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Humane management plan for front-line employees

Introduction: At present, most of China’s assembly lines are manual production lines. Workers have repeatedly engaged in simple labor for a long time. Pipeline operations as a typical monotonous static exercise mainly rely on the isometric contraction of muscles to exert force or maintain a certain position. Static performance is characterized by low level of physical energy consumption, but the work is monotonous and boring, and there is less opportunity to talk with the surrounding colleagues. It is easy to have a sense of isolation and fatigue. According to the survey on the occupational stress and health status of the workers in the production line in the Pearl River Delta, it is found that the line processing workers are faced with more information processing requirements and psychological loads than the non-line-line operations. The longer the working years on the assembly line, the worse the mental health status. The lower the degree of job satisfaction. custom machined parts

The production organization of the assembly line has made grass-roots workers in a very unfavorable position in the labor-management relationship. Because of its highly specialized division of labor, the operations on various positions in the assembly line are extremely simple, and the technical requirements for workers are very low. This kind of labor resources is very rich in China, and companies do not need to carry out many technical trainings to go online. operating. As a result, the bargaining power of workers in the labor market has been deprived, and the wage levels of line-work workers are generally low.

The production organization method of the assembly line has greatly promoted the improvement of production efficiency and successfully created industrialization. Over the past two decades, we have relied on this kind of high-efficiency and low-cost production methods to promote the rapid development of the economy. However, to a certain extent, we have also led to the alienation of people. The production of highly effective appendages is the instrumentalization of human beings, as well as workers’ boredom at work and strained labor relations. custom machined parts

Due to our abundant cheap labor resources, we can predict that the manual production line will continue to exist in China for a long period of time. Therefore, how to implement more humanized management among streamlined workers has important theoretical and practical significance for building a harmonious society.

1. The concept of people-oriented requires the implementation of humane management for line workers. Specifically, human-based management includes the following implications:

First, relying on people. People are the main body of social and economic activities and the most important resource of all resources. In the final analysis, all economic activities are performed by people. Without people’s vitality, enterprises have no vitality and competitiveness. custom machined parts

The second is the developer, whose life is limited. Infinite wisdom, people often have hidden a great deal of intelligence and ability. The task of management lies in how to mobilize people’s enthusiasm to the greatest extent and release their hidden energy.

The third is respect for people. Each individual, including line workers, is an individual with independent personality. All of them have the dignity of being a man and the right to be a man.

Fourth, agglomerate people. Management must not only study the enthusiasm, creativity, and quality of each member, but also study the cohesiveness and centripetal force of the entire organization and form a strong overall force.

The fifth is the development of human beings. The free and comprehensive development of human beings is a symbol of the progress of human society and the highest goal of social and economic development. It is also the ultimate goal that management must achieve.

With the development of social economy, after people have solved their basic material life needs, they are more and more concerned about their psychological needs. In particular, a new generation of migrant workers born after the 1980s has less economic pressure and more demand. Diversity, the current corporate management model lags behind the changes in laborers’ needs, and the “scientific management” commonly adopted on the assembly line shows its obvious unscientific component. Therefore, the streamlined management model has been adjusted from a high-efficiency strategy to a “high-impact” and “high-involvement” strategy, so that more and more people are truly like one person, rather than working and living as an appendage to the machine. Work is an important part of life. It is no longer just a means of making a living. It is an inevitable requirement of humanistic management. Although this strategy may not be suitable for all situations, especially when China’s overall productivity level and people’s income level are still relatively low, we must also adhere to the “priority of efficiency” principle, but the humanized management of assembly line workers. After all, it represents the direction of human progress. custom machined parts

II. Ways of humanized management of assembly line workers

Respect employees in assembly line operations

Managers at all levels of the enterprise should treat pipeline workers as equals, values, sincerity, and friendship, and oppose the behavior of insulting workers, imposing on them, and trampling on people’s dignity through various excuses.

First of all, we must respect and try our best to meet the needs of workers in assembly lines. Their labor is not simply a pursuit of money income, but also the pursuit of social and psychological desires such as friendship, security, and belonging between people. Managers should try to meet the various legitimate needs of workers and apply this satisfaction throughout the entire process of streamlined worker management.

The second is to respect the value and dignity of streamlined workers and respect the integrity and development of employee personalities. Because they are at the most basic level of the enterprise, they often feel inferior in their hearts. Therefore, managers must consciously cultivate employees’ self-esteem and create work content that can reflect their own values.

The third is to respect the rights of line workers, respect the right of front-line employees to obtain reasonable wages and benefits, the right to receive training and education, the right to participate in management and expression of personal wishes, and the right to understand relevant information of enterprises. custom machined parts

Creating a humane work environment

The environmental factors such as area, shape, ventilation, lighting, temperature, humidity, and color in the workshop have a significant relationship with the psychological feelings of the pipeline workers, affecting the behavioral attitude, work efficiency, and job satisfaction of the workers. Affect the physical and mental health of workers. Inappropriate workplaces can lead to unsatisfactory production; suitable workplaces, while not sufficient to lead to high levels of job satisfaction, are not unsatisfactory at least. Therefore, creating a good assembly line working environment is an important part of humane management. custom machined parts

(1) The area of the workshop and each workplace should be suitable. Too small a space makes it difficult for streamlined workers to worry about each other. An oversized workplace also makes people feel uncomfortable.

