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How does an excellent team leader open a good morning?

A fast-growing enterprise must be an enterprise that attaches great importance to business management, and grass-roots management is one of the most basic and important parts of it. Only by doing a good job at the grass-roots level, a company’s foundation will be firm, and its cohesion will be stronger. This is a necessary condition for an enterprise to be fast. custom CNC milling

In general, there are five priorities for grass-roots management: early meetings, consolidation, work guidance, performance appraisal, and QCC activities. Only when the key work is done well, can grass-roots management be done well, and the early-term management will be Important places, through the morning meeting, on the one hand can spread the company’s corporate culture, change the subordinate’s thoughts, behaviors and concepts, and cultivate good habits. On the other hand, it can cultivate the demeanor and magnanimity of the supervisors, drive the atmosphere of the department and provide good communication and coverage.

A general manager once said, “The biggest benefit of my life comes from the morning meeting.” Another general manager believes that “early will be the love of my life.” From here it can be seen that the importance of the morning meeting, it plays an invaluable role in a person’s growth, style and temperament training. custom CNC milling

The purpose of the morning meeting
The morning will be the best time for team building and morale improvement. It can provide a place for teaching and make use of the morning meeting. It can explain new products, new methods, and new techniques, improve the technical level of employees, and at the same time, instill quality concepts. And publicity of company policies. Truly always educate and eventually educate.

As early as possible, you can promote and reach consensus. The morning will be the medium for the dissemination of corporate culture. It can cultivate good habits and behavioral concepts. Through early meetings, it can promote work literacy, work ethic, and work habits. It can be continuously promoted, and continuous improvement will inevitably bring about gains, thus enhancing the whole The quality of company employees.

Through early meetings, tracking and management can be implemented. Quality abnormalities can be reviewed, analyzed, and corrected. Past work can be reviewed, lessons learned, and deficiencies corrected. At the same time, through the morning meeting, production arrangements, market reactions, and higher-level instructions can be communicated, so that employees can better understand the company’s policies, market operations, and their own work direction, and improve work efficiency.

The morning will be able to cultivate the authority, image, style and temperament of the supervisor, provide the supervisor with a good training environment, and promote the atmosphere of the department and provide good communication and enclaves.

Please do not waste your morning meeting time. custom CNC milling

How to do a good morning
The morning will be the most basic management and management tool, so it must be done by the most basic team leaders. They know best about the situation and trends at the grassroots level. As long as they use the management tool of the morning meeting, they can do more with less.
The frequency of morning meetings is usually 1-2 times per week, about 10 minutes each time. Once the time is fixed, it should not be changed. It is better to hold it regularly and regularly.
The content of the morning meeting should be specific and will generally include the contents of teaching, philosophy, and goals. It is roughly assigned as follows:
50% of team and morale: including recognition, encouragement, improvement of sharing, OPL, work experience, etc.
25% of teaching and philosophy: including explanation of new products and methods; standardization work; quality abnormality and personal quality and efficiency; work culture, work ethics, and work habits.
25% of work goals: including production arrangements, work goals, government orders, market responses, etc.
To have an early report card, this is the key to the success or failure of the morning meeting. It can enable early preparations and step-by-step progress so as to achieve the purpose of the morning meeting.
The presiding party of the morning meeting must be prepared in advance, and the volume of the presiding over the morning meeting should be greater and the attitude should be better. The morning atmosphere must be relaxed, and you must know how to encourage subordinates. In the morning, the operator can reflect the problem and participate actively. If necessary, you can have supervisor guidance, assistance, and attendance. custom CNC milling

The lack of general business executives
Instead of being chaired by the team leader, the class leader, manager, and general manager will preside over it, thus losing its original function.
The content of the morning meeting is not specific, and it lacks persuasion.
We did not report the bill early and lost the essence of successful implementation.
It will soon become a platform for executives to vent and encourage employees. custom CNC milling

in conclusion
It may seem like a small problem in the morning, but it will bring endless benefits if it is truly functioning.

The front-line employees are eager to be understood and respect their role and positioning so that they have a sense of home. Lean management consulting was published. custom CNC milling

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