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Eight big mouths, easy to get 5S management

5S is the basic tool for on-site management. It is believed that many companies are mentioning it every day and employees are already familiar with it. custom machining services
However, do you really understand the essence of 5S?

How to remember 5S with the most easy-to-understand words?

How to let new employees understand and use 5S knowledge in the shortest possible time?

Today, tell everyone about 5S’s eight recipes, teach you a simple way to get!

5S is sorting, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning and literacy. custom machining services
Organize: Do not leave it alone.
Reorganization: Scientific layout, easy access.
Cleaning: Remove rubbish and beautify the environment.
Clean: Clean environment, carry out in the end.
Literacy: The code of worship, cultivate habits.

One core

Create a clean, orderly, safe and efficient working environment!

Two goals
Build a cradle for business improvement;
Improve the cultivation of all staff.

Three certain
Must have standards
Must go to audit
Must have a show

Four process
The first step, formalization, is to organize, rectify and clean the site so that the site is clean and orderly;
The second step is to standardize and set detailed standards for employees to comply with, such as what kind of cleanliness standards should be met.
The third step, habitualization, through the long-term implementation, and etiquette, make employees form a certain literacy and habits;
The fourth step is to activate, develop employee creativity, display team performance, and let employees feel that 5S is actually very fun, has a team atmosphere, and has a warm side, making employees the main thrust of 5S. custom machining services


Go to waste
1 Finishing mainly eliminates space waste;
2 rectification mainly eliminates time wastage;
3 Clean up the main equipment deterioration and waste;
4 Cleaning is mainly to eliminate disorderly waste;
5 Literacy mainly eliminates the waste of human performance.

Six self-checks
1 Has the employee received the corresponding 5S training?
2 Is the on-site regional responsibility in place?
3 Is there a clear baseline for each S?
4 Is there any potential safety hazard on site?
5Is there anything on the spot that is invisible or in use?
6 Have you conducted effective visual management? custom machining services
Seven slogans
1 The environment is well-organized and the work efficiency is high;
2 used things to return to place, tomorrow is still in place;
3 Positioning is done well and time is less;
4 clean ground, no trouble;
5 The warehouse is well-organized from time to time, and the inventory is naturally low;
6 Finished and reorganized well and did not worry about work.
7 The company’s neatness and purpose, to achieve the ideal depends on you and me. custom machining services


Eight tricks
1 photo method: that is, improve the comparison before and after taking photos.
2 drawer method: Refers to freeing all items before sweeping.
3 set method: that is, fixed point, constant volume and quantitative items.
4 curing method: the best state is cured by means of photographs and other means.
5 template method: use a certain area as a model to drive improvement.
6 Cyber Red Law: Increase publicity and rewards for advanced individuals.
7 Story Method: Collect and improve stories to attract more people to participate.
8 Association Law: In the implementation of the 5S process, it is associated with other improvements and advances together. Lean management consulting was published. custom machining services

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