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[HR] performance system construction (two) how to set performance assessment goals?

CNC shops Manufacturer in Xiamen, China. Performance system construction , first to develop a performance plan , the performance plan is mainly to determine the appraisal focus , set the appraisal goal . How to set the performance goal , different company practices are different . Some companies are set up according to the annual target , the company is the department self – setting , and the company is to combine the job responsibility to set up , and so on . So , how do you set the performance goal of your company ?

Reference resolution : The setting of the employee performance appraisal goal is the key to the performance appraisal . The business unit ‘ s index is too low to play an incentive role , too high the individual income in the benefit distribution is not good for the future perfor mance appraisal , but also causes the pressure to be too big , which is not conducive to the enthusiasm of the employees of the business unit . CNC shops Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

I . Setting _ Business Unit Performance Appraisal Indicator Setting _ Business Unit Assessment Main Assessment of Economic Indicators

1 . At the beginning of each year , according to the actual completion of the business indicators of the previous natural year in the business unit , the calculation shall be conducted according to a growth ratio . The main assessment indexes may include : sales income , sales volume , profit , capital occupation , capital turnover rate , etc . CNC shops Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

2 . The data shall be adjusted according to the Company ‘ s development strategy after the data is generated . If the company intends to increase the import and export business , the value shall be increased when the assessment index is set .

3 . The adjusted data shall meet with each business company , and the resources required for the completion of the next annual economic and economic indicators shall be adjusted and distributed . In the above example , it is necessary to increase or adjust the business indicators of import and export , whether to increase the input of controllable funds , etc .

4 . The establishment of the business unit indicators is actually a game process , and each side will make adjustment suggestions on the data , because this will directly relate to the income of the employee , so it must comply with the company ‘ s development strategy in the development process and reflect the characteristics of the policy guidance ; meanwhile , the performance bonus will be strengthened , and the assessment can actually play an incentive role . CNC shops Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

Ⅱ . The setting _ non – business unit of the functional performance appraisal indicator mainly assesses the key performance indicators of the employee and the satisfaction evaluation of other departments .

1 . The development of non – business unit key performance indicators is based on the employee ‘ s work requirements , job description and competency competency model ! 2 . The key performance indicators should be formulated in accordance with the principles of quantifiable , specific and time requirements . Many qualitative and fuzzy standards will lead to the assessment of people ‘ s arbitrary subjective judgement during the actual assessment process , and the seriousness and effectiveness of the assessment work . Therefore , the assessment index must be quantified as far as possible , and the indicators can be observed and measured . 3 . The indicators of performance appraisal shall be formulated by the department supervisor and the staff , because the employee ‘ s opinions can be fully taken into consideration , and the subordinates can recognize the standard , so that the performance standard can be reached voluntarily , voluntarily and internally . 4 . The data base question . The performance appraisal data must be supported by the data . The data support should be provided by the corresponding department . When selecting the data base of the indicator , the external data should be used as much as possible , so as to avoid the department or even assess the occurrence of the self – evaluation phenomenon . CNC shops Manufacturer in Xiamen, China

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