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[HR] performance appraisal and management (three): performance appraisal stage, assessment data “fight” how to do?

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The performance evaluation stage, HR needs to be engaged in all kinds of examination statistical data collection, in order to calculate the employee performance appraisal results. In practical work, enterprises and HR reflect the assessment data of their company is difficult to collect accurate data, “fighting” phenomenon have occurred, do not know which one shall prevail. This is the case, how do we solve it, a discussion about it, please:High Quality CNC precision China Manufacturer.

1, have you ever encountered such a check data “fight” phenomenon?

2, why does this happen? How do you deal with it? High Quality CNC precision China Manufacturer

Reference answer analysis:

1, have you ever encountered such a check data “fight” phenomenon?

Yes, we have

2, why does this happen? How do you deal with it? High Quality CNC precision China Manufacturer

This “fight”, we call it: the initial establishment of the database, the data source is not clear; the main problem lies in this:

  1. template problem: the existing performance form does not improve the performance indicators of the data output departments, units, or individuals, jobs
  2. guidance issues: when the database is established, there is no HR department for guidance and training
  3. consciousness: take it for granted that the data exporter can provide it;
  4. confirm the problem: there is no objective problem with the data output and the direct superior to confirm the output of the data

There are four measures to solve the problem:

A group of human performance measures: departments need to provide performance of the template of each post, because a group of companies, from the experience point of view, we are starting to set post template from the post, such as 9 KPI and 29 small projects were designed general CPI project, then data packets corresponding to the inside of a lot of each. Small projects from January to December with the goal of that list every month as long as the attention the OK (fill in the month, the use of automatic target function estimates), fill in the results, the completion rate of automatic generation, in this regard, good, insufficient aspects of the analysis, the corresponding improvement measures are proposed; High Quality CNC precision China Manufacturer

Two measures: template training, is the key, we launched a template, by way of operating instructions, write it out, but, as a manager, many people ignore the text and patience, after all, people do not pay attention to this thing, to use it, or accounting, found in the wrong then, the performance group of document class workload is very big, busy, so the root causes is: training did not keep up with;High Quality CNC precision China Manufacturer

Three measures: the index of output performance index is generally meeting with direct supervisor, even if the end, but there is no communication and data output and professional staff performance? This is also very important, at the end of the month, the performance of the team are very busy, busy where, meeting, conference index with this review, we all know; all performance indicators must be through HR departments discussion, effective use department to sign;

Step four: this not to say, communication problems, many will be busy instead, everyone is too busy, no way? Really busy? Test: today’s work plan detailing, summed up the past day results, the next work plan is to say, can say for one week, will be important to distinguish? Will that emergency drained out? There are plans, the busy, is valuable.

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