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Ten years later, who will save China’s manufacturing industry?

The collective concern in China’s manufacturing industry proves that some companies have weak foundations and skills. Where will China’s manufacturing industry go in the next decade? How will industrial workers face the elimination? custom sheet metal

“It’s clear spring outside, but my heart is a cold winter?” The classic line of Sakuragi is simply a true representation of Chinese manufacturing today. From last winter, the Chinese mainland and the coastal areas of Jiangsu and has a modern factory closures, and now winter to spring, China’s manufacturing industry not only failed to usher in the spring, but heavier shape.
According to domestic media reports on the eve of the Spring Festival, the well-known Japanese company Citizen production base in China watches, announced the liquidation resolution, more than a thousand employees and employment contract to be terminated, almost the same time, Microsoft reached the Nokia factory in Dongguan and Beijing factory Schedule 9,000 layoffs to shut down. In addition, some other well-known foreign companies such as Panasonic, Sharp, TDK, etc. plans to promote the local production base to move the plan back, Samsung, Foxconn, Nike and other well-known international companies have also been affected by cost pressures in the mainland factories Southeast Asia. custom sheet metal
In fact, the survival of the strongest on the chain has even broken the dead, always a natural elite-type laws of nature, we should not have such a sensational effect, but the indisputable fact is: this effect as a pestilential wanton dissemination in China, aggravated China’s collective concerns at the same time prove that some manufacturing companies are weak in their foundations and do not have the skills of their employees, but rather spend their energy planning strikes rather than storing knowledge.

Who published the founding of Chinese production companies? custom sheet metal
The famous economist Long decade proposed before the “6 + 1” theory that the whole industry chain divided into seven parts, of which there are six aspects of high-profit sector, accounting for 99%, and hands In the hands of European and American companies, China’s manufacturing industry is at the bottom of the industry chain, it’s not only profitable, it has to work hard, it also has to pay the price for the environment. In short, in the eyes of Professor Lang, China is a major producing country, but it is definitely not a production power.
The withdrawal of foreign capital from the mainland today is mainly due to pressure from the economic environment in China over the past decade. Looking back on this decade, manufacturing and other business entities are not very common in China, but also politically oriented in China rather embarrassing situation, in which most of the complaints should be the real estate industry. custom sheet metal
It is true that the investment-driven approach, which consists of real estate and urban construction, has played a stepped and short-term role in China’s economic growth, but has not been able to bring sustainable development to the Chinese economy. The aim of manufacturing is a very low margin industry, but also a lot of manpower, machinery and equipment resources in the early, but also under the customer constantly press, usually a lot of manufacturing gross margin lower than 5%. Powerful than Apple OEM Foxconn will be assigned to only 2% of the profits, but the company has the Apple supply chain, the most boring part, but also the right time for Apple to bear back part of the blame.
Just as China’s manufacturing industry struggled to meet single-digit gains, a high-profile real estate industry could easily grab 30% of profits, forcing manufacturing companies to severely force major mental imbalance, the direct consequence being that Haier, Konka well-known manufacturing companies are also planning to get into Real estate, and also some central companies want to seize the opportunity to make a fortune. The country once set a clear limit to the entry of capital into real estate, especially into state-owned enterprises and large productive capital, but can not change the pattern of “most preferred real estate”. custom sheet metal
Even more frightening is that real estate is just one of this country deformities of virtual economy, in which all people are speculative stocks, the dazzling success of training institutions, the annual renewal of urban roads

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