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【Workplace Story】 Trying to do a trivial matter, only one can rest assured that you can do something big

Hardworking is the “first step in climbing the ladder of life” for any successful person from a young age. Andrew Carnegie, 14, has done a great job at this rare job of sending telegrams. CNC prototyping cost

In the winter of 1849, one night Carnegie went home after class and learned that his uncle came in, and the Telegraph Company in Pittsburgh needed a messenger letter. He immediately realized that the opportunity was coming. CNC prototyping cost

Early the next morning, Carnegie wore brand new clothes and shoes and came with his father in front of the Telegraph Company. Suddenly he stopped and said to his father, “I want to go in for an interview alone. Daddy just wait outside for me.”

He turned out to be worried that he would look dwarfed when he talked side by side with his father. At the same time, he was afraid that his father could not speak out of his way and would have hit Mr. David and lost his rare opportunity.

So, he alone to the second floor interview.

Mr David looked through some of the short, tall Scottish teenagers and asks, “Are you familiar with the streets of downtown Pittsburgh?

Carnegie answered firmly: “I’m not familiar, but I promise to be familiar with all the streets in Pittsburgh in a week.” He paused and added: “I’m a small man but I run faster than anyone else do not worry.” CNC prototyping cost

Mr. David laughed with satisfaction: “The weekly salary is $ 2.5, and it’s time to get started!”

In this way, Carnegie seek this job, took the first step in life. At this time, he was only 14 years old.

In just a week, Carnegie in a green uniform met promises made during the interview and was familiar with the streets and alleys in Pittsburgh. Two weeks later, he was well aware of the suburban path. He was small, but his legs were hardworking, and soon he was well received by the company. A year later, he was promoted to head of the management messenger. CNC prototyping cost

Carnegie reached the company one hour earlier every day. After cleaning the room, he quietly went to the telegraph room to study and telegraph. He treasured this secret learning opportunity very much and insisted day after day, quickly mastering the technology of sending and receiving telegrams.

Later, he was promoted to become the best wiretapper in Telegraph.

As Carnegie work diligently, quite David General Manager’s appreciation. One day after the end of the month, Carnegie was left alone. When he stepped into the general manager’s office, his heart was in a hurry, uneasy, for fear of any negligence in his work, doing something wrong. However, General Manager David patted him on the shoulder and said, “You, young man, are harder and diligent than the others, so give you a separate raise from this month.” Carnegie was almost fainted.

He received 13.5 U.S. dollars, an extra 2.25 U.S. dollars more than the previous month. For poor teenagers as young as 15, this is a huge sum of money. CNC prototyping cost

Andrew Carnegie later concluded: “There are two basic elements to my success. First, I was born in a poor family since I was young. When I was a child, I often had enough to eat this meal. I did not know the next meal Where are you? I often hear my parents sigh in response to the poverty in front of them, so I grew up trying to overcome my difficulties when I grew up, and second, everything should be done carefully regardless of size. I was a textile worker when I was 12, and I worked hard to spin the yarn.Later, I was a postman, and I tried my best to remember the names of every household in my postal district, the appearance of the house, and then almost every one of my family Familiar.

Efforts to make every little thing conscientious do a good job, after some people dare to make sure to give you big things. CNC prototyping cost

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