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Finding the truth, not looking for a reason

What is the real reason in management? What is the reason? The real reason is to make sure the problem can be resolved through improvement management; Reason not improved results and is “reasons” category to achieve. The reason is an apology based on liberation and disguise to shirk his responsibilities. custom plastic molding cost

Finding the truth is very difficult and the reason is simple. In management, we must diligently find truth and reject reasons for problems.

To find the true cause, we first need to do a problem management

Regardless of the question, not to find the true cause. When qualified managers should not miss a problem, even though there are some minor issues, there are times, sir, but behind every problem, adding value. Problem management focuses on analysis, analyzing the problem, we have to look really good, because, rather than real, generalized. custom plastic molding cost

Assumptions we analyze a problem associated with it 10 pieces, but 4 does not give room for improvement, if we just blindly stressed in problem analysis can not be improved in four, that is then looking for reasons.

Second, find the cause, do not “rationalize” the problem

Ignoring the problem as a superior and specialist is a dereliction of duty. An entrepreneur once said that if you or your department has no room for growth, you lose living space. For a company, even ignoring the problem, which means that companies have no areas for improvement, as companies are difficult in the long term. Seeing the problem without looking for improvements or justifying the problem is a crime against the company. custom plastic molding cost

Zhang once said that this passage for Haier Air Conditioning Division words: “Currently Air Conditioning Division to develop a product plan to put into operation in September, but it plays ‘appropriate’ is the deadline, Air Conditioning Division leadership to delay its To leave men again and again, the ‘unreasonable’ to a ‘reasonable’, the result is the product ‘appropriate’ can be put into operation, not put. So if the minister does not cause abnormal vision, and expect a high level of work to appear can only be wishful thinking. ”

Third, reject the reasons, starting with me

Find reasons is an unconscious behavior of people, sometimes, of course, easily, this tells people of the feeling of shame from a psychological perspective Stems and shame can make people cover up mistakes, in accordance with the terms of this Dharma is persistent In “my stage” This type of “persistence” often causes people to lose their true purpose.

Life, we often encounter a lot of cases to find reasons, some of their own would meet good things do not do or do not do, find a reason to justify themselves – no time, no experience, some examples of successful people see, thinking You to yourself without success, find a reason for self-comfort – other good opportunities and their own bad luck … custom plastic molding cost

Refuse the reason to go deeper into the reasons for the problem

There is a very interesting story and said that a customer wrote to General Motors Corporation Pang Diya grams division, complained that his family used to eat ice cream every day after dinner, recently bought a new can of Pang Diya grams, every time As long as he bought the vanilla ice cream, the car came out of the store. But if you buy a different flavor, the car started off very well.

Pontiac sent an engineer to see what happened and thought it was. Of course, the engineer did not believe that the car was allergic to vanilla. After much thought, he concluded that the owner spent less time buying vanilla ice cream than other flavors. The original, best selling vanilla ice cream, to facilitate customers to buy, special exhibitions separately in a separate freezer shops will be located at the front of the store vanilla, freezer and places, while the other ice cream places far away from the cashier places. custom plastic molding cost

An in-depth investigation and found that the problem in the “steam lock” on. If the owners bought other flavors, because of the long time, enough time for cooling the engine, it is not really a problem at reintroduction. Buy vanilla ice cream because of the short time that the engine can not spend “vapor barrier” has enough cooling time.

Refuse reason, analyze the problem should have the right attitude and method

The right attitude is a rational analysis of the problem, it can not be based on feelings, it can not always look outward. Disorder with other perspi. custom plastic molding cost

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