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The story of the workplace was rejected 1850 times , still not giving up

In the United States, a poor and impoverished young man, even though he didn’t put all his money together enough to buy a decent suit, he still wholeheartedly adhered to his dream: to be an actor, to make a movie, to become a star. custom welding and fabrication

At that time, there are 500 Hollywood movie company, he counted one by one, and more than once. Later, he carefully delineated according to their own route and arrangement the good order of the list, with their own tailor-made for the script to visit. custom welding and fabrication

But for the first time, none of the 500 film companies were willing to hire him.

Faced with a one hundred percent refusal, the young man did not lose heart. He started from the first house after the last rejected movie company and continued his second rounds of visits and self recommendation.

In the second round of visit, 500 film companies still refused him.

The results of the second round of the visit is still the same with the second round. The teeth of young people to visit his fourth round, when visiting his 349th home, 350th film company boss promised to let him stay epoch-making to take a look at the script.

A few days later, the young man got the notice and asked him to discuss it in detail. custom welding and fabrication

In this discussion, the company decided to invest in the film and asked the young man to act as the hero in his script.

The movie named < Lodge. The young man’s name is Weiss Stallone. I now open the movie history, this is called the film and the lodge > days after the popular all over the world stars are on the list.

Story Philosophy

custom welding and fabrication Chinese about “taking the road”, but we often imperceptibly it evolved into “how strange,” while ignoring the “understanding and pursuit”.

The machine is odd, and persistence is positive. There are always many surprise at all times and in all countries, although the cases, but into the event, without exception, is persistent. custom welding and fabrication

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