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[career Story] continuing to run your mind can give you an unexpected harvest

What is the “soul – management”? Inamori Kazuo explained: “my business is’ the heart ‘business, in other words, my business is around how to establish a firm in the enterprise, the relationship between people of mutual trust such a center point”

In the KYOCERA group, Inamori Kazuo did carry out many forms of “mind management” practice. custom CNC parts

For example, the company’s internal friendship activities. Inamori Kazuo liked to ask employees to go to a bistro to narrate in early business. Later similar activities became a general mode of KYOCERA’s inner friendship — dinner party.

Dinner will be held every year in 2~4 times, a major celebration project had increased. Association, cadres and employees toast each other, voice. Every time Inamori Kazuo will attend, and he is always holding the cup walked among us, we asked to work, the existing problems, and frankly to express their views, try to find a solution to the problem. custom CNC parts

The fellowship not only talks about work, but also talks about family and life. Inamori Kazuo hopes that all of us will be given care and affection in equality and love, and to resolve some contradictions.

Of course, Inamori Kazuo’s mind management is not limited to this form of care. He believes that the key to the operation of the mind is how to treat employees. custom CNC parts

Inamori Kazuo regards all the employees as comrades and partners, so that all the employees enjoy KYOCERA’s share. Even two times, he gives free billions of yen shares to his employees.

Not only that, KYOCERA has never been in welfare generous. KYOCERA employees once died, their families receive money to guarantee even surprisingly high. Pensions reached 8 million yen, and if they have children, can also receive 60 thousand yen per month Orphans Pension until the child reached the age of 18 so far. custom CNC parts

If the daily “spiritual management” has already made employees feel warm, when the enterprises are facing major crises, the spirit management of rice Sheng and Fu is even more shocking and moving.

In 1973, the global oil crisis broke out, and the energy scarcity of Japan was even more threatened. By 1974, a large number of enterprises in Japan had gone bankrupt, so they had to lay off a lot of jobs. custom CNC parts

KYOCERA’s situation is very bad, the profit greatly reduced. But Inamori Kazuo at the staff meeting passionately announced: “in the face of tough ice age, even if only by the lichen tundra must survive, the company never cut their employees”

The listener has been moving. KYOCERA has developed steadily and rapidly for many years. Inamori Kazuo’s “mind management” can not be ignored. custom CNC parts

The most prominent performance of the “mind management” effect is in the management of companies coming from overseas mergers and acquisitions – this is precisely the most difficult one to be considered.

In 1971, KYOCERA bought the American Express Company under the Santiago factory, the factory is at a loss. Inamori Kazuo sent effective go getters in the past business, but because of the different ways of thinking, disputes.

Employees are not in line with the go-slow. At first, the factory deficit rarely, but soon rose to $200 thousand a month. Inamori and personally, to practice his “heart remote management”. He thinks that the essence of human nature: not because of the East, western regional differences and different. custom CNC parts

First, he replaced all the cadres in the factory as Japanese.

“Everybody is hard!”

Before starting work, American employees began to hear their surprised greetings, which even startled them. Young Japanese managers and workers were wearing blue collar factory clothes, working with workers, and really close to the hearts of workers.

When the factory’s performance increased, Inamori Kazuo began his first dinner party here. He bought a lot of pizza and workers for dinner. This is very rare in the United States. custom CNC parts

The second day, the workers took their dishes to entertain their president. Since then, popular in Japan to celebrate the birthday celebration of new workers, workers caring activities popular in Santiago factory. The monthly attendance bonus, monthly for a good worker and half a dinner party system came from Japan transplantation.

And the sharing of profits has been praised by American workers. Inamori Kazuo has sold 20% of his monthly sales as bonus to employees.

Santiago factory employees soon realize that the development of the company and their own happiness is closely linked. Less than a year, the factory settlement accounts from the deficit by black writing. custom CNC parts

Inamori Kazuo’s “mind management” has worked again. custom CNC parts

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