(2) The production workshop should have enough light. People do not like workplaces without windows. Therefore, if the production site has no windows or the windows are too small, some natural landscapes or other decorations should be decorated to make up for their deficiencies. The lighting of the assembly line should ensure that the work place has proper brightness, proper brightness difference between the work object and the background, and avoid the glare of the light source in the work area, so that the brightness of the work surface is suitable, uniform and stable, and there is no glare.

(3) The temperature of the assembly line site is as suitable as possible. High temperatures in the workshop can cause drowsiness and fatigue; on-site temperature too low can make workers feel uncomfortable. In general, the suitable temperature in the factory workshop is 12°C to 20°C. The degree of satisfaction with the workplace temperature is also related to the ability to control the temperature, that is, if workers can control the temperature, they will be satisfied. At present, it is still unrealistic for most companies to install air-conditioning on the work site to install air-conditioning. However, this is one of the contents of the humanized management of future assembly line workers.

(4) The pipeline site should have good ventilation conditions. Maintain the air circulation in the working environment, maintain clean air in the production workshop, and reduce air pollution caused by dust, gas, and fiber in the production process.

(5) The color of the assembly line site should be pleasant. Because color is easy to create an atmosphere and can stimulate mental imagination and association, it has a significant impact on workers’ work mood and work quality. Practice has proved that the color of the workplace is not dispensable decoration, but a humanized management tool. At the production site, a bright tone with a certain contrast ratio should be used. In the higher temperature job site, cool colors (such as green and light blue) should be used. The color of the equipment should be neutral green series and non-irritating gray series. Because this color can make the eyes of employees in the assembly line not feel tired. custom machined parts

(6) Reduce the noise of pipeline operations site. Noise can endanger people’s health. Control noise must start from the three links of noise and worry (that is, the source of a transmission of a source of a receiver), the first is the sound source control, to reduce the vibration of the machine equipment itself and the resulting noise; second is to limit the noise transmission, in In the transmission route, the propagation of sound waves is blocked and shielded. Noise, noise, sound absorption, damping, and other measures are used around the sound source to reduce noise. Finally, the protection of the receiver is provided, and workers are provided with spare ear plugs and anti-noise caps.

(7) Install mechanical equipment suitable for workers. Separating the equipment outside the production line from the operator so that it cannot be contacted by the operator. A workbench that can adjust the height of the operator according to his or her height is designed. The operator should think that the workbench is simple and highly reliable, and if necessary, it should be easy to improve. custom machined parts

Humanized work design

Humanized work design is relative to mechanical rigid work design. The traditional assembly line work design is a typical rigid work design, emphasizing the division of labor and occupation specialization. Post work is placed within a framework with strict responsibilities and division of labor principles, with repetitive and standardized features. The incentives and satisfaction that can be obtained at work are very limited, and it is also not conducive to the overall development of people. The humanized work design emphasizes the systematicness, enrichment and expansion of work, providing a more autonomous operating environment to improve the inherent incentives of the job itself, and strive to achieve the perfect combination of man and work. There are mainly the following methods for humanized work design in the assembly line. custom machined parts

(1) Implement job rotation. Rotate streamlined workers to another jobsite with the same level of skill and similar skill requirements to reduce the boring and boredom of employees and allow them to acquire more operational skills.

(2) Expansion of work. Extending the work content of line workers to enable them to complete all or most of the processes in the assembly line, so that the work itself becomes more diversified, thereby generating greater interest in the work being carried out and improving the work enthusiasm of the workers.

(3) Work enrichment. Increase the number of pipeline operators to plan, organize, control and evaluate their autonomy and sense of responsibility, grant grassroots employees greater power, and have more opportunities to participate in decision making and management, thereby increasing employees’ sense of accomplishment, responsibility, and recognition. The sense of satisfaction.

(4) Work that gives pipeline workers more value. Eliminating all sorts of defects and wastes in the flow-through operation and combining human energy with meaningful and effective work. If the operator feels that his position is very important and his work is indeed valuable, the morale of the worker at the scene will be If you feel that your time is spent in meaningless positions, the morale of the worker at the scene will suffer. custom machined parts

Do a good job in the career management and training of assembly line workers

(1) Do a good job in career management. Pipeline workers are generally at the bottom of society, and their willingness to change their status quo and pursue a better life is very strong. However, due to limitations in their own experience and education, they are often confused about the future. If companies can help production workers to carry out specific career planning through career management, they can find a reasonable position for themselves and determine that they are in line with the company and society. Needs, but also for their own life goals, will inspire employees’ self-motivation and sense of pursuit.

(2) Strengthen staff training. Workers in the assembly line generally attribute their low standard of living to lack of knowledge and skills. If companies help workers achieve their dreams through training, they will be grateful. Employee training is a catalyst for career development. It not only promotes the realization of corporate goals, but also enhances the professional capabilities of front-line workers and expands their development space. custom machined parts

Establish a learning organization to promote the overall development of streamlined workers

Peter Singer, the founder of learning organization theory, clearly pointed out in the “fifth practice”: “The truly outstanding enterprise in the future will be an organization that can try to make all levels of staff fully committed and capable of continuous learning”. Establishing a learning-type team in the assembly line will enable pipeline workers to gain meaning from their work and overcome the “alienation” of human beings by the traditional assembly line, thereby realizing the “return” of human nature. This is the theme of this article “The humanization of assembly line employees”. “Management” attribution point. To achieve this goal, although “the road is long and long-lasting,” as long as we rely on the wisdom of the people to “seek up and down,” the assembly line and humanized management will be able to achieve a harmonious unity, both to achieve the high efficiency of the assembly line, but also to achieve the line of workers Full development. custom machined parts

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