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[Lean School] 6 Mistakes in 5S Management

Misunderstanding 1: 5S = Cleaning. Customized machining parts | four axis CNC machining |‎
Many employees believe that 5S is cleaning and cleaning the surrounding environment. In the finishing stage, in order to cope with the inspections, some employees also threw out their original useful question bank and lab technician’s reading book when cleaning. They said that they would not throw away. In fact, finishing and rectifying is not to let you throw things, but to make you clear unnecessary, and then sort out the useful items, a clear number. 5S is an activity of continuous improvement. It consists of the cultivation of employees’ literacy and the creation of a clean and tidy site. Cleaning is a temporary activity. Customized machining parts | four axis CNC machining |‎

Misunderstanding 2: 5S = Corporate Image Project
In the process of advancing, in addition to posting 5S posters and slogans, some employees believe that companies today demand that information cabinets be sorted out, that tomorrow, cups, tubs, telephones, records, etc. must all be placed in designated areas. To check the locker, not only freedom is gone, but personal privacy is gone. This is not what face engineering is.
In fact, the classification of documents and information helps to effectively reduce search time and improve work efficiency. Check the locker and just put what you need on request. Because in past work, we often spend a lot of time looking for something. This is also a waste. Customized machining parts | four axis CNC machining |‎

Misunderstanding 3: 5S inspection = inspection and evaluation
Some companies mistakenly believe that advancing 5S is a regular 5S inspection and evaluation of all departments. Without other effective activities, it is difficult to continuously improve the 5S level by inspection and evaluation. The 5S activities are progressing step by step, and concrete contents must be injected during the activities. The evaluation check is only part of the activities. The 5S inspection and evaluation can only help the company to maintain a certain level of cleaning. It is not enough to expect that the 5S activity level can be improved through inspection and evaluation.

Misunderstanding 4: 5S assessment = fine
Some companies in the evaluation of the grass-roots unit 5S, failed to be fined, causing dissatisfaction with employees. The author believes that in promoting 5S management, companies should adopt more positive incentive methods. Encourage employees to make suggestions for rationalization, give feedback on whether to adopt or not, and reward good advisers and good performers. Customized machining parts | four axis CNC machining |‎
The core of fine management of enterprises is people. The fundamental goal of management is for people, people, and people. The process of management is to motivate and satisfy employees’ active and positive pursuits and develop their potential.

Misunderstanding 5: 5S management = pursuit of progress
Some enterprises in the 5S have violated the objective law in implementing 5S management, and they only rely on their own subjective intentions to do things. Although the intention is good, the result is bound to hit the wall. Some units do not have very good training for their employees. They follow the requirements of 5S management and allow employees to line and position cameras. Some employees under the guidance of management personnel, the on-site environment has changed significantly, but employees do not know why, but passive acceptance, often do not receive the desired results, its 5S management has become a “castle in the air.” Customized machining parts | four axis CNC machining |‎

Misunderstanding 6: 5S activity = employee activity
This kind of understanding confuses the meaning of full participation and voluntary action, and believes that the full participation of employees requires the conscious participation of employees. In fact, 5S is an all-in-one activity, but it cannot be left alone. If corporate leaders decide to promote 5S activities within the enterprise, they must make long-term advancement and unremitting ideological preparations. To effectively promote this activity, it is necessary to continuously maintain a strong push from top to bottom of the company’s senior management, and it is also the key to the success of 5S. Customized machining parts | four axis CNC machining |‎

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