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[career Story] see how American companies pay out bonuses?

The Illinois petrol Shure company has a “best new fault Award”. This Award nominated by the employees themselves, finally produced 3 winners, made “the wrong” employees will receive $400, which is two times of other traditional awards. CNC service

“We’re in the ‘new’ the word painting below on the line, Shure petrol company president Michael Art said,” make the same mistake not what reward ”

This award is to remind employees, in an innovative atmosphere, a failure is always a feasible option. “If you don’t encourage people to take risks, then you will end up facing the gradual endless,” Art said, “you are wrong for the successful pay school fee” CNC service

“Best damage award” sounds like the last century in the 90s when everyone started reading Clayton Christensen (Clayton Christensen) that innovation award theory popular. Clayton is the Business School of Harvard University, Professor of business administration, created the famous “disruptive innovation” theory, which means that some innovation will damage the company’s original market share and the benefits of the network, it is called “disruptive innovation”. But in Maryland marketing creative company ADG, “the best damage award is awarded to the year due to work reasons, his personal life was the greatest influence employees.” we put this award to people. Fling caution to the winds and not because we hope the Dutch act but, in order to reward him as a sacrifice to the leader. “The ADG founder and creative director Jeff Antkowiak said for example. A typical, the winners of a voluntary aspiring project, so he in the middle of the night and have to work overtime this weekend. He got the prize is a bag of espresso beans, a neck pillow, and a five day weekend and $2000. Last year, 3 employees get the award out of color to supervise the transition of old and new office area and to ensure that the transition period in the Old District Office of the daily work carried out smoothly. CNC service

Most of the year award aims to focus on exemplary ways to encourage desirable performance. But the annual awards but also make the best employees play a negative role: they have proven themselves a target.<1001 reward therefore was fixed for other people to follow the way of “a book author Bob Nelson believes that any should the incentive award winners play a more active role, and play a more important responsibilities.” if the issue is “the best leader award, not only gave them a check and send them to Hawaii,” Nelson suggested, “for example, part of the reward can be used to give advice and suggestions for the company if. Is the ‘innovator award winners can give a budget for them to extend their ideas. Another suggestion is to abandon a Nelson prize The formula because this has forced the leadership of the rigid distinction in the outstanding performance of the company. On the contrary, all the shining stars in the West should be rewarded.

If the annual awards for employees to provide better service instead of issuing a large check, then the company’s generosity will be effective. Headquartered in San Francisco, for the customer’s human resources department employee recognition programs give advice and suggestions “I love rewards”, each year will absorb approximately 10 employees into the president of the club. Of course, they will receive a free travel as a reward, last year is 4 Bahamian archipelago tour. But when they return to the company, the winners will become a member of the chief executive of the internal group. The group consists of different departments, different levels of employees, help CEO Raj Surman analysis of the major issues in the quarterly meeting. The recent meeting of the group discussed the expansion in “I love rewards” company how to measure the company’s culture. CNC service

“When you ask your best employees what you should do, they know the answer,” Surman said. “When other employees see their leaders in the company’s strategic formulation, your strategy will be very popular.”

The content is more important than reward their meaning. The award ceremony is to allow employees to revisit the core value of the company is a very good opportunity because it makes people see the excellent staff is how to reflect the value. He added: “the chief executive should say clearly what the man, and put him in the past achievements and future missions and strategic goals together”

Ideally, when referring to a prize, people’s mind is not out of some prizes or a check, but the winners are busy with their work or any other picture, show his value to the company. “We are rewarded with free travel, but we don’t want people to think only of tourism,” Ante Corvia J said, “we wanted people to think about why some of them are so good.” reward does not necessarily have to apply the old ceremony. Here are some ideas for how to inject the old-fashioned method of prizes:

Detailed evaluation. Write down every award is in recognition of what, including the past winners and for example. In this case, the honor granted will maintain continuity, and not easily affected by personal bias. In the view of writer Bob Nelson: you don’t want to hear other people say “etc. why, please give the award to him, he is not to do the company money?” this is the case. CNC service

Bonus content personalization. Clear winners are more willing to get money, vacation, tourism or other rewards. In ADG creative company, managers will be among the winners before the public quietly asked the winners of their preferences. “We want to make sure we give them is they really wanted.” ADG creative company founder Jeff Antkowiak said.

The number of the best employees who commend juxtaposed is not allowed to set the number limit. If a few employees are not good at tea, they should be commended. CNC service

Limit awards category. From “the proposal would best award” to “best cubicle Decoration Award, recognized each achievement and the establishment of individual awards is indeed very attractive, but also very interesting, but not too much so that they become meaningless. The movie Superman has great storyline member”, “when everyone is out of the ordinary, not out of the ordinary people” CNC service

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