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[HR] performance system construction (three) how to choose performance appraisal tools?

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The use of performance evaluation tools, is focused on promoting the implementation of performance appraisal. Through the use of performance tools, can according to different departments, different jobs, the employee’s work performance, work ability, work attitude and evaluation of comprehensive performance assessment, ensure objectivity and validity. Expert Manufacturer of CNC products

Well, please:

1, your company in the performance system construction, the use of assessment tools?

2, how to choose performance appraisal tools to ensure the objectivity and effectiveness of performance appraisal work

Reference analysis:

Because of work experience, I have used in the practical work of the performance evaluation tools are not many, my company management relatively has been formed, the continuation of the innovation more, less, currently used to performance appraisal is the main tool of 360 degree performance appraisal, performance appraisal and key events method KPI assessment. Expert Manufacturer of CNC products

First, the promotion to the middle rank of achievement assessment use: 360 degree performance appraisal

360 degree performance feedback is defined by the employees themselves, boss, direct subordinates, colleagues, colleagues or clients each angle to understand the full range of individual performance: communication skills, interpersonal relationship, leadership ability, administrative ability and so on, through the performance evaluation of the ideal, not only can be assessed from their superiors, subordinates. Colleagues or clients get feedback from various aspects, but also from these different feedback aware of their shortcomings, strengths and development needs, the occupation development after more smoothly.

Because of the 360 degree assessment is relatively cumbersome, so in my unit only important department personnel promotion will take time, in the process of implementation by the competent leadership, level two personnel, a total of four direct subordinates to multidimensional assessment at a time. Because of the examination results and not the employee of Shanxi rises to the decisive therefore, now rarely used. In my experience, the method is good, is the key to your business is fit, I think only in the stable stage of the enterprise executives only for the use of this method. Expert Manufacturer of CNC products

Two, the assessment of the use of all non business staff: KPI performance appraisal

Performance appraisal is the key index of KPI will be used as the criterion, the performance index and key employees to compare the assessment method, to a certain extent, can be said to be the target management method. The key indicators must meet the specific principles: SMART (Specific), a measure of accessibility (Measurable), (Attainable), reality (Realistic), time (Time-based). The advantage of this method is compared with the standard of clear, easy to make assessment. It is the shortcomings of the simple standards difficult; a lack of quantitative performance indicators; only some key indicators for the lack of other content evaluation.

In the enterprise more suitable for management assessment, because management work is often difficult to quantify, so the key performance indicators will be made according to their specific duties as the assessment criteria are more practical. From my point of view experience making process of key performance indicators should pay attention to the staff the following points: one is the principle of SMART standards must have specific requirements that is mentioned above; two is the evaluation criteria must be clearly agreed; the three is to evaluate the complete data support must be true and reliable, the best sources of data from outside your department. Expert Manufacturer of CNC products

Three, other methods that have been used: critical event method assessment

Critical incident method, is by critics at work is highly successful and extremely analysis and evaluation of failure events, to investigate a method of evaluation of job performance. Obviously, a key event is caused by the difference between effective and ineffective work behavior. By the supervisor in everyone do these things when the record, the record provides a basis to act as the starting point for performance evaluation.

One year implementation of the assessment of key events in my company’s year-end assessment, the effect is not very ideal, the reason for the failure lies in all aspects of the assessment methods of the deviations of understanding, the importance of employees is not high, the daily accumulation of key events do not, so after being replaced by KPI evaluation method. At present the method I just promoted when staff as assistant 360 degree performance appraisal to use. Expert Manufacturer of CNC products

There are many kinds of performance evaluation tools, this is not the best but the most suitable thing, as the HR department to select the appropriate methods according to the actual situation of each enterprise! Finally, I recently took over the new part of the work, need to invest more energy, so I will have to learn the main, also hope to have more opportunities to communicate with people, this stage can also spend more time to learn! Once again to support for my students say thank you, I wish you all work smoothly!

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