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[HR] performance appraisal and management (two): performance communication link, what should HR do?

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Many HR think HR as long as the performance appraisal, assist business department set a good staff performance appraisal program, due to accounting on the line, in the process of performance communication between business executives and employees, not too much relationship with HR. It is the truth? A discussion about it, please: OEM service precision parts of custom cut sheet metal

1, should HR participate in employee performance communication? OEM service precision parts of custom cut sheet metal

2, if you want to participate, then what should HR do when communicating with performance? How to do better?

Reference analysis

1, should HR participate in employee performance communication?

Staff performance communication HR must participate in the whole process, not only in the beginning, not only in the end, but throughout the whole performance management, need to continue to carry out, but in the process of participation must master the “degree” and “skills”. OEM service precision parts of custom cut sheet metal

2, if you want to participate, then what should HR do when communicating with performance? How to do better?

The performance of communication in human resources management is an important activity, at the same time, it is also a difficult, complex activities. To make the performance communication smoothly, HR departments must carry out various preparations. First through training, propaganda, let executives and employees to recognize the importance of the performance of communication, necessity and through communication can reap benefits; secondly, to make each department management skills and methods to learn the performance of communication supervisor above; communication mechanism and then establish the system from the system, let the staff especially executives feel obligated to communicate. In this way, employees of communication attitude will change significantly, from the original conflict into willing and active communication. OEM service precision parts of custom cut sheet metal

And when HR needs to participate in the performance communication of non HR department, HR need to straighten out the mentality, seriously prepared, fair and impartial, flexible control, when the need to communicate with employees face to face, should be more properly treated, do not despise it. OEM service precision parts of custom cut sheet metal

As HR in the performance of communication can not fully participate in the specific transaction, and can not go, should try to do a good job guidance in the whole process, supervision and management work, the key is to grasp several points in the performance communication, from the performance appraisal target set at the beginning of the implementation process and performance feedback to the end after the examination of the communication process improvement in attention of departments and staff whether agreed department is fair, whether there is in charge of hard pressure, employees were forced to accept and so on. So, how do these points? I do a simple share:

1, target determination communication: OEM service precision parts of custom cut sheet metal

Determine the stage in the target, HR must grasp whether the Department and employees on the content and standard of evaluation for communication: the staff of the goal of this stage is clear? How to take measures and methods of employee goals? What kind of employee needs support in the process to achieve a goal? Through this phase communication, can understand the existence of competent employees hard task, passive situation, which greatly enhances the staff to determine their target recognition. OEM service precision parts of custom cut sheet metal

2, the implementation process of communication:

After determining the target, the implementation process is the focus of the performance can reach the standard, is the key control point. The performance of the implementation in the implementation process, we must understand the Department staff schedule whether tracking? To staff difficulties whether to help solve? Set goals if there is deviation? The staff do not have to achieve personal goals to the detriment of the long-term interests of enterprises? There is no deviation on the staff’s correct? Innovation on whether employees timely praise? Whether need the help of the HR and so on, these are the implementation of performance management key process should communicate. OEM service precision parts of custom cut sheet metal

3, assessment feedback communication:

This communication is in the performance evaluation results, communicate the results of this assessment, mainly for staff goals, problems, cause analysis and improvement plan for the next phase of communication. Then attention is needed to assess whether the competent results have no will explain to employees? The scoring results, and according to the relevant documents show employees? Supervisor to assess whether the fair? There is no charge to listen to their self-assessment of the targets of the results and the corresponding basis? Whether both control, and the actual situation of the assessment results for appropriate amendments? Did not complete the goal of any deep analysis? Is caused by objective reasons or subjective reason cannot accomplish the goal? Is the employee’s knowledge ability is insufficient, lack of experience or lack of attitude? All the above aspects need through communication Detailed understanding of the line

At the same time, to take corresponding measures according to the understanding of the situation after the communication. For example: if the employee’s knowledge ability is insufficient, you need to arrange appropriate training and guidance; if the experience is not enough, you need to arrange the exercise; if it is lack of attitude, also need careful analysis, in the end is what causes, is the enterprise incentive no good measures, internal management problems, or the employee’s attitude problem? On these issues, all need to get to the bottom, to find out the real reason behind, and rectification. Similarly, the completed or exceeding the target to analysis is done, take effective measures taken by the employees to share in the inside, so that other members of the team to gain experience and common progress. Of course, it is more important to the ideal goal, through effective communication, to develop a clear and effective improvement plan to the next stage To achieve the improvement of staff performance and ability. OEM service precision parts of custom cut sheet metal

4, performance improvement communication:

To analyze the existing problems of performance appraisal after aiming at the problem of finding a solution and improvement, is the fundamental purpose of performance management, therefore, the performance improvement of communication is very important for.HR to focus on the performance improvement of communication is: whether the supervisor in the performance improvement of the performance improvement plan for employees of timely follow up supervision? There is no check whether the improvement plan is carried out? No timely improvements that appear in the defects and deviations and together with the staff there is no rectification? Encourage employees to improve their creative deficiencies? Only to maintain a smooth and timely communication on performance improvement process, to ensure the effective implementation of improvement plans, promote performance continuous improvement.

Performance management is a cyclical process, the end of a period of assessment, is the beginning of the next stage. As HR departments need to balance the interests of all parties in the performance of communication at the same time, also must performance objectives and development direction of the enterprise always pay attention to consistency, pay special attention to in achieving personal goals have happened at the same time, the Department no damage to corporate interests. Because, to safeguard the interests of enterprises in any situation, can not allow any people achieve personal goals and use unscrupulous divisive tactics to happen.

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