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When a good team leader’s tactics!

Guide: team positions are not big, responsibility is not small. He is the frontline commander of the enterprise, contacting the upper and lower ties and bridges. The soldier who does not want to be the general is not a good soldier. The team leader is the first step in the general’s work. The first step must be clear in mind: you know the 5,6,7,8,9,10, 5, 6 missions, 7 types, 8 permissions, 9 commandments, 10 abilities and 10 coup. custom plastic molding cost
First, the team leader’s five roles
(1) Responsible. For enterprises, the team leader is a grass-roots administrator, is the most direct responsibility of quality, capital, output indicators reached, is the creator of corporate profits.
(2) leader. For job employees, the team leader is a direct leader, job guidance and job evaluation, is the helpers and supporters of the operating staff, is the mainstay of the team.
(3) bridge. For supervisors, the team leader is the executive in charge of the staff’s orders and decisions. He is the bridge between the supervisor and the operational staff, and is the communication window of the governance spirit. Team strengths at the intersection of various relations, to coordinate the upper and lower levels, between the team, team members, resolve conflicts and promote relationships in all aspects of people. custom plastic molding cost
(4) colleagues. For other team leaders, the team leader is a colleague, a comrade in arms, a collaborator and a competitor.
(5) Assistant. For the middle management staff, the team leader is the right hand. Obviously, companies have a good team leader, there is a solid foundation, all the work there is a reliable guarantee. There are many private enterprises, there is no team leader in the management of this level, only the shop floor of this layer, it is very easy to govern, there have been a variety of on-site topics.
Second, the team leader of the six missions
(1) to complete the production task. The leaders should unite the group members and continue to innovate, carry out quality improvement activities, tap the potential of production, and march toward high-quality and low-consumption targets by continuously searching for topics. custom plastic molding cost
(2) training and training. According to the rules and technical requirements of the various positions in this group, organize trainings on basic skills of quality training and improvement of skills, enhance awareness of quality, and organize activities such as mutual help and mutual exchange.
(3) quality control. Self-organization, mutual inspection, inspection, good process inspection, including the first piece of the re-examination and the quality of this team test, the implementation of quality control point activities.
(4) Security precautions. Carry out 6S activities to create a clean and orderly working environment, adhere to safety first, to guard against potential safety hazards and accidents.
(5) Good process convergence. To review the procedure, to ensure that this process, service processes.
(6) carry out quality improvement activities. Adhere to carry out quality improvement and QC group activities, and continuously improve product quality and service quality.
Third, the team leader of seven types
(1) production technology type
Most of the team leaders in production technology are top-notch in business. They are highly skilled and capable of handling accidents. However, they lack the coordination ability of interpersonal relationships. Their working methods are usually simple and often treat the people with machines. It is necessary for a class leader to train in human relations. custom plastic molding cost
(2) blind execution type
Blind executive team leaders often lack the ability to innovate and manage, life is only from, mindless. Often manifested in a rigid attitude and style, giving a sense of bureaucracy, a long time, subordinates will look down upon him, out of problems he will evade and shirk its responsibility.
(3) and too type
In the enterprise, some people reluctantly became the team leader, so after taking office, they often have to live with it and let them not be responsible for their work. Seems to work for others to do, the higher requirements before the class will be, he led the shouting two slogans, superiors have any instructions, often to him there is no below, so this team leader is simply nominal, in the team members Necessary in no confidence.
(4) labor model
Work model team leader in general meticulous work, strict rules and regulations, lead by example, precept and example, but not suitable for leadership. Labor model team leader will be under the command of subordinates turn, often lamented himself as “eyes open, busy lights out”, the result is that you give your time to the next level, the subordinates have put the responsibility to you, Become a veritable counter-authority. Therefore, it is hard to be competent for this part of people if they do not carry out training in managerial ability. custom plastic molding cost
(5) buddy type
Good at establishing authority, ability to organize, talk about buddies, treat team members are often called brothers, like buddies, at work, it is easy to feel natural, emotional, lack of principle. In fact, they have already confused themselves with the younger leaders in the informal community. If they are not freed from their loyalty, they will not be able to do so.
(6) benevolent kiss type
Everything should be done in person, do not trust others, benevolent and lead by example, the result is to make your staff lazy. You always rushed forward in the event, that should do, should you have done. Imagine, if you always occupy the driver’s seat without having to touch the steering wheel, how to train new drivers, who will be able to drive you when you are tired? More importantly, why do you have time to think about this road right?
In short, the above six types of team leader due to various reasons, the general lack of satisfactory management skills and ability to handle emergencies, resulting in good business decisions at the grassroots but not effectively implement and implement a serious Affect the ultimate profit of the enterprise, and even seriously damage the good image of the enterprise. custom plastic molding cost
(7) surgeon type
This team leader is like a surgeon in the management of the same, well-organized management, work focus, the team with the understanding, the transfer of clear, focused, and can grasp the key. In the team, sometimes do not need the language, a look, a cough, know how to cooperate with each other .This team leader is the best leader.
We think about it, in their own side will find these types of team leader prototype. You know, good managers need to practice many things. First-class managers use other people’s brains, second-rate managers with the strength of others, third-rate managers with their own strength.
Fourth, the team leader of the 8 permissions
(1) The right to command and control the team’s production and business activities.
(2) The right to adjust the labor organization of the team according to the needs of production activities.
(3) The right to make the rules for the implementation of this team according to the factory’s rules and regulations.
(4) The right to refuse illegal command and illegal operations.
(5) The right to the superior to reward and punish the workers in this group.
(6) The right to allocate the bonus of this team according to the performance of each worker in this team.
(7) have the right to recommend this team of outstanding staff study, promotion and promotion.
