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[HR] year-end assessment (four): how is the year-end assessment results more reasonable?

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Before the year-end performance bonus accounting staff, avoid to the results of the annual assessment of the employees of the company’s overall statistical ranking and distribution arrangement, the bonus coefficient and the ratio of range. The normal distribution is the unified arrangement? Or departments to separate the internal ranking bonus? Department of normal places and bonus difference between the poles how to balance? And so on, how to make assessment results more fair and reasonable distribution of the year-end ranking, we must face the problem. So, excuse me:

1, how is your company ranking the results of the year-end assessment?

2, do you think this distribution is reasonable? China custom stainless steel fabrication Manufacturer.

Reference parsing:

The company did not perform the year-end assessment, according to the distribution of bonuses, the company management is the implementation of the 13 months salary, namely a multiple months of work, the store are the boss according to management positions to red envelopes, managers, managers and supervisors in the implementation of standards of different amount of red, the general staff is the new year for everyone 100 yuan a red envelope. China custom stainless steel fabrication Manufacturer.

1, if you carry out the distribution of the results of the year-end assessment, I think it should be more fair and reasonable in accordance with some of the ranking.

2, the ununiformity of the unified normal distribution of the whole company: China custom stainless steel fabrication Manufacturer.

A the evaluation index of each department is different, the standard of assessment is not consistent, and the ranking lacks the basis for quantifying and unifying. China custom stainless steel fabrication Manufacturer.

B Sales Department, logistics department, service department and so on are ranked together, lacking fairness, because each department’s quantitative contribution value is different, so it is impossible to make a fair evaluation.

The C implementation of the company’s ranking has the potential to lead to departmental contradictions and is not conducive to the unity of employees.

3, the rationality of the ranking of departments. China custom stainless steel fabrication Manufacturer

The A assessment objectives are consistent, and the assessment standards are unified, which can be quantified.

B department ranking, payroll performance energize, work attitude and interpersonal relationship can also be evaluated and operated.

C internal ranking, according to the basis, convenient implementation, relatively fair and fair, the employees can accept. China custom stainless steel fabrication Manufacturer

4, the Distribution Department of normal level two places and bonuses, should be based on the contribution to the balance, based on the results of performance can be combined with other soft target evaluation, logistics service department can be combined with the work value and work attitude to assess the contribution. Or you can develop a good distribution at the beginning of the year when the proportion of direct execution scheme, at the end of operation then, principle is to encourage outstanding contribution, hard work, share more!

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