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Salt used to be so good! After that, everyone was shocked.

Experienced custom fabrication shop China Manufacturer. You know? There are many magical salt in life, you have a look at put fine timber to petty use?!


Add salt and grow flowers

Put a small amount of salt water for plants, the flowering plants become longer, grow more lush. Experienced custom fabrication shop China Manufacturer


Add salt, cook anti oil spatter

Fried food when put salt into the pan, not only can prevent oil splash, but also taste Titian oh. Experienced custom fabrication shop China Manufacturer


Add salt to remove residual pesticides

Add a little salt to rub a rub when washing fruits, can remove the residual pesticide on the fruit skin. Experienced custom fabrication shop China Manufacturer


Add salt and raise fish longer

In a bowl, add a little bit of iodized salt, can let the fish live longer.


Add some salt, cooking more pliable

Add some salt when cooking noodles, noodles cooked more pliable.


Add salt and boil dumplings are not easy to break

When the dumplings are cooked with salt, dumplings are not easy to break, and the cool dumplings are not easy to stick. Experienced custom fabrication shop China Manufacturer


Add salt, brush teeth and remove bacteria

When brushing your teeth, add a little salt to the toothpaste, which can effectively remove the bacteria in the mouth.


Add salt, do not fade

The newly bought jeans are put in a bubble in the salt water, which can reduce the color fading.


Add some salt, remove tea

There is tea in the glass? With salt rub, ensure the cup take on an altogether new aspect. Experienced custom fabrication shop China Manufacturer


Add a little salt, a clean iron

Sprinkle lots of salt on the stencil, and then put the hot iron on the wax paper on the iron, the sticky things will fall down.


Add salt, fast ice drink

You drink too hot? The fridge cold too slow? Don’t worry, just put some salt in the ice bucket, then put drinks in the bucket on the OK, will soon be able to drink cold drinks.


Add salt and clean the broken eggs

The eggs are broken to the ground, sticky and sticky. What do you do with an careless mess? How do you do it? In this pile of mess, salt, wait for more than ten minutes, it’s very good. Experienced custom fabrication shop China Manufacturer


Add salt and remove oil stains at the bottom of the pot

Sprinkle salt on the oil stains and add some water for 10 minutes. The oil stains will be cleaned well.


Add salt to remove towel stains

In wet weather, towels and clothes will not only have mildew stains but also mouldy taste if they are put out for a long time. Salt and lemon juice are made into paste to wipe stains and dry in the sun. If you want better results, you’d better wash them once again.


Adding salt, homemade channel agent

The sewer and blocked? Can use salt to self-made drainage agent, 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cups of salt, pour into the water, pour a half cup of white vinegar, wait 15 minutes, pour a pot of boiling water, fix! (remember to wear gloves!)


Add salt and clean the wine stains

Sprinkle salt in a place that has just been splashed with red wine. Wait for 5 minutes and pour cold water on it until the wine stains disappear.


Add salt to clean dirty sponges. Experienced custom fabrication shop China Manufacturer

Just washed the pot, but found that all the dirty things in the pot went to the washing sponge. It doesn’t matter. Salt and water mix according to the ratio of two cups of water plus 1/4 cups of salt, soak the sponge for a night, and clean it in second days.


Add salt, clean the chopping board

The block can not be put into the dishwasher to wash, but you can use hot water, salt and lemon juice to disinfection effect, Bang Bang Da.

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