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The truth of the matter is on the scene. Don’t stay in the office

Japan’s Toyota’s on-site management is undoubtedly a model for manufacturing manufacturing companies around the world. As one of the founders of the famous Toyota model, Ohno once said, “In the manufacturing industry, the data is certainly important, but I think the most important thing is the facts.” How should we understand this sentence? Many people may feel confused. What is the difference between data and facts? Why is fact more important than data? custom steel parts

So where is the difference between data and facts?

We know that from the site to the report and then to the data, the amount of information it contains is decreasing. If the actual situation on the site represents the overall situation (all, large, detailed, fresh information), then the report may only represent one or a part of the information, and the data is reduced to several points, one by one. The point (KPI). These key points, which have a certain significance and guiding significance to the overall situation, are necessary conditions for our decision-making, but they are not sufficient conditions because it often reveals only the tip of the iceberg, or the height of concentration. If we analyze and make decisions based on incomplete and inaccurate information, it is likely to lead to erroneous results.

The data and reports may represent results, but they cannot show the actual process details of each day. The management of KPI indicators is a must, but it is also not enough. The better management methods are: live events + reports + key data KPI + other. custom steel parts

When time permits, managers at all levels should implement on-site activities as much as possible and visit the site to see the actual situation in person to obtain first-hand information instead of processed second-hand reports and data. Of course, the frequency should also be determined according to the actual situation. For the key, complex problems and insufficient staff, managers should strengthen the frequency of on-site inspections.

Conversely, for minor, simple problems and competent personnel, the frequency of on-site inspections should be reduced. It is worth noting that all things must be reversed, and it is necessary to regard on-the-spot activities as an active help for the leadership to work with subordinates. It is a way to solve problems rather than an excuse for abuse of power and nitpicking. Not only to find problems, but also to find bright spots. In general, positive feedback is more than negative incentives.

It is not difficult to understand what is happening on the spot. What is difficult is to practice it in daily work. The best company in the world for on-site management has been recognized as Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan. For decades, there have been numerous scholars and imitators, but Toyota is based on Toyota. Nobody has ever surpassed them. One of the most important reasons is the majority of learners. Only know how to talk on paper, but the existing perseverance, daily insist on the site to see the actual site. Did not learn to discover problems in the facts, find abnormalities, collect information, analyze in depth; then make decisions based on actual information, continuously improve the scene and improve work. In the short term, no results have been achieved. With the enthusiasm of learners weakening, coupled with the lack of establishment of corporate culture and supporting mechanisms for on-the-spot activities, it is finally over. custom steel parts

Knowing how easy it is, managing it at the scene, not at the office. We need to constantly reflect on and experience in practice. Then, what do we do when we encounter problems and feel helpless and do not know what to do? Go to the scene! The site is a gold mine. It is full of problems and is full of waste. It is also full of opportunities to solve problems and tap potential. As Ohno Naiichi once said, “It would be better to be in the corner of the scene than to be in the office and receive direct sensory stimulation to get first-hand management information!” custom steel parts

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