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The core method of lean supply chain management

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Summary of supply chain management has five core methods: fast, accurate, ruthless, soft, new! China CNC plastic Wholesale Manufacturer

One quick

Fast, say that time is speed. In today’s world of productivity in the rapid development of science and technology change rapidly. The customer’s patience is limited, a range of choices, if you can not meet, immediately turned to other similar products consumption. The clothing industry ZARA, is such a fast role playing is fast fashion. Think about what others are available, is to buy the most expensive is time, so can’t afford to waste time. Information transmission faster, faster analysis problems, make decisions faster. Manufacturing supply faster, faster, faster delivery, service to all measure quickly. To slow speed. Those who are doomed to lag behind. Those slow, doomed to be left out. Many customers do not want to prepare inventory, from order to delivery, I hope you think faster than the customer, beyond his expectations. From the 7 day of delivery, To 5 days of delivery, and then to 3 days of delivery. Really, more and more demanding, give you less and less time! China CNC plastic Wholesale Manufacturer

Two. Para

Quasi, say that information is our commitment. Quick light is not enough, we must also prevail. Accurate information, accurate quantity, accurate quality, accurate price (by the accurate analysis and recognized by the market target price), accurate delivery. We must be able to accurately realize our promise to the customer. This time, if you make a mistake, may no longer be able to stand up, even if can turn over, but also hurt., is also reflected in whether we are honest work attitude. If we are responsible for our commitment, we will be responsible for information, the number of responsible, responsible for the quality of. The price for delivery of responsible, responsible for the results is to ensure the accuracy of these links. Of course, customers also love everything to do accurate supplier!

Three. Ruthless

Ruthless, speaking is the goal, is the performance. There is a saying, man, be a little hard on yourself! Do supply chain is trueas. You must set strict targets to the supply chain management, a little hard target. So you will not be fierce opponent. But at the same time, you have to a little hard to realize the goal of performance appraisal index set. So as to ensure the realization of the target. Each target management and performance management, and promote each other. The two customer expectations more and more high, the cost of quality, delivery, customers will not give you respite, because they too many competitors in the market. You can choose those in all aspects with the “hard” ability of suppliers. Those hard to control costs, with the perfect quality to 100% commitment by the delivery of the company, always enjoy too many customers! China CNC plastic Wholesale Manufacturer

Four. Soft

Soft, is about management, is elastic. Changes in the market demand change. Customers hope you can get more orders in the peak season, the timely adjustment of manufacturing capacity to absorb their cost in the off-season. Customers hope you can manufacture and delivery in case of emergency needs. Your internal process have the flexibility to be able to adapt to the sales price of the regular price adjustment. In particular, to cooperate with the customers in continuous improvement. For the needs of different customers, can have different modes of delivery. Customers delayed delivery of orders or even cancel the order when you want to be able to cooperate with the greatest degree of customer requirements. When VMI or JIT you should have, this mode of operation and management ability. In a word, into the attack, retreat. This is elastic, soft performance! China CNC plastic Wholesale Manufacturer

Five. NEW

The new, is about to change, is the trend. The development of the information era, the development of the Internet, but also the future of the Internet of things, and the new technology coming out of the laboratory, in the moment of your current supply chain management impact. You only have to seize these opportunities, predict these trends, you can walk in front of prepare for the future change. So you have to change, to change with the trend of change. Not to take the initiative to change, in the liberation of thought, challenge, in order to create a new world, at the same time to make changes in the new situation the customer can cooperate with you together, side by side or run forward. And you will be left behind the opponent, abandoned by customers!

China CNC plastic Wholesale Manufacturer

China CNC plastic Wholesale Manufacturer


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