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This life, we all walk on the way home! (watch and cry again! )

《Direction of going home》

Expert Manufacturer of CNC turned parts

In early 2015, an advertisement about Spring Festival, with the theme of reunion at home, put parents’ strong love for their children into delicious pickled dumplings, presenting a big show of family affection. Expert Manufacturer of CNC turned parts

Wait for you to be born, wait for you to finish school, wait for you to leave, wait for you to leave, wait for you to go home. How many years can you wait from green silk to white hair? Expert Manufacturer of CNC turned parts

Even if it’s an advertisement, are you tearful when you see the scene of the dish of pickled dumplings that you’re holding? Expert Manufacturer of CNC turned parts

“The taste of home” for the Chinese New Year’s public service advertising

In fact, as early as 2013, CCTV has launched several on the “home” of public video. Today the share is about this, a son working in Africa, new home, home at last fatigued with the journey of the scene. Expert Manufacturer of CNC turned parts

There is no expensive prop, no magnificent scripts, but it makes people tear up their eyes.

Home, thousands of miles away, is still your dream soul around the place; the taste of home, even if all people are still very table delicacies from land and sea, miss.

Do you go home for the new year this year?

“The kinship between the fingers and the heart”

We used to brush micro-blog and WeChat every day, and use QQ less and less. But in the past 11 Fen messages, the emergence of QQ is a wonderful thing. With only a little traffic fee, we can talk with a girl far away.

From 2011 to 2013, QQ launched an ad each year on the theme “between the fingers and the heart”. This is about the family.

“She is the closest person to me, but perhaps it is because of too close together, but there is a distance.” rebellious son because of the United States, finally realized the desire to escape. In another boring learning, one day the mother unexpectedly appeared at QQ. After the baptism of the son of life at this time, finally understand the mother. Expert Manufacturer of CNC turned parts

The yearning for her is magnified by the distance; the prejudice against her is lost because of the distance.

Nagging becomes sound.

Go home for the Chinese New year

Parents never expect expensive gifts.

They just…


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