(8) The right to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of staff and workers in the team. custom plastic molding cost
Five, team leader of the 9 commandments
Team leader is to lead the work of the commander, some languages, acts of destructive power, so be sure to remember:
(1) Do not say “I can not do it, it’s really brain-wreaking.”
(2) Do not say “do not know, I can not help you” and other words.
(3) Do not say “no go, policies have always been so.”
(4) Do not complain about superiors in the hands of employees.
(5) Do not be drowsiness, shut your mouth. To straighten the back, cheer up.
(6) Do not be emotional, to be calm.
(7) Do not stop, often to charge, self-enrichment.
(8) Do not give up, do not arrogance, do not betray, do not be lazy, do not be impatient, do not give up on themselves, do not give up.
(9) Do not protect the ministries everywhere. If you are everywhere to defend the subordinates, your staff will have nothing to fear, your superiors and peers will think you acrimony, self-lax. Everywhere to maintain their own team leader is the most popular staff, but it must be short-lived. Remember, being a governor, having subordinates satisfied is just one thing, and the essential task is to reach the goals of the organization and employees to take on the responsibilities that he should shoulder. custom plastic molding cost
Six, team leader of the 10 kinds of ability
(1) professional and technical ability
Team leader is the first line commander in the front line of war, must be eighteen martial arts master. Specifically, we should have rich practical experience in production and safety technology, be skilled in labor skills appropriate to the requirements of production and operation, play a role as a technology demonstration in the squad, and be able to solve technical difficulties in the crucial moment, be able to guide subordinates and report to superiors Provide advice to help make the right judgments.
(2) the ability of the goal of governance
Team leader should have the advanced and feasible theme, time limit, number of goals and the ability to complete the task. Decompose the targets and tasks assigned by superiors into the tasks and goals of team members, improve staff awareness of participation, and constantly improve and upgrade.
(3) the ability to solve problems
Team leader must be good at identifying problems, dare to confront problems, and bravely solve problems before they can achieve new breakthroughs in resolving conflicts and solving problems. In other words, team leader should be able to identify problems, identify the crux of the problem, take timely measures to solve the problem.
(4) The ability of the organization to authorize
Can use the characteristics of each person to carry out the task distribution, give full play to the ability of all staff, work together so that part of the operation to achieve the effect of 1 +12. Know people good, employing director, good at mobilizing and exert team members enthusiasm, initiative. Can not be kisses, authorization is to subordinates a training, growing up and the performance of their own opportunities, is to give them a chance to advance and meritorious service. If everything is done on its own, not only subordinates can not get exercise, but also affect their promotion and promotion. custom plastic molding cost
(5) Ability to exchange and listen
Ability to communicate is the ability to speak, listen, talk, clear and convince each other, good communication and coordination can reduce friction, harmonious atmosphere, improve morale, help to build a good relationship of trust. You should listen carefully to any subordinate advice. Under normal circumstances, subordinates will be well thought out before making suggestions, if you negate him with a simple word, he will lose the confidence to create. Be good to listen to at least two major benefits: First, let others feel you are very modest; Second, you will understand more things. As long as you are good at listening, do not even need to make any decision to solve the matter, why not?
(6) humorous ability
Humor can make working atmosphere easy, people feel warm. Humor managers can make your subordinates feel the joy of work. In some awkward occasions, the appropriate atmosphere of humor can suddenly become relaxed. Humorous subordinates can be criticized, so that subordinates will not feel embarrassed. Such as: Wang: He also work overtime ah, hot die. Leader of the class: let’s go, you know that you kid want to object, have a date at night? A word makes the staff feel very cordial, I think you and he did not interval, if you tell him a solemn statement: Xiao Wang, this is a revolutionary work, we must seriously finish. Well, after this employee will never be joking with you again. custom plastic molding cost
(7) the ability to stimulate decompression
Incentives do not undermine your power. Instead, you make it easier to arrange for your work and make your subordinates more willing to obey your governance and change me to do what I want. Good governance should not only be good at motivating employees, but also good self-motivation, self-motivation is an important means to alleviate the pressure, the pressure can be transformed into motivation to enhance the confidence of work success.
(8) the ability to guide training
Team leaders should conduct business guidance to employees, impart the necessary knowledge and methods to point out the deficiencies in order to improve their work momentum. For example, when encountering difficulties, teachers will not give answers to students first. Only give students a way to help students find their own answers. It is better to teach people to fish than to teach them. This is a successful teacher.
(9) self-control and restraint ability
When you become a manager, your emotions will affect your subordinates and other parts of the staff, and your position is higher, the greater the influence, so the governor must have a strong emotional control . A clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, control their emotions and restraint their improper or bad behavior, to avoid a rainy weather for a while, the mood is good and bad are hung on the face, so that employees can not trust. Self-discipline can exercise self-discipline even when one is alone, nor does it violate discipline, violate discipline, and violate the principle of being a human being.
(10) Return and summarize ability
To train their own literary talent and eloquence, good at summing up experience, good at improving the level of governance. Properly done on the situation and the next situation on the up. In the small meeting of the General Assembly can be concise summary of complex things come back to sum up, so that employees can easily and orderly implementation. For the team leader, the professional ability is first, the weight usually accounts for 60%, other capacity only 40%. custom plastic molding cost
Team leader, that is, we often say that soldiers will end, on the job is not listed in the officer, but in the workshop organization and production status is pivotal. Team leader is the person who manages more than 20 production workers directly at the production site and is responsible for the results of their work. Because of different enterprises, its name is also a variety of, such as squad leader, leader, foreman, elongated, length, etc., there are other places called first-line supervision. His duties are: in accordance with the requirements of the production and business objectives, according to the branch (branch), the director of the instructions of the team to do the production and management work, do everything possible to complete the production of technical indicators and tasks. custom plastic molding cost

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