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good news! The NDRC requested to release the inspection service fee

Yesterday, the National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on the macroeconomic operation. Yan Pengcheng, a spokesperson for the National Development and Reform Commission, said that the new round of local pricing catalog revisions focused on liberalizing the price of goods and services in competitive areas and links, including the professional Eight categories of service charges such as evaluation, quality inspection, inspection and rescue, and rescue and rescue. CNC titanium

The National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference yesterday to introduce the macroeconomic performance in the first half of 2018. A reporter at the meeting asked: Just now you introduced the relevant situation of the new round of local pricing catalog revision work. What prices of goods and services are mainly released in this round of revision?

Yan Pengcheng introduced that this round of local pricing catalog revision work lasted more than a year and achieved positive results. From the revised content, on the basis of keeping the overall framework of the 2015 pricing catalog unchanged, maintaining the 13 categories of pricing unchanged, and promoting the direction of price market reform, the pricing project has been changed in three different ways. It can be summarized as “three batches”, that is, a batch of pricing items is released, a batch of pricing authority is decentralized, and a batch of pricing contents is regulated. CNC titanium

Yan Pengcheng said that by “opening up a batch”, the government pricing project was further reduced. The focus is on liberalizing the price of goods and services in competitive fields and links. There are three main categories, the third of which involves the testing industry, which aims to release and stimulate market vitality, promote the development of professional services, and liberalize competition in important professional service categories. Sexual field and link price. It mainly includes the following categories:

First, professional evaluation service fee standards, such as seismic safety evaluation services, meteorological assessment and lightning protection technology testing services, fire safety assessment services, atmospheric environmental assessment services, mine safety and occupational hazard testing and evaluation services, and hydrological professional services; CNC titanium

The second is the quality inspection and inspection monitoring service charging standards, such as safety and fire protection facilities monitoring, environmental monitoring services, motor vehicle safety technology inspection, exhaust pollution detection, construction engineering quality test and inspection, security engineering inspection, lightning protection device inspection and testing, automatic fire protection system Electrical facility testing, coal mine in-use equipment safety testing, commissioned product quality inspection.

Through the “decentralization of a batch”, the pricing authority will be further decentralized to the city and county. It will directly target the pricing power of commodity services with obvious characteristics at the grassroots level and regional level, and authorize city and county management. CNC titanium

The classification and name of pricing items were further standardized through the “standard batch”. In view of the fact that similar pricing projects of different similarities in different places have different names and different standards, this revision has been standardized.

Yan Pengcheng revealed that through this revision, the price of competitive areas and links has been basically liberalized, and the operators have priced themselves. This will help to more sensitively reflect changes in market supply and demand, stimulate market vitality; at the same time, the local government pricing power into the “catalog” cage, help to clarify the pricing power of the government and the market. It should be emphasized that the abolition of government pricing does not mean that the abnormal fluctuations in prices will be left unchecked and left unchecked. We will insist on the combination of laissez-faire and supervision, and strengthen the post-event supervision with relevant departments, and establish and improve the price monitoring and early warning prevention mechanism. Measures such as large-scale price supervision and inspection and anti-monopoly law enforcement to ensure that business operations and people’s lives are not affected. CNC titanium

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