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Managers should have philosophy – Inamori Kazuo

Editor’s note: Inoue Kazuo said that for a qualified manager, the most important thing is not to know much complex knowledge and theory, but to understand the principles that cherish those who seem to be simple and guide people to adopt a correct attitude toward life. philosophy. This philosophy is not an embarrassing study on the desk, but a vivid philosophy derived from experience and practice. CNC shop

Inoue Kazuo said: “These philosophies seem to be like slogans like ethical or moral discipline posted in elementary school classrooms; wise people often scan or ignore such philosophies, but those who are not so smart are It is valued very much, not only with the understanding of the brain, but also with the soul to make it a part of flesh and blood.” CNC shop

Three “qualities”

“Deep and heavy, it is the first qualification; Lei Haoxiong is the second qualification; Smart is the third qualification, etc.”—Lu Xinwu, the thinker of the Ming Dynasty, is a proverb. In other words, “personality, courage, ability.” Lu Xinwu hopes that those who live above people will have the above three qualifications.

If these three qualifications are arranged in order, they will be the first personality, the second in courage and the third in capability. Humble, introspective, self-denying, honoring the courage of justice, or constantly grinding your own compassion – in a nutshell, he must be the person who holds the “right way of life.” This is the attitude of life in ancient China that is far from “hypocrisy,” “selfishness,” “indulgence,” and “luxury.” That is, you must not be hypocritical, selfish, or can not go its own way and cannot be extravagant.

In the long course of the long history of the universe, life may be only a brief moment. However, I believe that it is at this moment that the value of life is about to end when it is higher than the value at the beginning of life. This is the meaning and purpose of our life. Further, in the course of the efforts that have been made for this purpose, there is human dignity and the essence of life. CNC shop

Six “progressive”

1. Pay no less than anyone else’s efforts; study more than anyone else, and stick with it. If you have a hard time complaining about dissatisfaction, you might as well advance and improve, even if it is only a centimeter.

2. Behave arrogantly and arrogantly; “Kien benefits” is an old Chinese saying. The modest heart can call happiness and purify the soul.

3, self-examination every day; daily check their own actions and state of mind, whether only consider their own interests, whether mean behavior, self-examination, and strive to correct. Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center

4, thank life; as long as life is happiness, to cultivate gratitude for any small things are heart.

5, good deeds and good morals; “the accumulation of good families have Yuqing”, advocates doing good, accumulating morality, paying special attention to sympathy, good deeds and good morals have a good report.

6. Abandon the troubles caused by sensibility; don’t always feel injustice, worry about others, and find trouble. On the contrary, in order not to regret it afterwards, it should be devoted wholeheartedly. CNC shop

Ignoring myself and benefiting others, I am committed to being the best for myself. Once this kind of altruism is produced, human beings can survive without the confusion of worldly desires. Moreover, with Altruism, the toxins of torment can disappear, the filth of desire can be eliminated and the “beautiful soul” can be revealed, and the beautiful wishes can be portrayed. If it is a good wish to stay away from one’s own interests and desires, then the desire will surely be realized and it will be able to last.

I think it is the work that humans can truly feel happy with. Maybe some people refute the tedious work they do. They think life needs interest and entertainment. However, the so-called interest and play can only be realized after the work is full. If you are not serious about your work, even if you are happy in the world of interest and play, it is only temporary happiness. You must not feel the joy that emerges from the bottom of your heart. The joy gained in labor is special. It is definitely not play and interest can be replaced. Working hard and hard, working hard to overcome pain and hardship, and to achieve a sense of accomplishment, is an irreplaceable joy in the world. CNC shop

Giving is an altruistic heart for others in the world. For the benefit of others, there is compassion for others. People need to consciously cultivate this spirit. Through the efforts of giving, holding, improving, humiliating, and meditating in five cultivations, one can achieve the “wisdom” of the universe, that is, the realm of enlightenment. At that time, it was possible to approach the truth that constrained the natural strength of the heavens and the universe, and in other words, the truth of Sakyamuni’s wisdom.

The joy of spirit felt during work, adding to his own creative skills in simple labor, making work more enjoyable, not being “passive work” forced by others, but rather becoming a subject of labor behavior. It is wrong to regard labor as a material means just for obtaining the food needed for life.

Humans originally had the good heart of wishing to do something for society and others. Working for the family, helping friends, and honoring parents—Pious and small altruistic behaviors are a little extended as large-scale acts of altruism for society, the country, and the world. Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center. The person’s heart is filled with deep and pure happiness, not when he is satisfied with himself, but when he meets “others”. CNC shop

The altruistic spirit of “contributing to the society and dedicating to mankind” – the spirit of seeking public interest over selfish interests – was once the ethical norm of early capitalism. “The work of contributing to society and contributing to mankind is the noblest act of a man.” In order not to remain on a low level of altruism, it is important to develop a broader perspective on things and stand on a larger scale to treat one’s own personal behavior.

There is a saying in China that “a gentleman loves money and gets it right”. Pursuing profits is not a crime. However, the method must be humane. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you can make money, you must take the right path in order to make a profit. “The real businessman must think and stand himself and stand upright.” “Motivation is good, things must happen.” CNC shop

Life is driven by the “invisible hand.” Moreover, there are two “invisible hands”. The first hand is fate. The other hand is the “law of retribution”. Fate is in your own hands. Fate is not fatal. It can be changed by the law of karma. The fate of God’s decision can also be changed through his own power. Constantly thinking about good things, doing good deeds, and the law of karma can work, and you can live a beautiful life that is much better than fate.
“Be good and not see its benefits. It’s like a gourd in the grass. Karma retribution takes time. With these words in mind, don’t fret over the lack of good results for the time being. Every day, tirelessly and wholeheartedly accumulating good deeds, you will eventually have good results.

The universe itself has the will to make everything better, and it promotes the growth and development of everything that belongs to it. Therefore, it is inevitable that all things in the universe continue to grow and develop, and we humans are no exception. If the way of thinking, attitude to life and the will of the universe are the same, work and life must be smooth and smooth. CNC shop

I think that people have multiple structures in their hearts. They are composed of multiple layers of concentric circles. Speaking from the outside:

1. Knowledge – the acquired knowledge and ethics;
2. Sensibility – The spiritual role of controlling five senses or feelings;
3, instinct – in order to maintain the physical desire;
4. The soul – is the current experience and know-how that surrounds the true self;
5, true self – deep in my heart, is the core part. Full of truth, goodness, and beauty.

Work diligently, work with gratitude, be considerate and act with sincerity, sincerely reflect and restrain yourself, continue to temper your mind and improve your personality in your daily life. It is the meaning of life that strives to accomplish these seemingly natural things. In addition, I thought that there was no other way of life. CNC shop

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