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Les employés partent dans les 3 mois et partent après 2 ans, la différence dépasse votre imagination!

Why employees leave their jobs has always been a difficult problem for SMEs. How to reduce the turnover rate of the employee must start by studying why the employee is gone? custom metal work

The departure of employees, particularly retired employees, is in fact a double motive lost for most situations. The loss of business enterprise and familiar with the corporate culture of go-getters, the loss of heritage business, new business opportunities, customer resources, cultural heritage, and even the employees feel and so on, had a negative information dissemination, business transfer legacy, new employees can not do risk, increased turnover, recruitment, training and other costs of manpower, and for the staff concerned, are not always able to reap a better result, he can not adapt to risk a new job, not cultural integration, no friends, relationships Work is not easy to obtain, The reduction of well-being, promotion opportunities have to fight again and so on. Only a few cases are the case of a victory or a loss. (The company hopes that employees will leave the company or that employees will improve in all aspects of the new business.) The win-win situation is even less. Most employees are forced to take this kind of radical double-losing action in the face of unbearable circumstances, in exchange for the balance of the heart, then the company why not study why employees leave? custom metal work

The resignation is not the first step of employee dissatisfaction with the company, but the step of intensification. This is before the turnover of employees has long been upset, they first have trouble, then unhappy, so not satisfied, then complain, complain of aggravating the drop of water, which is a rational judgment after a long struggle just to make a psychological, not a moment Their brains are hot, they must weigh the pros and cons, consider the gains and losses, and consider all aspects of life. It is precisely because of this, before going to speak, to expect to keep employees is almost impossible to succeed. custom metal work

Why did the employees leave their jobs? What are they dissatisfied with?

Do not expect employees at the exit interview, to tell you the real reason to leave the heel, more than 80 percent of employees at the time of departure of this reason than to take into account the feelings of both sides and affordable.

Ma Yun once said that there are only two main reasons why employees leave the company: money is not enough; Summarizes the main reasons but is not exhaustive, at the same time it is too general, and what has hurt the heart, in particular, it is divided into several aspects. custom metal work

The reason for the different levels of turnover analysis of employees, junior staff, middle-level employees and senior managers leaving most of the reasons are different, and later specialized in terms of how the hierarchical job and keep people.

The light of work according to the length of time employees in the company two weeks off, and the communication on the time of entry, within three months of leave, can not meet the work and the work related to the content itself, within six months of leave, with immediate superior concerned; 2 The retreat towards the year was linked to the corporate culture, the departure in the 3-5 years was linked to a limited space for promotion, leaving more than five years was linked to the imbalance between boredom and progress .

In fact, each period of time always envelops Vientiane In the first two cases, the point is reached As a HR, you must all know what to do. custom metal work

Enter two weeks off, explain the actual situation of new employees to see (including first-time experience in all aspects of business environment, initial training, reception, processing, institution, etc.) and should produce a big gap. We must do is interview at the entrance to the actual situation as clear as possible, and not hide or surrender, new employees can objectively recognize his new club, so there is not a huge psychological gap, do not worry not on the point of newcomers to the hand do not come, the march is still unable to retain, then all aspects of the work routinely organize the recruits. custom metal work

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