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[career Story] can you not promote such an employee?

Yang Li filed the company under all marvel at the promotion myth she created. After graduation from high school, in the undergraduate graduate groups gathered from the company reception start, three years on the throne of the Department Manager. However, she has been being called the most stupid employee in the company. contract manufacturing companies

1, “do not work out of the heart is not steadfast”

Yang Li graduated that year, the employment situation is grim to even college students feel insecure. The dozens of letter over, is not easy to have a company has responded angrily to Yang Lixing, but when the time of the interview, but found that more than 40 people have Chuaizhe bachelor degree certificates and gathered in front of the company in the fierce competition, almost to the point. To fight hand to hand with the preliminary test and interview, Yang Li entered the final round of investigation: in human resources training for three days. The minister to Yang Li a task, will be part of the company last year to organize files and save the file in the computer class.

However, in Yang Li after a busy day, before leaving office to bad news, emergency notification company suspended the recruitment of new staff. “This is not playing with us!” in other students rushed to the office of the minister expressed dissatisfaction. Until the end of the day before, the minister was scorched by the flames off the last one indignant student. Back in the office, but found that Yang Li was still busy in the documents. contract manufacturing companies

The minister said very politely, “I’m sorry, but I’m sorry, but you have been busy for a day. No way. This is the interim decision of the head office. After work, go home quickly, and you won’t have to come tomorrow.”

Yang Li stood up and said, “nothing. I just sort out half of those documents. If I change to someone else, I will start from scratch. I will not come to the end of my work. I will come back tomorrow. A morning will be enough.”

All the students said Yang Li was silly. Instead of giving them a free hand, he might as well take the time to find other jobs. Yang Li just smiled. When he left at noon on the second day, he left behind a row of binding folders and a neat record room. contract manufacturing companies

Two months later, the job repeatedly rebuffed, only odd jobs in the shop, Yang Li received a phone call, the minister said, now the company has invited her to apply for jobs. Originally, when the minister in the report to the manager of the company’s recruitment situation, made special mention of Yang Li’s performance. “The impression of the manager silly job seekers” very deep, indicating the minister left her contact. When the company completed the adjustment, re recruitment of staff, the Minister of the first phone call to Yang Li. In this way, the classmates envy eyes, Yang Li re entered the company’s door.

2, “the future is done.”

Yang Li, a junior college student with the lowest educational background and experience, was arranged to be a front desk receptionist. In your eyes, this is the most rubbish job in the company. Usually people answer the phone and register for a visitor. No one has worked for over two years, and there is no future for such a position. contract manufacturing companies

Yang Li said: “the future is not elected, but to do it.” the first day of work, she put down the tattered register, tore down the dirty department contact list, instead of the 16 open Wallace, the cover is introduction of their own printing company, as for contact call her for a few nights until eleven is by heart. Some people do not understand, said to spend ten seconds check communication record does not know, why be cramming. Yang Li said his work would ask not answer quickly, not only is the telephone and room number everything about the company, should be aware of.

A few Singapore customers to discuss cooperation, Yang Li arrange them in the hall to wait. Customers sit together, talk about don’t know much about this new partner’s performance, Yang Li active went up and said politely: “if you can, take a little time, I can introduce” in the eyes of the crowd surprised Yang Li, the company’s sales in recent years, the market share, operation said. When the sales manager properly and logically arranged to meet the customers praise: “your company shall not be an ordinary employee of his company’s performance can blurt out, this is how strong sense of responsibility and pride! We are very confident about this business. Afterwards, the manager asked Yang Li how to remember that a long string of numbers, Yang Li replied:” the annual meeting of the company and each of the meeting, I put the various departments. The situation was recorded in detail. “The manager could not help looking at her. contract manufacturing companies

Soon, this warm and careful reception has become a beautiful landscape. In fact, Yang Li’s approach had been a lot of colleagues derided as stupid. For example, in order to ensure the phone rang three times is switched on, Yang Li never took the cup to the company, the number reduced to the maximum extent on the toilet, you said that the company is not a major. Yang Li believed that every unknown caller may be a potential customer, maybe one million yuan business began in a timely and enthusiastic answer. For instance, after lunch Yang Li put to the hall clean again. Some people say don’t be silly, companies pay for the property company. Yang Li said: the cleaning time of the property company than the company to work half an hour late afternoon, noon time and many employees, the floor is full of footprints, if to the customer, will certainly affect his first impression of the company ”

God pays off, after a year, outstanding staff Title and bonus epoch-making fall on Yang Li the first time this “stupid” receptionist of the head.

3, make the best of the little things

The company shall, at the end of every year, the employees have to write a year-end report, will own a written summary of the work throughout the year, not only to sum up experience, to set goals and recommendations. Nearly 1000 employees in the company will take this as the greatest formalization.

So, when Yang Li started a word on the keyboard, the old staff said: “don’t be silly, from the Internet under a change. Thousands of reports have piled up higher than the boss man, Mister will see the joke, affirmation and finally sell waste paper” contract manufacturing companies

Yang Li did not care, because she has been working for a year, does have a lot of experience, also want to take this opportunity to put forward some suggestions and advice. Previously, Yang Li went to the Department in charge of the most suggested there is no echo, but to her position and identity, want to see the boss in person statements, can only be a luxury. Yang Li had an impulse that must take this opportunity to put themselves on the status of the company’s views and suggestions of the future development of a detailed and fully expressed, what she would have a better illustrated than the report.

Then, Yang Li came home in the evening, after the first thing is rushed to the front of the computer to prepare materials, drawing charts. A week later, this looks like a fashion magazine’s year-end summary to the office of the company. On the cover of color is the company logo and purpose, and to the directory on the title page. The text is divided into three part respectively is my work, my thoughts and my advice. Each have detailed data and charts, with comic shows bad style and waste of the company, finally is sincere advice and passionate vision. contract manufacturing companies

The next few days, everyone in the company is talking about this unbelievable year-end summary, said I did not expect to write a report like this at the end of the year, Yang Li became a hot topic in the company. Three days later, the boss called Yang Li to the office, said: “it is the first time you come to apply for the this time, or write a summary, give me a deep impression. I see the report four times, you could see straight, ideas are very clear, very creative ideas, but I appreciate you more for the company to work in that sense of responsibility, you may need a more suitable job well do it”

In this way, the stupidest staff in the company went on a career highway. contract manufacturing companies

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