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[career Story] A 30-word resume changed my life.

A man who had seen a full score in TOEFL GMAT would think, “how can it be! This man must have lived abroad when he was a child.” custom CNC machining

See the maintenance of a particularly good middle-aged woman, it is certainly pie mouth: “spend lots of money to play the needle needle that ah ah ha!”

See the young young on the rich list of talent, will speculate: “certainly the family business!”

See the famous young singer who rely on to participate in the competition on both sides of the Changjiang River star, people will doubt: “is estimated to be the unspoken rule”

Such examples have happened almost every day, and at one time I did not realize that I had fallen deeper and deeper in such an abyss. custom CNC machining

Until it went to a company interview time, the interview notice in the mail last one: please carry no more than 30 words (PS PersonalStatement, personal statement).

I see, crazy? 30 words?! I have one by one to his work practice of the company name and the name of the school to read the book again column are more than 30 words?!

I thought it was impossible! It should be that they missed a 0, so they didn’t think much about it.

Wait until the interview that day, I took a self that is already a very simple PS in the past, all the way that really stuck ah, a lot of things did not really write in no play I didn’t fully demonstrate the copious and fluent, I flash point! But no way or to comply with the company’s concise and accurate style to it.

When I arrived at the company, when I handed in to my PS, the three interviewers frowned at the same time. A greying foreign man asked me, “you have more than 30 words, at least 400 words. Why don’t you do it according to our requirements?”

I was stunned, what? Is it really 30 words? Isn’t it fun to play with me? custom CNC machining

I said a little skeptical, “30 words, 30 words to write an PS can’t be done at all! It’s too few words!”

A female interviewer was very sharp and said, “no way. How can we ask you to do it?” she said, “put up a stack of PS in front of me.” they may be, why can’t you?

I brush a face is red, faltered speechless. This is the only time I look forward to the interviewer quickly said: “good can you go out, please”

But not in a few seconds of silence, this for a few seconds to me, even with sleepless nights as sad.

The white – haired interviewer opened up again: “you think it’s impossible in the world because you don’t try to do it.” custom CNC machining

I hesitated and said, “thank you. I know where my problem is. I don’t know if it’s convenient for me to take a look at other people’s PS. I want to know how big the gap is.

A few of them looked at each other, nodded their heads and handed me a stack of PS.

The moment I took over was shocked by the top one.

The whole piece of paper a should be to interview their own prototype cartoon characters, the top is his name, and is a huge head, the head is open at the top, with a large computer chip into the primeval forest like, next to the words “Computerized mind (computerized thinking)” left hand drawing board, write “Photoshop skiller (PS skills), right hand holding a stack of reports, write” Report expert (expert report) “, the middle tie with a microphone, saying” Good Presenter (the speaker), the position of the heart to draw a heart of odd shape writing “, Creative heart (creative heart), foot shiny shoes, wearing no wrinkled trousers, next to the words” Detail-cared (attention to detail). custom CNC machining

As I looked, I was sweating with my hand.

Such a PS of no more than 20 words, I can recall word after word four years later, and the picture is lifelike. You can imagine the shock that it brought to me at that time and how impressed it is to the interviewers.

In the next PS, I drew a big turntable to write out several characteristics of myself. There were several important events that I wrote on a vertical timeline, and several pieces of work I had done.

In a word, no one is more than 30 words!

But every PS I saw is like a living man standing in front of me. I know his personality, what his special skills are and what commendable honor he has. custom CNC machining

And I’m a whole piece of white paper. I’m afraid they don’t even want to see it. Even if they look, they don’t leave any impression.

I really feel shy to a stack of paper to the interviewer, very sincerely bowed, “I’m sorry to waste your time before coming here, I always feel that there are some things I do, just can’t do that. Thank you for letting me know my ideas are stupid. Thank you”

When the door closed behind me, I drew a long breath.

Go back all the way, all go very slowly. custom CNC machining

I am not sad to lose such a job opportunity, but I am sad to recall how many opportunities I have lost in the past ten years. It is impossible for me to exist.

I understand the fact that it is very annoying to admit that:

What I think is impossible is not impossible at all, but I think it’s impossible.

Not to think of a fundamental way to the Philistine, many things will become impossible!

Then I tried to make a resume within 30 words of the word number. After four nights, I did it.

Then I tried to do another brief resume. After three nights, I did it as well.

Before, I think your resume should be to put it down in black and white from the educational background, work experience to interest, but in fact it is filled with so many possibilities!

But do you really have to take it for granted? custom CNC machining

We can’t do it ourselves, really because we are incompetent, or are we not trying to do it at all?

The TOEFL test scores of students, maybe we don’t see is that people from early to late study assiduously practice spoken English every day to practice a sore throat;

The beautiful woman with a luxury car, maybe we didn’t see it, the girl worked hard for a few years and worked hard to save money like a dog.

Well maintained middle-aged women, maybe we don’t see that they go to the gym after work every day, and they must not sleep on the floor. They must do mask every night for more than ten years.

Young entrepreneurs may not have seen their countless sleepless nights making more efforts than those in our dreams.

The once popular national star, maybe we didn’t see is that people before ten years of hard work with unknown to the public.

We didn’t see anything, and it was impossible for others. custom CNC machining

We didn’t try anything, and it was impossible to say that.

In fact, we think it is impossible to do things, others really can do it.

It is impossible for a person who does not dare to do it. custom CNC machining

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