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In the company of mixed life, hurt yourself!

1,No matter who works for them, we should learn something for ourselves, and create value for the company objectively

I was both in my country founder to work, I still work for foreigners in YAHOO, I tell people the biggest is not the same, I never thought I give them work, I really may be a very confident person, I think I work for myself. Because I am doing any one thing the first thing I consider is that I can learn what I do through this thing, learn something others do not go objectively deprived, may give the company create value.

2, The harvest is proportional to the input, dealing with work is a waste of life, to learn to do ordinary things better than people

One thing I do to me, it is easy to deal with, deal with after do not think that is a waste of life? The one thing you can do it 60 points, you can do easily, finish your every day to work three hours a day to live it, then you go to work every day, no matter. And then you go home thirty acres to a cow hot Kangtou his wife and children, but how do you progress? After the progress of left school, learning is no longer a class is not reading, the accumulation of their own experience with you through your work in doing things to do the project, dealing with many people. Because I have not admit defeat the common character, I have to do better than others, we do very ordinary I want to be with you is not the same, to do than you imagine to spend a lot of time a lot of effort, but I finally found my biggest harvest, because I have effort, your harvest and Your input is proportional

3, Mixing the days is actually mixed yourself, the boss lost a little bit of annual salary, small things, you lose youth, big things

If you dawdle, sorry, you are actually mixed themselves, many in many large companies to mix, how much money can you black boss? Your annual salary 100 thousand, lower income you mix 10 years will be mixed with the boss 1 million in the unit, there are 1 million people I mixed the company where to hurt many companies, but you don’t work hard for ten years, abandoned ten years, suddenly one day the company went out of business for ten years, or that your bully put you out, how do you do? Do you think you have the competitiveness? This society unless you have a good father, or do you have a family, this is not in our consideration, this is not my philosophy.

4, The opportunity is always prepared to leave, complaining is useless, the accumulation of success margin from your ability.

As long as you are nothing, you finally found in the society, the society is more and more fair, I think the opportunities are many, you do not go every day to criticize others, young cynic, at least the Internet with IT, you see Ding Lei, Ma Huateng and Robin Li are all common people, they can succeed in this industry. What? That as long as you work hard you have a chance of success, Baidu, many employees of Google, we do not mention Robin Li, not to mention their company bigwigs. Many employees involved in this matter is also very successful, there are many in Beijing to buy a car, buy a house with a sense of accomplishment, these things rely on what? You still have to rely on the ability of accumulation.

5, Do not like the company resolutely, quickly leave, stay in the company, we must go all out to do a good job

Think in the company, the company is not really love, do not love the boss to resign, not a minute to see him, I have this style. Why in order to boss mistakes the cost of their lives, if you decide you don’t leave today to do the work in the company, I think you should get the job done. Some people say that I have several problems, I do not love this character, I say brother, personality is the success of the patent, you sure you feel successful personality, others look at you, you can change the individual house without success before? If the personality for the house, I have a personality than you, our family has a personality, but it can not change a house.

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