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CNC turning services [HR] refining and setting of assessment indicators (five) review, optimization and summary of assessment indicators

China CNC turning services Wholesale Manufacturer. What is the test, the index is the key. Through the study of the past few days, I believe that we have a more in-depth understanding and understanding of the design of assessment indicators. Check the current assessment index system of their own enterprises, whether need to improve or optimize?:

1, what are the problems in your company’s assessment index?

2, how do you improve or optimize?

Reference analysis:

Today just for review and optimize the evaluation index, evaluation index review company currently refines, reminds me of the original index extraction, goal setting, index definition, process design, the weight of the pain and happiness of today, although a lot of perfect indicators, there are still many places need to be optimized. China CNC turning services Wholesale Manufacturer

1, the general manager index is too much

(1) the status quo. At present, the index appraisal company more, reached 18, which is the general manager of the assessment indicators, including sales revenue, gross profit, net profit, sales volume, market share, product share, market promotion, safety accidents, improving production efficiency, financial security, a number of new research and development the product market, new product cost control, etc., can be said that he is a person carrying all the main index, although he did not want to “head hang so much, but these indicators are chairman personally intervene and eventually finalized, so the general manager can barely take that. China CNC turning services Wholesale Manufacturer

(2) the reason. I think that the cause of the general manager of a person’s head index too much is chairman of the board is not assured, some decentralization, reflect the company’s concentration of power. This phenomenon can not fundamentally change, especially the family enterprises, family or outside airborne personnel to become the company’s core characters it is not easy, how about “rest” two words.

(3) optimization: Although the deputy general manager of all the decomposition of all the indexes of the general manager, it should be said that the general manager can assume the financial indicators can be, this is the ideal situation, under the current situation, I think it can be a new product market, the employee handbook compliance with “a few non KPI indicator power to the vice president or person in charge of the Department, and persuaded the chairman, general manager of the head because so many indicators, focus on the key and easy to ignore the non KPI measures, as delegated to the relevant leadership head, so to find a better responsibility and Countermeasures in the first pilot, not to put too much. China CNC turning services Wholesale Manufacturer

2, the definition of index is not accurate

(1) the status quo. In the definition of assessment index, we first design is fully discussed, repeatedly confirmed, but after the implementation of performance appraisal, there will still be a part of the definition of the index is not too accurate, will cause another understanding, however, such indicators are few. For example: the definition of customer satisfaction. We finalized “to the enterprise management department’s marketing department issued to the customer satisfaction survey as the basis, with a satisfactory number by satisfaction, multiplied by 100%; but because the definition is not accurate, the marketing department staff issued questionnaires were often sent to their own well-known large customers, but rarely to small and medium-sized customers or users. This will not lead to overall satisfaction survey, no representative.

(2). As the above analysis, the definition is not accurate enough, in addition, I think there are questionnaires when random or not pay attention to the effects, appears in the marketing department, certainly found the irrational, but why not early advice ah, here also contains work enthusiasm factors of the initiative is not enough. China CNC turning services Wholesale Manufacturer

(3) improved. After investigation and related marketing personnel exchanges, the provisions of the decision satisfaction questionnaire issued to: 50 (of which 30 customers, 8 small and medium-sized customers, 6 customers, end users 6), the national market region should be uniform, not uniform when assigned by the marketing department investigation, the same customer in the four annual survey can not appear 2 times. After the improvement, satisfaction showed varying degrees of change, which indicates that the customer satisfaction of the company’s products and services are changing, and unlike the original stable or higher satisfaction.

3, interfere with other sector indicators

(1) the status quo. After a period of implementation and assessment, assessment indicators between departments has become an open secret, in the eyes of many people: the index, setting the goal of the Department is strict, high, and subjective that target other departments are not so strict. Then you will easily find the HR department or the general manager pointed out this problem, even to change the other departments of the index, the goal, this thing is relatively difficult.

(2). China CNC turning services Wholesale Manufacturer. This is about the departmentalism of suspects is pointed out to make his own assessment of other departments, the setting process does not understand, do not understand the details of the specific work and other departments, but also do not understand the company’s leadership on the work focus and requirements. Also take the linear system on Corporate Performance Management (mainly for ranking assessment against lower) main methods.

(3) optimization. In view of the above suspicion phenomenon, if not promptly stop and explain, it is easy to form a disordered state, even groundless exaggerate such doubts, most likely “three tiger” ending. In this regard, we first explain the company’s performance appraisal system, the appraisal department suspect the other is illegal, is against the company and not allowed, in addition, the specific content of doubt give a proper interpretation and Chen Qing, please understand the truth, and preached in the future to prevent such doubt happen again, as well as the department work. China CNC turning services Wholesale Manufacturer

4, the number of indicators is somewhat similar

(1) the status quo. The person in charge of each department in the index set, because we have to compete in the common psychological, everyone under the leadership of the company also verbally agreed, set up 7 assessment indicators, including 4 KPI, 3 non KPI. however, different departments if it must be unified, will some departments should set a reasonable KPI 5 (for example, the production department, sales department), some only 3 KPI can index (such as the Ministry of personnel, administrative department, financial department) or even 2 KPI on it (report timeliness, capital reserve adequacy).

