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Why do Japanese companies that seem to be “smashed” make good products?

When I was in school, because of my love for electronic products, I didn’t like to pick up some small appliances. After the college entrance examination, I chose the electronic information engineering major. After graduating, he went to classmates and went to Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, to rent a place near T Company. Soon, T Company released recruitment information and recruited technicians. So I applied for resumes and applied for. After a written test and an interview, only one of the more than 100 people left me and another “Cheng” colleague left. custom plastic molding

After one week, I officially entered the company to work in T. After 3 months, after the probation period, I performed well. I was able to repair the faulty machine in time, and the report was sorted out. The base opened a new LCD TV production line and transferred it to the LCD factory. The technician is responsible for the production process arrangement of the whole machine and the debugging of the test equipment. custom plastic molding

The production process arrangement includes assembly ordering of the whole machine, how to improve the speed of each operator, simplify the action steps, and improve production efficiency. Test equipment debugging involves testing after the machine is assembled, such as an oscilloscope, signal generator debugging, to ensure that all functions of the machine can be tested.
In this work, I met the “Chen Director” who has a great influence on my future work direction. He deliberately guided me to the product pilot test, systematically studied the principle of LCD TV, material knowledge, and the whole machine manufacturing process. I have greatly improved my theoretical foundation. custom plastic molding

1. Engineers in Japanese companies for 8 years
In 2008, he left T Company to Shenzhen for personal reasons. The Japanese-funded company S is located in the R&D company in Shenzhen. The initial work of the company is mainly the prototype reliability, reliability test and product availability confirmation during the R&D process. The work content includes:

1. Reliability test of high and low temperature, lightning strike, vibration drop and EMC test.

2. The production process of the product before mass production can be verified for productivity.

It is also the work experience of this section for nearly 8 years, which has had a tremendous impact on my future work and life. custom plastic molding

When I first entered the company, my colleagues were basically old engineers who were about 10 years old. I need to learn a lot of things as a newcomer. I am very interested in the problems encountered in the product development process, so when the quality engineer asks a question, my colleagues love to tell me: “XX, go to the lab to look at this machine” “XX, go to the XX problem.”

The basis of my product development is basically not, my colleagues will explain the principle to me, explain the possibility of the problem and the direction from which to start analysis, which points of the waveform need to be tested. I often wear cotton coats to test in a test chamber with a low temperature of -20° or a high temperature of 40° and a humidity of 90%. I will sort out the tested data, then consult an old engineer, analyze and give a solution, and test it repeatedly. I remember that there was a problem with the model, which lasted for half a month in the low temperature experiment box. In the half month, the amount of food per meal was significantly higher (at low temperatures, the energy consumption was large). custom plastic molding

One of the clearest things to remember is that there was a new prototype for the first time. During the trial production, QC found that the machine occasionally showed a remote control insensitivity. At that time, the model was about to enter mass production. In order to catch up with Christmas, the shipping plan and schedule of the whole machine have been safely planned. At this time, we found that every 300 to 400 times, there will be a situation where the TV remote control is not sensitive. The delivery period is approaching, is it a direct delivery or a comprehensive inspection for good reasons and then shipped?

Because the Japanese character is originally cautious, the general product is not perfect, there is no large amount of data verification, no one dares to make a decision. The task of testing later was handed over to me and another colleague. custom plastic molding

Ten TVs, two people for more than half a month, measured more than 50,000 times, finally found the problem: due to the development of new models, corresponding to the cost reduction requirements, replaced the components of the new manufacturers, the peripheral circuit needs additional power supply filter capacitors.

In the application layer hardware engineers, many engineers do not have the concept of product productivity. In the process of PCB LAYOUT, the direction of component placement will not be noticed, and the process difference between SMT and DIP components will result in low production efficiency when the product is actually produced, and some components may be difficult to purchase. These need to be in actual development work. The Chinese and the production part actively discussed and gradually accumulated. custom plastic molding

In the 8 years of hardware development experience of Japanese companies, I learned a very systematic product development process: the whole project starts from the planning, the project schedule, personnel arrangement, program selection and cost and performance control in the research and development process.

