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Domestic machine tool companies go abroad and 20 machines are sent to Vietnam

Riding on the smart manufacturing and China’s “Belt and Road” of Dongfeng, the domestic machine tool industry also ushered in a new round of development opportunities. On May 29, 2018, the landmark Chongqing Yongchuan, the first batch of intelligent machines independently developed by Chongqing Weinok Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Winok) was sent to Vietnam. It is understood that there are 20 intelligent machine tools exported overseas, all of which are Winnock’s independently developed high-efficiency and intelligent machine tools—changing worktable vertical column machining centers. This equipment is used for the machining of small and medium parts in machinery. It is the first pillar movement structure in China and is protected by six patents. custom motorcycle parts

For Yongchuan District, this time Winok’s intelligent machine tool exports to Vietnam can be described as significant, because this is the first set of “Yongchuan manufacturing” intelligent machine tools exported overseas. At the delivery ceremony, Winnock’s Technical Minister Hua Liangliang stated: “The core technology of the VTC-35S/2 machine tool for exporting Vietnam’s high-efficiency and intelligent machine tools is Winok’s independently developed column mobile structure. This technology is currently the first in the country.The floor area of ​​VTC-35S/2 Exchange Workbench Vertical Machining Center is only half that of traditional machine tools, and the efficiency of the machine tool is higher than traditional due to the double table mode of the exchange table. Machine tools have more than doubled and at the same time have saved more than half of the manpower.”
The Chinese Minister introduced that the characteristics of the VTC-35S/2 model machine tool make it more suitable for the configuration of industrial robots to form an unmanned intelligent production line, thereby achieving significant economic benefits of reducing personnel, facilitating management, and reducing labor costs. custom motorcycle parts

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Founded in 2011, Winok is “the nation’s first leading supplier of tailored and efficient smart device series.” At present, it has obtained the honors of national high-tech enterprises and Chongqing technology innovation demonstration enterprises. R&D and manufacture of five brands of innovative products such as Winnock’s VSC-50S/2 Double Workbench Vertical Machining Center, Double-Axis Horizontal Machining Center, HMC-40/50/60/2”, etc. The production efficiency has been doubled, and more than 30 patents have been obtained, which has a strong competitive advantage in the market.The first batch of VTC-35S/2 exchange workbench vertical machining centers for export to Vietnam totaled 20 units. The company will also export the machine in three batches, and this year it is expected to export 70 units. custom motorcycle parts

It is worth mentioning that the intelligent machine tool exported this time introduced Germany’s new high-efficiency energy-saving pollution-free micro-lubrication MQL technology. Minimal lubrication MQL is the abbreviation of English Minimum Quantity Lubrication, which is to mix compressed air and special lubricants to achieve cutting. The surface on which the tool is machined and the complete system that lubricates and cools the tool. This technology not only brings ecological and health benefits but also ensures high productivity.

In recent years, Yongchuan District has vigorously developed the intelligent equipment industry, with particular emphasis on the development of CNC machine tools as an “industrial machine”. The continuous introduction of foreign high-end machine tool manufacturing companies, EMAG, Liebherr, Degen, SW and other companies have been settled in succession, vigorously develop domestic CNC machine tools, with remarkable success. According to statistics, Yongchuan District last year accounted for one-third of the city’s total output of CNC machine tools. Intelligent industrial clusters dominated by high-end CNC machine tools are growing stronger in Yongchuan and are labeling “Yongchuan Manufacturing” with efficient and smart labels. After this export, in the future, more and more “Yongchuan wisdom” will go out of the country to add luster to China’s machine tool industry. custom motorcycle parts

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