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Cut sewing skills training, skills necessary to Turner.

One, a picture of a turning tool. High Quality design fixtures  China Manufacturer

1. High-speed steel cutter: widely used at present, suitable for workpiece with soft material and small diameter.

2. Carbide cutting tool: suitable for high speed cutting, hard material and large diameter workpiece.

3. Elastic cutting knife: automatic cutting tool, which can protect the tool.

Second, the clamping of the turning tool

Whether the clamping of cutting knife is correct or not has a direct influence on the smooth progress of cutting workpiece, so the clamping requirement of cutting knife is high.

Cut off solid workpiece: the main blade must be strictly aligned to the center of rotation of the workpiece, parallel to the axis line and ensure the symmetry of the two pairs of deflection angles.

In order to enhance the rigidity of the knife, the pole should not be extended too long (generally cutting depth 2-3 mm) to prevent vibration.

Third, the method of cutting off (usually manual feed)

1. Straight-forward: the left-right-hand rotating skateboard makes the skateboard continuously and evenly feed, the handle is easy, the chip is discharged smoothly.

2. The method of borrowing knife from left to right: in general, the left hand holds the large skateboard and the right hand holds the middle skateboard, which requires the same speed and distance (about half the width of the knife).

3. Reverse tangent method: cutting tools are backfitted with chips, but the chuck and spindle connections must be fitted with safety devices.

Four, the skills necessary to cut four prone, cutting problems and matters needing attention

(1) the cuttings grooves for cutting the cutters should not be worn too deep, general 0.75-1.5mm.

(2) the rear angle of both sides of cutting knife and car slot knife should be symmetrical.

(3) the blade of a high speed steel car should be cooled at any time when the blade is worn to prevent annealing. High Quality design fixtures  China Manufacturer

(4) required tool: flat surface, straight edge and correct angle.

(5) when cutting, it should be fed continuously and evenly. If a lathe tool is not able to enter, it should exit immediately, check whether the tool tip is aligned with the center of the workpiece, and whether it is sharp and not forced to feed, so as to prevent turning tool from breaking.

(6) it is found that the cutting surface is uneven or marked with knife marks. It is necessary to check the sharpening and clamping of the cutter, and find out the reason, then continue to turn it after correction, otherwise it will easily cause the cutter to break.

(7) before cutting off the workpiece with rough surface (black skin), it is best to round the workpiece first, so as not to damage the tool because of the oversize of the impact force.

(8) when manual feed is cut off, the friction between the cutter and the workpiece surface should be avoided due to the pause in the turning process, which will make the surface of the workpiece produce chill phenomenon and make the tool wear faster. If we want to stop cutting during cutting, we should first retreat and then stop.

(9) the cutting position should be as close to the chuck as possible, otherwise it will easily cause vibration.

(10) if the diameter of the workpiece is larger or longer, it is generally not cut to the center, and 2-3mm is left, the tool is withdrawn and the workpiece is broken by hand after parking.

(11) when a top or two top piece is installed, the workpiece can not be cut off directly to prevent the workpiece from flying out and injured when it is cut off.

(12) after cutting the cutter for a period of time, it can be used to cut off the back of the knife, restore the sharpness of the blade, and improve the durability of the cutter and the finish of the machined surface. High Quality design fixtures  China Manufacturer

Five, cutting and cutting

(1): groove groove with cutting knife cutting knife. Before the main cutting edge, two for measuring cutting edges. The installation groove cutter, the main cutting edge should be parallel to the axis of the work piece, the main cutting edge and the workpiece axis of the same height. The narrow groove cutting, the main cutting edge width is equal to the width of slot take a knife, the transverse groove cutting. Cutting wide groove, groove width less than the width of the main cutting edge, several transverse cutting, cutting groove width; cutting groove width, vertical cutting finishing bottom, after cutting the wide groove.

(two) cut off: cutting tools and groove cutting tools are basically the same, but their main cutting edges are narrow and the cutter heads are longer. During the cutting process, the heat dissipation condition is poor and the tool stiffness is low. Therefore, we must reduce the cutting amount to prevent the vibration of machine tools and workpieces, and add cutting fluid.

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