(2) the reason is that people tend to share the same mentality, which means that the results will be the same. This setting does not examine the overall work of all departments, and the focus is not outstanding, which is a practical and unscientific indicator setting

(3): Although know is not reasonable, but to change it is not an easy thing, a moving body, so now only suggested: I hope to be able to stand in the perspective of the responsibilities of various departments, with full respect for the actual work to set up the evaluation index, without index number to each department consistent. China CNC turning services Wholesale Manufacturer

5, the scoring method needs to be improved

(1) the status quo. Assessment scores are converted into percentage and weight multiplied by a certain percentage of non-compliance points, also exceeded by a certain percentage points. There is not a reasonable place, such as: each overfulfiled 100 plus 1 points, as everyone knows, the more the number of overfulfiled. The difficulty is bigger, not according to the arithmetic amount of points; in addition, less each completed 100 deducted 1 points, there is less complete number more, the smaller the difficulty, should speak less, not only completed 200 deducted 2 points, more points should buckle is only reasonable.

(2) the reason is that when setting up a scoring plan, it is designed by the influence of the calculation method easily. In addition, there is lack of first-hand original data or careful analysis of the existing data, so as to formulate a more reasonable scoring method

(3) re optimization. For original data, simulate the score, and listen to the assessment to be the leader’s opinion, set the progressive regressive score rank method, for example: more than 100 goals plus 1 points, more than 101 – 200 target 2.5, more than 201 – 350 goals plus 4 points to. This is to encourage managers and actively work hard, strive for more than the target.

6, the data collection department needs to be optimized

(1) the status quo, there is currently the assessment department itself to collect data, leading to other departments suspected of data, which led to the HR department had to spend more effort to investigate, verify the authenticity of these data, in order to respond to the “doubt” aspirations

(2). China CNC turning services Wholesale Manufacturer. According to the ideal state, the best assessment data collection by the assessment department customers (i.e. under the procedures of the Department) to provide, if a breakdown of each department each work, it will be a grand project, if we let the customers to collect is not reality the place, so to take the “principle of proximity” (who know or understand let the data collect). For example: HR Statistics Department staff turnover rate is difficult for other departments to collect.

(3) improved. Not that there is no room for the optimization of the above situation, I think, can add the following in the measures for the management of performance appraisal: if the supervisor, HR department or other employees have doubts about some of the assessment data, HR departments can apply for review, but the company Performance Management Committee for approval. So you can reduce a lot of “voices of doubt”, do not evade his collection of assessment data “of the Department.

The above is a part of the existing performance indicators need to be improved and optimized, but definitely not all, but with the continuous implementation of performance appraisal and the emergence of many places needing to be optimized, this is very normal, are things happening, development must be generated, only to analyze objectively, seriously, is the the company’s performance appraisal index to more reasonable.

Refining performance evaluation index, the number of settings, definition, goals, scoring, data collection, according to the company plan, the responsibilities of departments, staff changes and adjust the JD, I think the assessment index has its time limit, and not always without modification. Therefore, regular review and optimization of evaluation index it is very necessary.

Summary and setting summary of assessment indexes

The extraction and design of assessment index is the focus and difficulty of the performance appraisal index is representative, whether the core value and the contribution of the real assessment post, really played a positive role in traction is an important factor to measure the quality of the KPI index then, how to select and refine the position index extraction? After how to accurately define, determine the weight functions? How to design their own KPI, how to improve and optimize the existing index? And so on, to do design indicators, we must clearly understand these problems. This study, we focus on the discussion on the topic of knowledge points, including some expert opinion and experience worth learning, is roughly as follows, we hope to help and inspire you.

Summarize the main points of this issue as follows:

[index design]: how to refine KPI index

About how to extract and index of the KPI design, everyone to share their business practices. To sum up, refine criterion of roughly the same: that is extracted from the three KPI, one is from the decomposition of the enterprise strategic target to two from the job description and detailed work analysis, three from the business in the process of comb weight; the operation steps are often the first to determine the company’s KPI index, and then to the Department of KPI, and finally to the post KPI; determine the index process is often cited, to screening, to discuss the trade-offs, in the last part of the paper is clear. China CNC turning services Wholesale Manufacturer

[index design two]: how to define indicators accurately

According to the survey (sample number: 47985), a detailed definition and description of indicators of the companies have 20966, accounting for 43.69%, none of the existing 27019, accounting for 56.31%.. More than half of the business is not doing well in the definition of the index, which is caused by these enterprises do not good appraisal of. So, how to carry on the accurate definition of the indicator? Many share method and good recommendations, such as thirteen of the “onion” index definitions, explain the layers of decomposition of index name, quantity and father-in-law referred to specific quantitative indicators, qualitative indicators to explain clearly the definition and classification evaluation. To ensure the definition of the index only, point clear, uniform standards

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