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Inspection, certification, and accelerating the convergence of institutions! 12 municipal special inspection agencies will be integrated

It is reported that 12 city-level special equipment inspection institutes in Liuzhou, Guilin, Ganzhou, Hechi, Hezhou, Baise, Laibin, Guigang, Qinzhou, Fangchenggang, Yulin and Beihai will be integrated into the Guangxi Institute of Special Equipment Inspection. customized aluminum precision CNC machining

Wang Kaizhi, deputy director of the Bureau of Quality Supervision of the Autonomous Region, introduced that according to their investigations, in 2014, Guangxi had a total of 560 inspection, inspection and certification institutions, including 94 autonomous region-level institutions, 131 municipal-level institutions, and 335 county-level institutions. The business areas include product quality, special equipment, ships, food (agricultural products, food), hygiene, environment, engineering quality, metrology, standards, technology, certification, etc.

The survey of the expert group believes that Guangxi’s inspection, testing and certification bodies have serious problems with low-level redundant construction, and urgently need to integrate and optimize resource allocation to improve service capabilities and core competitiveness. Since last year, the Guangxi Quality Supervision System has taken the lead in integrating special inspection agencies as its entry point. The names of the 12 branches after the integration have been unified into the “Xiao Branch of the Guangxi Institute of Special Equipment Inspection and Research”, and no longer retain independent institutional entities. qualifications.

The integration of municipal special equipment inspection institutes is a major step forward in the integration of inspection and certification organizations in Guangxi. customized aluminum precision CNC machining

According to the Bureau of Quality Supervision of the Autonomous Region, the Bureau and the Association of Autonomous Regions have steadily promoted the integration of inspection, certification and certification institutions in the region. After in-depth investigations and discussions and research discussions, the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has formed the “Regulations of the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on the Implementation of the Central Trans The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) issued a “Notice on Integrating Inspection, Inspection, and Certification Organizations to Implement Opinions” (draft), further deepening reforms, strengthening functions, and strengthening the service system of inspection, testing, and certification agencies, so as to provide important technical support for the region’s economic restructuring and upgrading. . customized aluminum precision CNC machining

According to Wang Kaizhi’s introduction, Guangxi will promote integration work in three aspects: First, it will promote the reform of public institutions in combination with classification, promote the integration of the same and similar organizations in the departments of the autonomous region, and encourage departments and regions to have the same business through negotiation. , similar institutions conduct cross-sectoral, cross-industry, cross-level integration. The second is to promote the comprehensive integration of cities and counties. With the institutions with good technical foundation and comprehensive strength as the core, the city and county departments should be integrated with the same or similar businesses and a comprehensive inspection and certification institution for cities and counties should be established. The third is to promote inter-departmental, cross-industry, and cross-level integration in six major areas, including product quality and safety inspection and inspection, special equipment, ships, and safety inspection and inspection, food and medicine, agricultural products, food inspection and testing, and sanitation (public health, Animal health), environmental inspection and testing, engineering quality and safety testing and inspection, measurement, standards, technology, and certification. customized aluminum precision CNC machining

Through this deep integration, the region’s special inspection agencies for quality supervision systems have now basically achieved the sharing of high-end talents, equipment, and technology, effectively avoiding duplication of investment and duplicated construction, and the results of reforms have begun to appear:

The first is to cooperate with the safety supervision agencies to effectively enhance the ability to serve major activities and key projects. He successfully completed the “Two Conferences” section of the service and the special equipment safety tasks of the Nanning East Railway Station and the T2 Airport project. The Guangxi Bureau of Quality Supervision has demonstrated its talent, equipment, and technology advantages and effectively guided the integration of Guangxi (Beihai) electronic information product quality inspection centers to carry out its business, rapidly enhancing its hardware and software capabilities, and providing quality management and safety management for Beihai’s electronic information industry transformation and upgrading. Inspection and technical consulting services, certification and accreditation, brand development, and standard formulation are all integrated high-tech services to attract the electronic information industry to gather and exert a concentrated effect, and effectively support the local electronics industry construction of 100 billion yuan.

The second is the further strengthening of emergency rescue capabilities. The Guangxi Bureau of Quality Supervision quickly dispatched experts and equipment resources to successfully handle a rollover accident involving approximately 23 tons of liquefied gas tankers (Guangdong H5366) on Maju Town, the second-grade highway on the 2nd of this year, which demonstrated the inspection and inspection in our district. After the certification organization is integrated, it has been effectively enhanced with joint defense and emergency response capabilities. customized aluminum precision CNC machining

The third is the initial appearance of the scale brand effect. Competing with major domestic institutions in the major project inspection business in the region to gain advantages, took possession of the three major petrochemical inspection businesses of CNPC Beihai Refinery, and competed with leading institutions including US companies, winning the bid for the first bid section of the Iraqi refining project and the Venezuela refinery The project has a detection technology service business with an amount exceeding 10 million yuan. Fourth, the annual inspection and inspection service income continued to maintain a relatively rapid growth momentum, resulting in a relatively large-scale economy. The market expansion capability also began to take shape. customized aluminum precision CNC machining

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