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Feng Lun: the great first is to manage yourself, not to lead others!

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Wang Shi has a strong self-management ability. China custom laser cutting Wholesale Manufacturer

I often go out to play with Wang Shi, climb mountains. Everyone will be very concerned about, for a while to climb the peak, and then to the North Pole. China custom laser cutting Wholesale Manufacturer

He climbed the mountain only about 5 years time, the seven summits have climbed, with South Pole to the north pole, “7+2”. For the time already “, now fifty-six years old, it is very simple.

How did he do that? We found that the biggest difference between us and him on the mountain is that he can manage himself. China custom laser cutting Wholesale Manufacturer

For example, he said, “when you enter the tent, you go to the tent.” in order to keep the energy, the food tastes bad, and he swallows down, and I feel hungry, and I prefer to starve

For example, in the mountains should be 5 pm to sleep, if talking happily 8 points to sleep, second days will not crawl. When he was in Mount Everest 7000 meters, others no matter how to say the scenery is good, he will refrain from out of the tent, because an energy loss once, then play with him climbing another friend Liu, Liu is excited, 8000 meters below you on live TV to see all the big Liu lens, indulge, did not manage their own results, no effort, to 8000 meters of fear, know oneself beat a retreat, not physical. China custom laser cutting Wholesale Manufacturer

Wang Shi can climb up as an amateur athlete, and it’s important to manage his abilities. And he’s always doing the mountain climbing preparations, like suntan oil, two layers, he’s got two layers, and he’s very thick

Wang Shi is very principled and responsible for himself. China custom laser cutting Wholesale Manufacturer


Another example of his principle, we have a beer in Chengdu, to a little girl, half a day to get it out, take out later than ice, little girl, Wang Shi immediately serious, Wang Shi said: “you say is ice, if not, you should tell me, if you that ice is to coax us to sit down, you are kidding me, I don’t eat.” and get his buttocks. They said they sit down, that’s it. Wang Shi said that you eat, I walk by myself.

When we went abroad, we had dinner together, and Wang Shi said, “never eat Chinese food.” because of all kinds of factors to Chinese restaurant, he would rather sit there than eat

He is very responsible for himself, always manage himself. Ordinary people do so, then also, Wang Shi is said not to do what is not doing, so Vanke can do well

Most business leaders say, will encounter cheap tempted. China custom laser cutting Wholesale Manufacturer

A 39 boss Zhao Xinxian introduced a large piece of land to do villa Vanke, Wang Shi said: “the white, you do not finish, then money, money.” Wang Shi said: “I do not read, because Vanke did not. At the villa,” Vanke only good middle-class suburban villa he is willing to introduce, others do.

Therefore, the management of self is self-discipline, is an important quality. Many enterprises leaders failed, many because of indulgence, indulgence of their desires, such as strategic diversification, organizational system and network management is not good

A friend in Wang Shi’s company, not a comrade. He insisted on the principle of to what extent, there was an original together friends to do business in Beijing, with an approval, Wang Shi do, but Wang Shi has decided not to do this business company, this person is coming, are men, are “an old traveller”, turned out to Wang Shi knelt down and said once, Wang Shi is determined not to do, then this person really fell out with him. So according to my observation, the great management is. China custom laser cutting Wholesale Manufacturer

Great is not to lead others, but to manage themselves


In the past, we used to think that greatness leads others, which is actually wrong

When you can’t manage yourself, you lose all the qualifications and abilities of leading others

When a man is great, he must first manage himself, manage his money, his connections, his social connections, and manage his own behavior

You manage yourself, we call it self-discipline, we call it law abiding, and a lot of similar virtues have. China custom laser cutting Wholesale Manufacturer

When you manage yourself, you get the leader’s qualification and become the best member in the organization

Other members are somewhat indulgent, and you are the best member, so you will be trusted, and you will be able to put your destiny on you – a person who can manage himself first

If you don’t take advantage of it, you’ll be convinced that it’s appropriate to give it to you

For example, Wang Shi’s salary has been very low, no more than 1 million before 2005, and it’s hard to imagine the salary standard of a successful person who has been a listed company for 20 years

When we had a meeting in 2004 to discuss salary, he was 600 thousand at the time. He said that if the profit was added to zero, my salary would be added to zero, so it would be about 2000000 by 2006. China custom laser cutting Wholesale Manufacturer

He said he wouldn’t stir up his own stock if he didn’t cook his own stock, because it was a virtue, and he would believe what he promised

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China custom laser cutting Wholesale Manufacturer



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