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To encourage children to good wit

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Appreciation and encouragement is one of the most effective ways to promote children’s progress. Every child is expected to be valued by parents and teachers. His appreciation of his merits and achievements is just satisfying the child’s psychology, which is a sense of honor and pride in their hearts. China CNC surface grinder Manufacturer.

First, motivate the child to make a positive six sentence. China CNC surface grinder Manufacturer

If children are praised and encouraged, they will make greater efforts and make greater efforts in study. They will do better. Appreciation and encouragement are the sunshine of bathing children’s growth.

1, you’re going to be a great man!

2, don’t be afraid, you can do it!

3, as long as today is stronger than yesterday!

4, it’s nice to have a daughter. China CNC surface grinder Manufacturer.

5, you must be a strong man of life!

6, you are a clever boy, and you will get up!

Two, 7 words that make a child full of confidence

Confidence is power forward in life, is the source of strength for the children to progress. Therefore, parents of children in the education process, we must attach importance to cultivate their self-confidence. It can be said that many backward or children weariness, truancy, are lost in confidence. Only the children think they have no hope of going on. He will play truant, weariness. In fact, even those who learn very poor child, as long as we can rekindle their inner confidence of the fire, they are all can catch up. China CNC surface grinder Manufacturer

1, child, you’re still great.

2, child, you are not stupid at all

3, tell yourself, I can do it

4, I appreciate your ability in this area.

5, I believe you can find confidence in learning

6, you will go a long way in the future, work hard

7, child, do we have a try, too?

Three, promote the children to learn better 7 words

Non Chi not to learn, without learning talent. Learning is the only way of their children. Learning that no parent do not care about children. To make children learn better, on the one hand is to guide and encourage, to motivate children to learn, so that they become happy, willing to learn good boy. On the other hand, need to teach children effective learning methods, so that they learn to master effective methods. It is children learn good shortcut, and children is a bridge leading to the road to success.

1, all things have to have a plan, and learning is the same.

2, cherish the time, that is, to cherish life

3, you think about it again.

4, put forward a question, and I’ll reward you

5, you do it in your own way

6, playing the job done, not having more fun? China CNC surface grinder Manufacturer

7, as long as you work hard, you will be able to do well next time

Four, 8 words to promote the noble character of the child


To learn more knowledge, but if you do not know the truth in life, it is difficult to be successful in the future. In real life, many parents of the children often catch the child’s learning, less than the rest. Some parents even think that children how to behave, and she left the society naturally understand. In fact, this kind of understanding is very wrong. Any skill a person is not likely to have a short duration of time, and is to deal with the complex social and interpersonal relationship. Therefore, parents should explain to the child the truth in life, no kids.

1, morality is more important than score

2, honesty is the first virtue of being a man

3, fair competition is the most valuable

4, ask your own conscience in all things

5, learn to say thank you

6, you know how to care for my parents, which makes me happy

7, I’m glad you have a sympathy

8, I hope you are a polite child. China CNC surface grinder Manufacturer


Five, to encourage children to self-reliance in 11 words


The success of a person, cannot do without the character of self-reliance and the spirit of struggle. But now the majority of the one-child parents, in excessive care and spoiled, very lack of self-reliance in the sense of even some of the children, in addition to school, life were not, even tie his own shoes this is not good. The children will go to the society, how to succeed? So parents must have a clear understanding, as soon as possible to encourage children to develop their self, not weak, not spoiled, good quality of doing their own thing.

1, what you want to do is decided by yourself.

2, do it yourself, don’t rely on others

3, you can exercise yourself

4, the road is the choice of your own, you have to be responsible for yourself

5, isn’t it good for you to take a bold exercise?

6, take out the manly spirit and break through

7, to be able to control yourself is the guarantee of your future success

8, you can solve this problem yourself

9, fall, and climb up

10, you have to walk to school by yourself

11, will you pay for it, OK? China CNC surface grinder Manufacturer

Six, five words to help a child love labor

Love of labor is the most important human character. One of the most successful people in the world have a good habit of loving labor. For children, parents to cultivate their love of labor, can not only enhance the spirit of self-reliance, and can make the life skills in middle school work, has a positive effect on the survival and development. Therefore, parents do not look only at the children’s learning, and should attach great importance to the cultivation of child labor concept of children’s education and the ability to work.

1, work can make you happier

2, you’ll do it a few more times

3, for the first time, everyone is the same

4, good children, do their own things

5, you also try to taste the taste of the family

Seven, 12 words that encourage children to be brave to correct their shortcomings

Everyone has their own shortcomings. Of course, children are no exception. But parents are very particular about how to face their children’s shortcomings. Educators believe that correcting children’s shortcomings by rough, beating and scolding is very likely to cause children’s rebellious psychology, and it is impossible to achieve ideal results.

1, never tell a lie at any time

2, everyone has a place to learn.

3, you must control your own temper

4, self – restraint is responsible for yourself

5, scolding is a shameful act

6, you are a sensible child

7, be patient to do anything. China CNC surface grinder Manufacturer

8, let’s find a careful thing to do

9, everything must be calm and impatient

10, the game can play, but don’t indulge in it

11, bigger and bigger.

12, a partial eclipse will prevent you from growing up

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