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” Internet + ” is the Chinese industry 4.0 with wings

Recently, the Ministry of the former minister Li Yizhong announced the “Chinese manufacturing 2025> will be formally introduced in the near future. Subsequently, Deputy Minister of industry and information technology Su Bo foreign Chinese manufacturing 2025> < compiling background, the general idea and main content are described, Chinese < manufacturing 2025> market is rapidly becoming the focus of attention. The famous economist, national the Commission invited researcher Guo Fanli said,” Internet plus “concept and” China manufacturing 2025> with wings will soar into ten big emerging field plug. Good quality Competitive Price colorful CNC motorcycle parts

Prior to the State Council executive meeting, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to accelerate the implementation of the “2025 Chinese manufacturing”, which involves ten major areas of focus on the development, including the new generation information technology, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy saving and new energy automobile, electric power equipment, new materials, bio medicine and high performance medical equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment.

The agricultural machinery equipment, Guo Fanli believes that the future of China’s agriculture will gradually to modernization, mechanization, scale development. Therefore, to ensure food security, improve the level of agricultural science and technology support are needed to improve the efficiency of agricultural production of agricultural machinery and equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment of the future market demand is larger, and with the adjustment of rural production relationship between farmland system reform and government support, good agricultural areas for future development, at the same time, also to the agricultural industry chain upstream and downstream to boost.

In addition, he also stressed that “Internet plus” concept and “China manufacturing 2025> combination will soar into ten new areas to plug in the wings, to provide channels for marketing, information and other aspects of the necessary support, promote enterprise innovation, improve market efficiency, in line with the current development trend of Internet technology, is conducive to the development of emerging industries. Good quality Competitive Price colorful CNC motorcycle parts

About China < 2025> manufacturing highlights, Guo Fanli said, mainly reflected in the plan to take the dynamic, flexible form, the current and future period of time the emerging industry as the foundation, put forward to promote the development of the ten areas. The future is bound to be according to the needs of economic development, to propose the corresponding planning support. In addition, the planning in order to China shift from manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, in the emerging field of the main direction of future development, promote the upgrading and transformation of domestic industries to enhance the economic efficiency.

And for the German industrial 4 and < Chinese manufacturing 2025> both understand, Guo Fanli believes that the German industrial 4 is a national program in Germany, the German government and enterprises hope that through cooperation to improve industrial competitiveness. China manufacturing 2025> pointed out the direction for the development of China’s economy, industry in the future, the development of national policy will also actively in support of these ten areas, but also to take the cooperation of government or the PPP model to promote the development of new industries.

Good quality Competitive Price colorful CNC motorcycle parts

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