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How to improve our Management in TPM

ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer. A case study of excellent Factory Management

Enterprises should pay attention to quality management, efficiency management and cost control, and these management work can not be convinced by the description of the senior level of the enterprise, excellent factory management must be visible. In general, excellence in factory management can be achieved in three ways: ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

  1. Fully activated employees

Excellent factory management is bound to bring full activation of the staff and team. When the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff is fully awakened, can create a good atmosphere for improvement and innovation. Cultivate a positive corporate culture. Therefore, factory management excellence can be judged by staff behavior, mental outlook and work status; If the employee is fully activated, the employee is courteous, the attitude is modest, the work is nervous and orderly, then the management of the factory must be excellent. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

  1. Site with well-equipped, clean environment and orderly management

Excellent factory management is also demonstrated by well-equipped, clean environment, orderly management of the site. Excellent factory management to cultivate employees “equipment independent maintenance, factory independent management” awareness and skills. Construction of first-class factory management site, depends on whether the equipment is intact, whether the environment is clean, and whether the management is orderly; The equipment can be old, but it must be in good condition; The factory may not be new, but it must be neat; The channels may be narrow, but they must be orderly. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

  1. Continuous optimization of management projects and management indicators

Managers at all levels understand their management projects and objectives, and effectively follow up on these targets and optimize them.

Awareness of the gap, immediate action. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

Looking at the gap from the employees’ treatment

  1. performance of outstanding enterprises

An enterprise with excellent management must take a series of practices to explore the wisdom of employees and make them truly the main body of the enterprise. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

Fully explore the wisdom of the staff and carry out the proposal activities extensively

Self management, first-class management of the enterprises will carry out a wide range of various bills, play the employees to improve independent wisdom fully. Only the employee’s wisdom is fully excavated, the enthusiasm of employees to participate actively in the factory to improve the comprehensive ability of the enterprise, will be enhanced. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

Management system is given priority to award

An excellent enterprise management system may have many forms, but basically there is little presence of punishment system, especially cash fines, and usually in the incentive system. For example, Ricoh, Fuji, Xerox and other on-site management to carry out a better system of the company is not fine, but the rewards of good performance. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

Take the employees as the main body of the field management

The management of first-class enterprise all the staff really as subject of on-site management, the master spirit mentioned fully reflected in these enterprises. Ordinary employees are fully respected, employees are conducive to their personal wisdom in the environment generally have a sense of satisfaction in this, so it can stimulate their enthusiasm for the site management and improvement activity. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

  1. the performance of the general enterprise

In contrast, some domestic enterprises managers, they in the management thinking is still very backward, not aware there is great wisdom of employees in the energy, over reliance on the punishment system, the mechanism does not pay attention to, not good at giving full play to their initiative and creativity, the specific performance as follows: ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

Complaining about employees’ lack of knowledge and low quality

Many enterprise managers or operators to complain about the low quality of employees, less knowledge as a pet phrase. “Because the quality of the staff is poor, so I have to put the management, staff management as a shield cover of the low level of management, which not only reflects the lack of respect for employees of managers, more managers backward consciousness.

The management system is based on punishment. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

Many companies posted on the walls of the punishment system: “if you don’t want to. Fine.”. In fact, the punishment is not a good business should be advocated. Enterprise management system will restrain the excessive dependence, staff’s hands and feet, to hold employees creativity. Therefore, the punishment based management system for enterprises. The management mechanism is not perfect. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

Regard a frontline employee as a simple labor force (tool)

Some managers will often take employees as simple labor, and even take them as tools, often make some less humane system, such as the toilet can not exceed the number of time, and so on. In this case, the staff could not become the subject of management, their wisdom is also very difficult to play them. Only need to pay labor for low salary is satisfied. Therefore, if managers expect employees to use their wisdom, we must respect them.

Looking at the gap from the management site. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

  1. pleasing, tidy and orderly scene cases

When entering a factory, if you can see the site tidy, good to hear or see, then you will be on the enterprise management is very convincing. Figure 2-1 in enterprise operation site, have shiny channels, all of the items are placed in accordance with the rules, work in an orderly manner for every employee in the factory management. It is very orderly. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

Worksite management is also reflected in the above all sorts of Kanban Kanban management. Backward enterprises are various constraints of the system, but people do not know the penalty system; and excellent enterprise management field is provided to improve the wall, as shown in Figure 2-2, improve the wall display employee wisdom, employee improvement. Staff experience, showing positive enterprise management culture. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

Figure 2-3 is a company employee making beautiful wall, it is actually a waste treatment plant. Enterprises to carry out the activities of the TPM, the creativity of employees to be mobilized, they make this beautiful face the wall with all kinds of waste materials usually collected, this site is enough to make managers and customers moved. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

Figure 2-4 shows employees in this enterprise create their own health care rest chairs with waste materials. When customers see such scenes, they will be moved. Obviously, the employees of this company have been fully activated, and their enthusiasm has been fully mobilized.

  1. Cases of messy scene

As shown in figure 2-5, there are a variety of packaging materials around the device, various product accumulations, and items such as brooms. However, such a site is not the worst. There are too many worse things to see in life: some businesses can’t even put their feet in the field. It’s doubtful whether such a factory can produce good products. This is a lack of methods and a lack of knowledge of TPM. The result of not knowing the means of improvement. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

If you want to really understand the management status of an enterprise, we can pay attention to the employees tool cabinets. But such tool cabinets are certainly not unique, and some enterprises have more problems than this. In essence, the cleanliness of tool cabinets is closely related to their management methods.

Viewing the Gap from the Control of the Management Project

At present, many enterprises are troubled by the problem of how to effectively implement the system after the establishment. As shown in figure 2-7, a certain enterprise stipulates that no cell phone will be used during the meeting, and if the mobile phone rings on the spot, it will be confiscated. But in practice no one is enforcing this rule, making employees feel that they can ignore all of the company’s systems. As a result, completely unfulfilled requirements become systems, or they are not implemented after they have been developed. Often worse than no system.

Therefore, the excellent on-site management also shows the effective control over the management project. How the company pursues the high quality, the pursuit of low cost, the delivery time, how to deal with the customer’s complaint. These should be clearly defined. Companies can provide presentations in a variety of settings, including management projects such as cost, delivery time, efficiency, quality status, and so on. So that enterprises for the implementation of these management projects to make efforts to be seen by the outside world. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

Figure 2-8 is a Kanban for the implementation of a TPM management project in an enterprise. A variety of improvement cases are posted on the Kanban, from which we can see that the enterprise has implemented effective control over the management project. Thus we can understand the management concept of this enterprise and the management wisdom of the staff.

Change ideas, study methods, act quickly

A management project is an indicator of performance. The goal under a management project is the level of effort to be achieved. If these elements are not grasped, management becomes empty talk. Many managers in China still have a superficial understanding of the management project, even far from reaching the level of primary management. Some managers do not know what to care about, when the request is just empty talk, clich é. Words such as “to strengthen internal management” and “to strengthen management” can be found everywhere in enterprise management, which is no different from empty reports. ASTM Approved custom front panel Manufacturer

As the site manager of the enterprise, if the importance of the management project is not recognized, there are no specific objectives, or can not correctly define the management project and management objectives. Then his management work must be ineffective. In the face of such a boss, employees will “have a policy to deal with” in order to air-to-air. “We have to respond to the call.” “hard work” is a perfunctory and slogan for the above situation. Such management has no executive power and cannot be effective. To change all this, the practical management method of TPM is needed.

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