The previous experience brought me the concept of product reliability and manufacturability. Later, I gradually began to take on new product development. After the market planned to define the functions required for the product, we set out to think about the design policy of the whole machine. System design, cost accounting, functional realization block diagram and development schedule. custom plastic molding

FMEA (some content has been processed)
Every time we develop a new product, we will list points that require special attention in advance to avoid problems that arise in the previous development. If they occur, we can find a solution as soon as possible.

After completing the preparations for these foundations, enter the design phase of the whole machine. In this way, through the exercise of the project, I have a systematic concept from the selection of components, the schematic design, and the testing of the electrical performance of the prototype.

We may have some parameters in the component selection and schematic design. As the saying goes, “Good memory is not as good as bad pen”. In the development process, these questions need to be recorded in the notebook. After the sample production is completed, the review will be passed. The questions are excluded one by one. custom plastic molding

The problems encountered in the development process must be eliminated through a large number of tests, countermeasures, verification, and retesting. Do not take it for granted, leaving the problem to the mass production stage. I remember that when the 42-inch prototype was in the low temperature -20° environment experiment, QC proposed that the output earphone sometimes had no sound, so I took the oscilloscope and wore a cotton coat to enter the test box for testing.

In the low temperature -20 ° environment, the headphones are plugged and unplugged about 500 times, and the output waveforms of the control pins and audio feet are normal.
The test box is returned to the normal temperature state, and the headphones are repeatedly inserted and removed again, and the action is normal.
Because the audio output loop is the same as other machines, only some of the loop parameters have been modified, and the headphone socket has been replaced with a new manufacturer. The original headphone jack has only been tested for single products, and has not been used in mass production machines, so it is initially suspected. There is a problem with the socket. custom plastic molding

At this time, my reaction is that QC is wrongly judged, and the machine has no problem. The project manager is then reported on the issues that have been reviewed and reviewed. I did not expect the manager to adjust the temperature of the test chamber to -25 °, -30 ° to continue the test. So I put on my boots, wrapped in 2 cotton coats, and continued to pull and test in the test chamber.

The headphone cable, the oscilloscope probe line becomes very stiff in the low temperature environment, the test box is too cold, and the test will be out for a period of time to change the air and then go in. Luck is not too bad. When the temperature is low -30°, the fault phenomenon reappears, and the waveform of the headphone control pin is abnormal, resulting in no output of the earphone. Replace it with the parts manufacturer that has been mass-produced for testing. custom plastic molding

When the test was repeated, the specifications were strict. First, the temperature was -40 °. In this environment, my colleague (24 turns) repeatedly inserted the test chamber for 3 days. About 3,000 tests were performed. The whole machine is working normally. We will This situation is reported to the project team and QC colleagues. After the Japanese project PM sees it, the reply email asks to continue the test 5000 times. When the power is turned on normally, the state of shutting down and then turning on the machine needs to be tested.

Our project team discussed the increase of the test machine. After about one week, the test was more than 30,000 times. After verifying that the earphones were working properly, the prototype was delivered to the QC for testing.

Through this experience, I deeply realized the rigor of the Japanese colleagues and the older generation of engineers to treat the products, and the attitude of zero tolerance to the problem has greatly helped me in the follow-up work and life. When encountering problems in the product development process, I will carry the oscilloscope, record the data of each verification with tools and notebooks, and then analyze the principle of the problem and the countermeasures. custom plastic molding

Test data during the product development process is complete and traceable. Every time a project is completed, it will be summarized in time, reflect on the problems encountered in product development, and gradually improve the design level.

After the product development is completed, a large amount of test data and design documents should be classified, for example, the specification documents of some devices are classified. Read the specifications and application conditions of the functional devices in the product to ensure that they are used under their permitted specifications.

