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CIROS China International Robot Exhibition “professional audience reverse procurement area users” solicitation hot!

China has the largest and fastest growing smart industry in the world. Since 2013, the intelligent industry with intelligent hardware as the core has seen rapid start and development. Products from different categories are emerging in an endless stream, and the smart industry shows explosive growth. However, the introduction of the “13th Five-Year Plan” is a crucial period for China’s manufacturing industry to enhance quality and enhance efficiency and make the major changes stronger. Intelligent transformation is the key to building a powerful nation. To achieve “digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing” is a new trend in the development of manufacturing industry. It is also at the heart of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. At present, China’s smart manufacturing industry is still in the primary stage of development. Most of the enterprises are in the research and development stage. Many enterprises are facing serious equipment assimilation on the market. I do not know how to choose from them. Enterprises have the demand of “machine replacement” but do not know where to start. CNC turning parts

CIROS China Robot Show, as the largest professional exhibition in the field of robotics and the most influential in the industry in China, has been highly recognized by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) for 6 years in a row and is the only robot chain in China with IFR support Exhibition platform, known as the first exhibition of China’s robotics, the official launch of “professional audience reverse procurement area users” solicitation activities, the organizing committee give full play to CIROS China International Robot Exhibition powerful industry resources and industry influence, will CIROS2018 The 7th China International Robot Exhibition solemnly builds a “reverse purchasing zone for professional visitors,” inviting 100 user companies with “smart factory construction and upgrading requirements” to make collective appearances, release project requirements, communicate directly with on-site robotics enterprises, Maximize the time and cost savings on both sides, to achieve precise docking, cooperation and win-win! CNC turning parts
Industry users a wide range of people, far-reaching significance
CIROS China International Robot Exhibition has been successfully held six sessions, the cumulative industry audience of 300,0000 people, annual site visits of more than 80,000 people, of which countries and industry leaders visited more than 500 times each year CIROS China International Robot Exhibition jointly at home and abroad Major robot industry organizations and representatives of more than a thousand industries such as coffee and elite to attend the scene and the speech, more than 200 enterprise delegation on-site and enterprise face to face exchange. Cover the crowd of professionals, high-end, extensive. CNC turning parts

CIROS site visit
CIROS China Robot Exhibition launched the “professional audience reverse procurement area users” solicitation activities, many well-known representatives of the industry’s concern and support, the impact is impressive. CIROS Robot Show China will exert a far-reaching influence on the user’s production process to understand the “pain points” effectively help robot companies to develop customized solutions to meet the needs of the user business to help users upgrade their businesses. Win-win cooperation! CNC turning parts
Official events, numerous success stories
Since April 2017, the CIROS Organizing Committee has started the preparatory work for the activities of “going into the enterprise-smart manufacturing project docking activities”. In order to effectively improve the accurate docking of enterprises on both sides of supply and demand, the organizing committee, through active and effective communication and a large number of Of the research work to help supply and demand sides to clarify the needs of both technical analysis of technical difficulties, the development of customized programs, and ultimately solve the problems in the production process.
Through the tireless efforts and perseverance of the Organizing Committee,

June 2017 Kailong High-tech Co., Ltd. to address the needs of straight seam welding,

August 2017 Suzhou Platinum Hanhard Plastic Co., Ltd. to solve the automatic detection of appearance, automated printing needs, CNC turning parts

September 2017  Help Xinyi (Shanghai) Food Co., Ltd. to solve the need to build fully automated unmanned plant,

October 2017 CIROS Organizing Committee jointly with Yuyao People’s Government of Zhejiang Province held a meeting of Yao City – Intelligent Transformation and Upgrading of Terminal Enterprise. Over 20 robot system integrators represented enterprises Entering the well-known household electrical appliance enterprise representatives Shuaikang Group, Help Shuaikang Group to solve the problem of upgrading the assembly line in the workshop and tailor solutions for Yuyao many local enterprises that have the demand of “robot replacement” to effectively help Yuyao users to upgrade their technology and achieve win-win cooperation. CNC turning parts

In November 2017, Changshuo Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. solved the need of moving the appearance inspection and automatic packaging,
CIROS Organizing Committee, a month will be organized robot company into a user business, a clear demand for each other, effectively and quickly for the user to solve production difficulties and achieve technological upgrading.
From July 4 to July 2018, CIROS Organizing Committee moved the “Into the Enterprise – Smart Manufacturing Project Docking Project” to the exhibition site to create a “professional audience reverse procurement zone,” inviting 100 demand-driven user companies to make a collective appearance, Release project needs, more effective for enterprises more quickly and easily solve the demand, truly for both sides to build a direct and effective exchange platform for enterprises to develop the best quality customized solutions. CNC turning parts
The authority of the organizers, the industry has far-reaching influence
By the China Machinery Industry Federation, China Robot Industry Alliance jointly held the top industry associations.
China Machinery Industry Federation, the predecessor of the State Ministry of Machinery Industry, the central machinery by the major state enterprises, institutions, research institutes voluntarily composed of a total of 270 member units; under its 56 industry associations, including China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Machine Tool Industry Association, Machinery Industry Information Institute, China Mold Industry Association, China Instrument Industry Association, China General Machinery Industry Association, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Mechatronics Association. CNC turning parts
Shanghai Machine Alliance Exhibition Co., Ltd. under the China Federation of Industrial Machinery, referred to as “CMEPO”, the company has always insisted “brand, professional, service,” the purpose of the company with professional exhibition experience, mainly in automation and robotics and related fields , Relying on its rich experience in organizing the exhibition team and resources, and strive to open up international professional exhibitions.

Mainstream media all-round tracking, strong coverage
Jointly tracking more than 347 mainstream TV stations and professional media such as China Central Television, Phoenix Satellite TV, Shanghai Satellite TV, Shanghai TV, CBN, People’s Daily, China Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Sina, Tencent, China Industry News, Automation Network Reported that comprehensively improve the visibility of the user business.
More than 50 mainstream media including Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily and Phoenix Satellite Television have joined the solicitation activity of the “professional audience reverse purchase zone users”, and jointly and jointly combined with “Robot Technology and Application” magazine, China robot network, OFweek robot network, robot base, China Transmission Network, China automation network, intelligent manufacturing network more than 100 professional media action together to 100 demand users at the same time enterprises free to promote. China Industry News, Hundreds of Electromechanicals, China News, and other media also strongly supported and reported on the solicitation activities of the area for the reverse procurement of professional visitors. CNC turning parts
Do not forget the beginning of heart, temper forward
As labor costs rise, the “demographic dividend” in manufacturing in China is disappearing. The complicated and volatile international economic situation, the deep adjustment of the world economy, the promotion of “re-industrialization” and “return of manufacturing industries” by the developed countries have all along led to the increasingly obvious trend of global high-end manufacturing competition. To upgrade the traditional industries with modern and automated equipment and to promote technological dividends instead of demographic dividend has become an inevitable choice for the optimization and upgrading of industries in manufacturing in China and the sustained economic growth. CNC turning parts
Do not forget the beginning of the heart, tearing forward, CIROS China Robot Exhibition in line with national policy, conform to the trend of the times, in order to enhance the level of application of robotics in various fields, improve China’s robot industry chain and promote the healthy development of China’s robot industry moment of action . CNC turning parts
Professional audience reverse procurement area user solicitation activities already set off some upsurge in the industry. Is now enrolled in the fiery process, please request the user as soon as possible to register to participate. CNC turning parts

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