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Most of the employees resigned to avoid such leadership, not the company…

The arrival of some people will bring joy to everyone, and the departure of some people will bring joy to everyone. custom metal fab
– Oscar Wilde

I often ask the audience if they have followed a bad leader. The audience immediately complained, and people raised their hands and rushed to answer the question. Once, my flash of light gave me an idea.

It seems to be plain now, but it really inspired me. I asked a question: “How many people resigned because of poor leadership or disagreement with colleagues?” Almost everyone raised their hands.

This confirms my thoughts: the resigned employee wants to leave, not the company. custom metal fab

Who is the employee resigned?

It is estimated that 65% of employees resign because of their own leadership. We often say that employees quit their jobs or “fire” the company, but in fact they are the leaders. “Company” will not do things that are not good for them, and “people” will.

Sometimes colleagues’ problems cause them to resign, but their immediate superiors are usually the ones who really push them away.

Many leaders can give employees a good first impression, which also makes the employees who start a new job more optimistic, they hope to start a new job.

But over time, employees will see their true colors through the illusion of leadership disguise. If the boss is a jerk, the staff will find out sooner or later. custom metal fab
So, what kind of people will resign because of employees? There are usually the following 4 categories:

People who despise them

Everyone likes to listen to good words and get praise from others. However, many people will not be appreciated and recognized in their work, but will be despised.

If leaders are arrogant, contemptuous or even insulting employees, it will have disastrous consequences for interpersonal relationships, including work relationships, in the workplace.

The English-speaking Canadian writer Malcolm Gladwell wrote in the book “Blink” that interpersonal expert John Gottman can talk to both husband and wife. Accurately predict the level of their marriage. custom metal fab

What indicators does he use to judge the rift in marriage? insult. If the spouse always insults the other party, the marriage is bound to break.

We cannot raise the value of the people we despise! If there is no respect in our hearts, we will not respect others. why? Because people’s inner thoughts are bound to behave in behavior.

According to my observation, once leaders despise their subordinates, they will manipulate them, materialize them, and not even treat them as adults. It is absolutely inappropriate for the leader to do so.

So, is there any solution? Discover the value of your employees and express your appreciation for them. Leaders are often good at discovering the value of an opportunity or a transaction. When dealing with employees, they also need to have similar abilities, discover the value of their subordinates, and praise their contributions.

They may contribute value to customers by manufacturing products or providing services, perhaps contributing to the overall value of the organization, and perhaps contributing value by improving the performance of colleagues. custom metal fab

If you can find a place where they deserve to be appreciated, they will be happy for working for you.

Untrustworthy person

Have you worked with someone you don’t trust? That feeling is definitely hard to bear. No one wants to work with someone they don’t trust.

A survey by Manchester Consulting shows that workplace trust is declining. They found that leaders quickly lose the trust of their subordinates when they have the following problems at work: custom metal fab

◆ Inconsistent words and deeds
◆ Put personal interests above the group interests
◆ Conceal information
◆ Lying or talking half true and false
◆ Thought conservative

The breakdown of the trust relationship between leaders and subordinates is like a broken mirror. When you smash the mirror with a stone, the mirror will break.

Although it is possible to stick all the debris back, the mirror still has cracks. The more cracks, the more distorted the image. In the same way, lack of trust, the cracks in interpersonal relationships are difficult to bridge. custom metal fab

The survey also shows that the following are the best ways to lead employees to trust their employees:

◆ Keep upright
◆ Communicate your vision and values ​​in a candid manner
◆ Respect employees and treat them as equal partners
◆ Put the common goal before the personal goal
◆ Do the right thing regardless of personal gains and losses

As a leader, building and maintaining trust matters and communicates. If you don’t want employees to leave you, trust them consistently and honestly. custom metal fab

Insufficient person

I often hear people complain that their boss is not a good leader. Whether it’s a factory floor worker, sales, middle manager, athlete, or volunteer, everyone wants their leadership to be competent.

Incompetent leadership distracts the team, wastes employee effort, and hampers employee attention to key issues. They make employees no longer pay attention to the vision and organizational values, but instead focus on leadership behavior. custom metal fab

If the subordinates are very capable, they will worry about whether the leader will mess up the work; if the subordinates are weak or inexperienced, they will not know what to do. In both cases, employee productivity is reduced.

Insufficient leaders are unable to lead long-term employees. The Law of Respect in the 21 Principles of Leadership states: “Employees will naturally respect leaders who are stronger than them.”

Employees with a leadership score of 7 (10 out of 10) will not be subject to a leadership leadership of 4 points. They will resign, change jobs, and find someone who can lead them. custom metal fab

Insecure person

Leaders value employees, integrity, and ability, and employees must be willing to follow? The answer is no, even if the leadership has these qualities, there is another factor that may prompt employees to leave – the leader has no sense of security

It is easy to judge whether a leader has a sense of security. The lack of security leaders’ desire for power, position, and recognition by others may be externalized into fear, suspicion, distrust, or embarrassment, but sometimes it is relatively hidden. custom metal fab

Good leaders will do the following two things: work well and train potential subordinates to become leaders. Leaders who lack insecurity never do this. Instead, they try to shape themselves into indispensable roles.

They don’t want to train their subordinates, hinder them from exerting their potential and prevent them from being more successful than themselves. In fact, this kind of leadership only wants to use the help of their subordinates to succeed. Whenever a subordinate reaches a certain level, they will regard it as a threat.

Employees want leaders to motivate them, not to fight them. They want leaders to improve their level and help them progress rather than suppress them. They want leaders to help them reach their potential and succeed. custom metal fab

If leaders are more concerned about maintaining their authority and protecting their positions, they will eventually go to other leaders.

The worst thing for an organization is the loss of good people. In this case, don’t just blame the company, competition, market or economic situation, but reflect on what the leadership is doing wrong. Don’t forget that employees resign because they are not because of the company but because of people.

If you want to retain the best talents to help the company accomplish its mission, you must become a better leader, no matter which level of leadership you are! custom metal fab

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