the machine at the same time, whether there is time for work, waiting, and invalidation, and to improve man-machine cooperation by adjusting the work order so as to seek reasonable In this way, people’s operations are coordinated with the operation of the machine, minimizing waiting time and maximizing the efficiency of people and machines. Just like squeezing water will wait for each other out of time, which is to man-machine joint operations to benefit. CNC plastic machining

7. The key route shrinks

Almost any product is made up of several parts, usually divided into several lines or several processes, and parts must be assembled at a later stage. In the process of forming parts and components, it will inevitably happen. Work processes of different sizes.

This will bring about mutual restraint in the latter part of the production. There will be a lot of free time in the process of small workload, and the heavy workload will have no moment of rest. In other words, the time difference is zero and the production becomes the bottleneck. The process with zero time difference is called the critical route, which restricts the production capacity and delivery time of the workshop. After we find out the key route, we must use non-critical routes to mobilize people’s property, strengthen key routes, or adopt parallel operations and cross-operations. Wait for the form, shorten the critical route, constantly modify and optimize the plan, achieve the best goal of shortening the schedule and saving expenses. CNC plastic machining

The basic function of the production supervisor is to be able to calculate and find the critical route according to the plan and production capacity. The second is to continue to compress key routes and other routes to achieve comprehensive optimization of time and expenses. There are two ways here:

The first method: time optimization. It is in the conditions of guaranteed manpower, equipment, and funds to seek the shortest working cycle. It can fight for time and quickly play an investment effect. Use time difference to draw some manpower from non-critical routes, concentrate resources on key routes, or break down operations, increase the degree of parallel crossing between jobs, increase manpower and equipment input, and adopt new technology and new technologies to shorten the key routes Duration.

The second method: time – cost optimization. Expenditure for engineering projects can be divided into direct costs and indirect costs. Direct costs refer to those directly related to various operations such as fabrics or accessories. Indirect costs refer to administrative expenses that do not directly relate to various activities but change with time. The shorter the project cycle, the greater the indirect costs. small. Time-cost optimization is the search for engineering cycles where the sum of direct costs and overhead costs is the lowest. CNC plastic machining

8. The environment changes

Analyze whether the production and working environment meet the needs of production and work and the physiological needs of human beings, and analyze what is missing on the site and media, and put forward suggestions for improvement according to the different types of places, and carry out “rectification, rectification, cleaning, cleaning and literacy “Safety,” six activities, to always maintain A status, continue to improve the B status, at any time to clear the C status, so that employees maintain a strong fighting spirit and good skills, the desired items readily available, no need to remove the matter at any time, on-site Environment unobstructed, clean, landscaping, safety, civilization, so that places and the environment in the time and space to achieve overall optimization.

9. Take a look at visual management

The human brain comes from visual aspects up to 80%. Therefore, using visual communication and commanding methods is more straightforward. Use the visual intuitive, color appropriate visual perception of information to organize on-site production, with charts, pictures, photos, text annotations, signs, symbols, as a visual management tool. Can easily achieve the functions of explanation, recognition, warning, judgment, and action. Therefore, visual management can also be called “visible management” and “visual management.” CNC plastic machining

10. The root cause of the problem Find a find

To find gaps daily in order to do a better job the next day – this is a very important point in the originality of the Haier model, constantly looking for problems, analyzing problems, and constantly improving the site, which is the quality improvement, 8D Work law, CIP and other activities in common. It is this point that drives the management of the operation and keeps the business in a virtuous cycle of continuous upward mobility.

These ten rules of on-site improvement, if you really use it, you will find that these weapons are extraordinary, you will be pleasantly surprised to see: the process route is smooth, the layout of the plane is reasonable, the assembly line disappeared, Beat more evenly, workers operating efficiency, handling convenient, production balanced, close man-machine, management is simple, a faster, better, shorter, more streamlined lean production situation has quietly come! CNC plastic machining

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