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Ten principles of lean improvement

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1, break the inherent idea

Right before, now is not necessarily correct; right now, the future is not necessarily correct. The so-called “Standers-by see more than gamesters., jump out from the original concept, with the eyes of the beholder, standing on the high perspective work idea and the working process of their own, may we not reasonable, and will have a starting point to improve. High-Quality copper-bearing China Manufacturer

2, find the feasible method

The starting point of improvement, the next step is how to carry out improvement activities. Perhaps there are a variety of methods and ideas in front of their own, but through comprehensive analysis to select a feasible path to carry out the improvement. High Quality copper bearing China Manufacturer

3, don’t distinguish, deny the status quo

I three times daily, no advice, to the daily self-examination. If others to put forward improvement suggestions, also try to accept, not to distinguish, to examine their own work concept, method, process, and find out the problem, even if there is no problem, do harm to yourself a comprehensive inspection. High-Quality copper-bearing China Manufacturer

4, do not strive for perfection, 50 points is good, immediate implementation

Think of their work will be advantageous to improve the point immediately, even after the implementation of the effect is not so perfect, but only the implementation, to know the feasibility and know where to improve.

5, wrong, immediately improve

If it is indeed its own work concept, method, process problems and errors, it is necessary to improve immediately, a second delay will produce a second waste. High-Quality copper-bearing China Manufacturer

6, start with the improvement of never spending money

The ultimate goal of improvement is to reduce waste, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, there is no doubt that the improved method itself must be “frugal enough”, try not to spend money, or improve the achievements will be the method of improving the waste cut ruthlessly.

7, the poor are changed, change the pass

“The end of hills and rivers have no doubt, There is a way out.” when we have only two options: die or change, no doubt, smart people will choose to change without hesitation, because the only hope of surviving and possible. When we are in the bottom, no matter where in one direction, as long as go we, the height ratio of the bottom to be high, as long as the change, often will get unexpected gains. High-Quality copper-bearing China Manufacturer

8, the most sought root, repeated five times, why?

To improve immediately, to pursue root causes of problems, is the so-called “targeted”, eliminate false for true because, in order to obtain the expected improvement effect to the highest efficiency. Then how to get really for? The answer is asking why five times, every once asked, to really near a little. High-Quality copper-bearing China Manufacturer

9, the wisdom of ten people is wiser than one’s wisdom

“Three stooges, top of Zhu Geliang.” the improvement is a group activity, improve the discovery, excavation and improvement of implementation method, many people need to cooperate, including with the leadership and staff.

10, the improvement is infinite

There is a famous advertising slogan “no best, only better”. In the production process, we need to focus on customers, meet or exceed customer demand, customer demand is growing, therefore, the work of their own improvement is also unlimited, we need to continue to “break the inherent idea”, “find a feasible method to improve it.”

High Quality copper bearing China Manufacturer

High Quality copper bearing China Manufacturer


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High Quality copper bearing China Manufacturer