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[HR] Performance Appraisal Results Application (IV) Performance Results Other Extended Applications

The application of performance appraisal results can be extended to various aspects of HR management besides salary incentives, personnel deployment, and training enhancements mentioned in the previous days, such as selection of personnel recruitment, management of probation period of employees, assessment of employee potential, and career development guidance. , corporate strategy and cultural promotion, employee behavior and value guidance, etc., and companies and HR intent on the application of the results of the expansion of the results, is tasted more and more sweet. So, please ask: custom metal
1. Do you have any other expansion application mentioned above?
2. If yes, what extension applications have been made? How do you do it?

Reference resolution:
Performance assessment data has very important reference value and significance for the company’s daily management work and strategic decision-making. The expansion of performance appraisal results can play a positive role in promoting the company’s recruitment and selection of staff, evaluation of staff during the probation period, corporate culture and value promotion, employee behavior and standardization, and corporate strategy formulation and adjustment. This is a kind of data and actual speaking and decision making. As a reference for company management development, it is more objective and persuasive, and it can also be more recognized and accepted at all levels. At present, we have done several aspects: custom metal
I. Staff recruitment and selection
Through performance appraisal, form a more reasonable post-quantification index, clear the recruitment target requirements, make the recruitment work have a clear direction; performance appraisal results, has always been the company as an important reference for talent selection, this selection method to speak with the assessment results, Can avoid the subjective awareness and blindness in the process of employing people. In actual operation, in order to avoid inaccurate data results in performance appraisal, we must adopt a long assessment cycle of the data results for comprehensive consideration, we generally take the five assessment cycle as the standard;
Second, the probation staff assessment
After the new employee enters the company, he will participate in the assessment of the employee during the probation period of the company. The evaluation period of the employee during the probation period is generally three months. The assessment content of the first month is: professional ethics, corporate culture and value recognition, team integration, basic working ability, The overall quality; the second month’s assessment is: professional knowledge, job ability, team integration, execution, and workload completion; the third month, the assessment is conducted according to the formal employee assessment criteria for the position, and the performance evaluation result is qualified. , The comprehensive assessment has reached a good level and can be positive; custom metal
Third, the employee behavior guidance
After each appraisal is completed, all departments must conduct an appraisal summary meeting to analyze and summarize the appraisal situation. Do assessment objectives to complete the situation analysis, guide employees to work in accordance with the company set goals and departmental objectives to align, unify ideas and reach agreement;
Fourth, employee career development
As long as performance appraisal indicators are formulated properly and the appraisal process is standardized, through the results of performance appraisal, it will be able to visually reflect the employees’ competency in their existing positions. Performance appraisal can not only help employees find work holes, but also discover employees’ advantages and characteristics, formulate career development plans reasonably, avoid weaknesses, and deploy positions according to employees’ specialties to avoid wasting internal human resources and better integrate employees into the company. Go to development; custom metal
V. Strategy formulation and adjustment
Through the annual performance appraisal of the subsidiaries of the Group, it is clear that each branch company’s annual operating conditions, profit realization and development prospects, etc., can provide reference for the company’s next year’s strategic objectives. For example, the main business of the company is real estate, but after analyzing the results of performance appraisal of real estate companies in the past year and the first half of the year, it can be seen that the net profit growth of real estate companies has decreased, the operating costs have risen, and the profitability has declined compared to the previous year; while the green industry companies have The profit cycle is longer, but due to the national support and subsidy policy, the actual investment in the early period is relatively low, the operating cost is low, and the net profit growth is faster, which has exceeded the real estate company. The focus of strategic development for the Group next year will be tilted toward green industry companies.
At the end of last year, the company tried to expand its performance results in a branch company. At the beginning of this year, it began to promote the use of performance evaluation results in the Group. Although it has now involved several aspects of the extension work, the depth and intensity are still There are great limitations. The Group is able to implement this work and it is also thanks to the backing of directors who have returned from abroad. The benefits and advantages of this work have gradually begun to appear. However, it will take some time and effort to really get the Group’s recognition. custom metal

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