In this work experience, I have a clear understanding of Japanese companies and Japanese. In general, the efficiency of Japanese companies is not too high, and the flexibility is not enough. This may be the reason why Japan’s FMCG market has gradually declined in recent years. Many Japanese people have only worked in one position in a field for a lifetime. When I first joined the company, our Japanese general manager has been working in this company for 38 years. custom plastic molding

Generally, Japanese-funded trade unions are divided into two types: contract system and labor export system. Under normal circumstances, the contract system is to sign a lifetime, the wages are one-third more than the labor dispatched employees, and the company is responsible for the elderly. Therefore, some old employees have a lot of problems before the product development, how to do the product, what problems will arise, how to optimize and so on.

To make products and do technology requires trial and error and needs to be passed down. Although Japanese companies and Japanese are pedantic, they can make the best products. Now, my family and my relatives’ TVs have always been produced by my former company, because I have experienced the process of research and development, knowing that the quality of these products is guaranteed. custom plastic molding

2. Entering the market for three years

In the second half of the 15th year, companies that have been away from work for nearly eight years have been put into the market. Always think: as long as you carefully, the product will speak. It is precisely because of the influence of this work that the product hopes to perfect the function and perfectionism.

I initially positioned myself as a video product and found that there is a special display (LG) on the market. There is no solution to light up. Many traders urgently need to light up sales. Under the detailed market demand survey, they start drawing and design. Production, and soon our PCBA successfully driven the display. custom plastic molding

After the completion of the PCBA model, the psychology believes that this product will certainly detonate the market demand, but the actual promotion only found that the product cost is too high, the market demand is cold, and soon this driver board is cracked by other home copy board, the price only needs our half. The market is so ruthless, the PCBA we made is only sold in very small quantities, and most of it is still backlogged.

Is it that I don’t adapt to the market or does the market not adapt to me? Every detail I made in the plan I made was perfect. For example, the power supply part: I test in different environments of minus 20 degrees and 40 degrees. As long as there is a problem, I must handle it as long as there are hidden dangers. However, the market does not recognize this.

Later, a new product entered our line of sight and balanced the car. At that time, a manufacturer in Zhejiang made this machine control board relatively early, and everyone flocked to design according to the appearance of this manufacturer. custom plastic molding

The market information is changing rapidly. We have no time to react. The control panel has dropped from the initial 170 yuan, and the shipping price has dropped to 130 yuan in about one month. There are also many manufacturers to decrypt the board, and the market quickly enters the price stage. We carefully counted the BOM of our products and confirmed the material price with the supplier. It is found that the cost is close to the shipping price, and it is unfortunately suspended and exited the market.

At the time, I was in contact with a company A, who also worked as a balancing car. After I saw their products, I felt that their batteries and circuits would have hidden dangers. So I asked them how to solve these problems, they told me: “As long as the product is good when it comes out of the company, which tube is so much.” Later I heard that they actually used the cement to pretend to increase weight. Later, due to the explosion of other companies’ balance cars, their goods were detained at the Amazon warehouse, so the company closed down.

After that, I also worked on wireless chargers, air purifiers, etc., but every time I tried to perfect the product, I experienced various setbacks. custom plastic molding

Combining my own experience in the work of the Japanese company and later entering the market, I concluded that:

Engineers are relatively narrow in their knowledge and are only familiar with their product areas. Today, with the rapid changes in electronic products, technology is constantly changing. Engineers need to learn a new mind and continue to learn new knowledge to keep up with the times.
Many chip designers are not familiar with the application, hardware application engineers are not familiar with the product manufacturing process, resulting in the chip in the actual application, some functions need to add peripheral circuits to achieve; or the application layer engineer developed products are not suitable for production, the test process is complex Etc. This requires engineers to have a good understanding of the comprehensiveness of the product. custom plastic molding
For products, engineers should listen to market needs and then define them. The products recognized by customers are valuable.
At present, the Chinese people have not precipitated the mentality of making products. A product that has just been listed has been plagiarized and will soon enter the shuffling period.
The development of new products, even if the function is simple, the system is simple, it also needs to do the principle block diagram design, similar to the piling of Jiangao Building, the function of the whole product is understood before design, and then it is not too late.
To make a product, you must have a technical accumulation, and you can calm down your heart to make a good product. When engineers can use a lot of energy to review products with tools such as multimeters and oscilloscopes, the quality of this product is likely to be stable. custom plastic molding

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