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Do you regret doing CNC?

Unconsciously, for so many years, from the general car to the numerical control, I still remember the wounds that I suffered in the past, the blood that passed through, and the numbness that came later. I regretted countless times of dry machining, until I still don’t want to do it, but still at the factory. He is doing it, he is still single, and he has no common language to chat with others. Really tired . custom plastic parts

Yesterday, I drove a few cars at the stall. One squatted on the back of my lathe with a bowl of rotten sacks and begged me. I gave ten dollars and then continued to work. I didn’t go, watching me drive the lathe. After a while, he whispered: “This big chamfer should be transitioned with a circular arc, otherwise the slant will cut the hand, and the speed of the finished car will increase by 500 rpm, otherwise the finish will not be enough, and the workpiece will be used as a fixture.” I opened my eyes in amazement and asked him: “Do you understand this?” He said: “Because of doing numerical control, I came to today. custom plastic parts

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