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Wang Haichen: Bamboo carving dreams

One hand clasped the cutting knife and held the bamboo tube in one hand. Along with the sound of brushing, the bamboo shavings rose in one go. An insignificant bamboo tube, given the skill of the 26-year-old Wang Haichen and the exquisite craftsmanship, was given spirituality, or landscapes, or characters, or flower fish, or birds and beasts … in various shapes and shapes. CNC Prototype Machining Service

Wang Haichen
Wang Haichen, who lives in Guxi, Yucun Village, Huicheng County, Huixian County, was born in 1988 but has 11 years of experience in bamboo carving. At the age of 16, Wang Haichen came to the home of Hong Jianhua, a master of bamboo carving. His first contact with bamboo carvings was of great interest, and he learned what to do. “Bamboo, elegant, and bamboo carving must also be elegant and elegant.” Under the meticulous guidance of Hong Jianhua, Wang Haichen’s enthusiasm for participating in the art of bamboo carving was inspired, creativity, embryos making, drawing, carving, polishing… Wang Haichen’s day and night I learnt and I grew up day by day. In addition to his meticulous study of art, he carefully studied the lengths of various periods of bamboo carving art, especially during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. From the beginning of imitating traditional bamboo carvings and techniques, Wang Haichen spent a good three years laying a good foundation.  CNC Prototype Machining Service
“Each night at least two hours, 10 years, this habit has not changed.” Bamboo carving techniques, regardless of subject matter, techniques, are closely integrated with the art of calligraphy and painting, need a solid foundation of calligraphy and painting. In his free time, Wang Haichen’s great interest is reading books of painting and calligraphy. “Bamboo carving is an art. It not only requires technical excellence, but also considers the comprehensive quality of the sculptors.” Wang Haichen said that a piece of work, especially works on ancient themes, must have very rigorous research and a piece of clothing. A hair bun, a decoration can not be mistaken, to consult a lot of information to be finalized, otherwise it will make a “Juan Guan Li Dai” joke.  CNC Prototype Machining Service
Among the Wang Haichen’s family, there is a special showroom, neatly arranged with pieces of bamboo carving that he has carved and made, cleverly crafted, simple and elegant, and heavy in style. In particular, its hollow carving has a distinctly structured, three-dimensional sense, clever foliage, and realistic characters, reflecting the infinite charm of Huizhou bamboo carving art. In all his works, Wang Haichen was most proud of the “Hui Merchants Traveling Map”. This map shows the artistic conception of ancient merchants who practice brisk business travel. In a bamboo tube with a diameter of 10 centimeters, there are more than a dozen characters, and some play chess. There are some boiled water and some firewood. Although the characters are small, they are vivid and even the lines and headwear of the clothes are clearly identifiable. The
Wang Haichen’s bamboo carving works focus on the natural style and natural texture of bamboo “because of the skills of the material”. The blade method is light and delicate, and the lines are dense and dense. People feel that the beauty of natural harmony can be felt. It not only shows the unbridled spirit, but also Conveys the delicate feelings. “To complete a work, at least ten days and a half months, it takes more than six months or even longer. First draw a sketch on the wall of the bamboo tube. After each layer is finished, then draw a layer of patterns. At most, seven or eight layers should be engraved. A two centimeter-long garment pattern often engraves more than ten knives.” CNC Prototype Machining Service
Huizhou’s traditional bamboo carving process is time-consuming and time-consuming. A piece of art has often been collected from raw materials to finished artwork for several years. Wang Haichen’s choice of “bamboo carving” is the same as choosing to persist in loneliness for a long time. This is particularly valuable for a young man in his twenties: Being loyal to loneliness is sticking to his dream. The
“My dream is to establish a Huizhou Bamboo Sculpture Museum and use the Huizhou bamboo carving platform to allow more people to understand traditional Huizhou bamboo carving and to inherit the traditional bamboo carving techniques of Huizhou.” Wang Haichen said firmly. CNC Prototype Machining Service

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