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Whether in state-owned enterprises or foreign enterprises, all successful people (hereinafter referred to as them) have a unique personal ability and personality charm. This may be what the average person lacks. Their success cannot simply be attributed to good  opportunities. In my opinion, these abilities can be summed up as: CNC quote

The ability of reverse thinking in solving problems

In the face of new problems encountered in the work, there is no solution for the time being, and the boss may not have any clever plan. They are good at using reverse thinking to explore ways to solve problems. They know that specific business executives are more likely than their superiors to find the node of the problem, whether it is artificial or objective; Is it a technical problem or a management loophole. Using reverse thinking to find a solution to the problem is easier to extricate from the problem.

The ability of transposing thinking when considering problems

When considering a solution to a problem, the average person usually deals with it as quickly as possible on his own terms of reference. However, he or she always consciously takes the position of the company or the boss to think about the solution to the problem. CNC quote

As a company or boss, the starting point of problem solving is how to avoid the recurrence of similar problems, not headache. In the face of the inertia of people and between departments, only from the point of view of the company to consider the solution. Is a more radical solution. Can always stand on the side of the company or the boss to work out solutions to the problem, gradually they become trustworthy people.

Be superior to others in summing up

They have the ability to analyze, sum up and sum up problems better than ordinary people. They are always able to find regular things and control things. People often say that hard work is better than skill. But how to do it is not everyone knows. Otherwise, they will not do the same thing. And they, however, are very handsome all day long.

Concise writing ability

The boss usually have no time to read lengthy documents. Therefore, learn to write simple text reports and the preparation of pleasing form is particularly important. Even more complex problems, they can also be concentrated on page A4 paper.  CNC quote It is necessary for detailed description of the problem, and then use the attachment attached behind the report or table. Let the boss just browsing a page or a form can know the profile. If interested or think it is important to understand the details you can by reading the information in the attachment.

Information gathering capacity

They are about to collect all kinds of information, including policies, reports, plans, plan, statistics, business processes, management systems, assessment methods and so on. CNC quote Pay particular attention to the competition information. Because any mature business process itself is a lot of experience and lessons of accumulated experience with the time, you can come in handy. This is not found in any textbook, nor is the teacher to teach.

Programming ability to solve problems

Encounter problems, they will not let the leadership to do “question and answer” but the “choice”. The ordinary problems, the first is to report to the leadership, FORSOLUTION. With ears to listen to the leadership of this specific steps. This is called leadership to do so “questions and answers”. They often with their own to solve the problem of multiple a good plan for leadership, decision, that is often said to lead a “choice”. Leadership is more love to do is choice.

Target adjustment ability

When unable to achieve personal goals in an organization, and can not get rid of the environment, they tend to adjust short-term goals and development goals of the company and the target of organic combination. In this way, we view it is easy to close or agree, will have a common language, would do happy. In turn, others will be willing to accept them. CNC quote

Super self comfort

Encounter failure, frustration and combat, they often self comfort and relief. Lessons learned will be quickly and firmly believe that the situation will change. Their creed is: A, be a blessing in disguise, or when God closes a door for you at the same time, will open a window for you. CNC quote

Written communication ability

When found in face-to-face communication effect is poor, they will like email in a roundabout way, or written correspondence, report forms to communicate a lot. Because, written communication can sometimes achieve face to face language communication can not be achieved. It can comprehensively to express ideas, suggestions and methods. To let the boss listen to you to say, not to interrupt your speech, or its platform calls interrupt your ideas. It can easily let the boss choose one that its idle time to listen to your “chatter”. CNC quote

The adaptability of enterprise culture

The new organization’s corporate culture will have a strong ability to adapt. A new enterprise is like another office, can still look like a duck like doing mischievously and was entrusted with reuse.

Capacity for post change

Increased competition, increased business risk, the success of the enterprise can occur in a short duration of time. For them, job changes, and even the loss of their jobs are fearless. Therefore, they bear the ability to change jobs is unmatched by ordinary people. In their opinion, this is not only a question of personal development, it is a a survival issue.

With the objective of loyalty from them, you will find that loyalty to the organization. They are aware that loyalty is not only beneficial to the organization and the boss, the biggest beneficiaries of their own, because, once the habit of loyalty responsibility and to the organization form, make them become a trustworthy person, can be entrusted with the task of people. They know better investment return rate of loyalty is very high. CNC quote

Actively seek opportunities for training and practice they value training opportunities, often in the recruitment will ask whether the company has to provide training opportunities. Seize any opportunity of training. An enterprise, if it benefits no satisfactory, but there are many opportunities for training and practice, they will a try. After all, some experience is not money can buy back.

The courage to accept extra things any chance they will not give up and take it as a rare opportunity to exercise. And realize that today’s job, perhaps tomorrow’s job. Often see them to accept others unwilling to accept the extra things, and try to find a a satisfactory result. CNC quote

Occupation spirit of them have an efficient, dedicated and loyal occupation spirit. The main performance is: the modern way of thinking, with advanced management concept and can be applied to business practice. Behave unselfishly, in the company’s business activities never mixed personal selfishness. Thus, outspoken, daring correct the wrongdoing of other employees, quality defects dare to carp as critical suppliers. Because only the selfless can be fearless. The way of getting along with people standardization, a requirement which is the behavior of occupation. This occupation spirit of the people, to any organization are welcome, but in fact these will succeed sooner or later. Ability should not be unique, should regard them as the basis of ability to train it. CNC quote

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