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Who has earned the profits of the mechanical processing plant?

Upon seeing the questions, many employees of the mechanical processing plant naturally answered, “We pay the monthly wages, and the money is certainly earned by the machinery factory owner!” copper coupling

What about the owner of the machinery factory?

The owner of the small machinery factory said: “If we do outside processing, we earn sweat and live on the brink of struggle. Now we have to save some food and we need to be ready to buy some high-end equipment to receive better products. live.” copper coupling

A small-scale boss is also invariably saying: “At present, our processing equipment is mainly domestically produced. We cannot earn any money for those processing fees. To receive high value-added processing orders, people visit our workshops. Said that the equipment is not on the grade, not willing to cooperate. We plan to loan some foreign processing equipment to enhance our competitiveness!” copper coupling

The owner of a large-scale mechanical processing plant also said unpleasantly: “Most of the equipment we buy is brand machines from Germany, Japan, and the United States. A device with 5/600W or less is considered to be cheaper, and your auxiliary machine has thousands of auxiliary machines. These parts, consumables, and maintenance are too expensive to be accepted, but there is no solution. Even more painful is that these devices were all the most advanced when they were bought, and the current technological upgrading is too fast, a few years ago. The equipment bought is not competitive anymore. In order to compete, it is necessary to invest heavily in new equipment every year!”

It seems that most of the money earned by the mechanical processing plant is used to buy equipment. copper coupling

Obviously, domestic equipment manufacturers did not make any money, and a large amount of money went to foreign equipment manufacturers.

On the surface, the owner of the mechanical processing plant is a rich person. The fixed assets of a small mechanical processing plant are also several million, equivalent to having a bunch of BMW Benz. Who understands that they are the most helpless group?

If they don’t buy equipment, they will die. They will also have to buy equipment. After many years of hard work, he returned to liberation after buying the equipment. Eventually there was a pile of iron left, and even a large amount of debt remained. Behind their faces is endless helplessness! copper coupling

The hard work of the mechanical workers and the tremendous value they create can only be enjoyed by themselves. The people must wake up! Our grievances are useless, because when we can’t make good equipment, we can only accept the reality of being exploited by foreign technology when we don’t master the core technology.

When one day, domestic equipment, made in China lead the world, it is not only mechanical workers, people will have sufficient qualifications to enjoy the value of their own creation, live a quality life! copper coupling

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