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Differences in the management of the United States, Germany, Japan and china!

The first implementation of the national economy is the United States, about 1880 years, the United States accounted for in the world’s industrial production in the proportion of the first more than Britain, which became the most important industrial production country in the world. The United States not only no large-scale exporting goods, but also in the large-scale immigrants come from around the world. Especially to the European immigrants. CNC Machined components

Because of the diversity of Americans, his management model is formed: motivation (individual oriented) + practical performance”

Because the United States is an immigrant country, American society advocates individualism, so it is also advocating individualism in Enterprises – enterprise strong personal struggle spirit + management innovation

In the eyes of Americans, “start empty-handed” man is a hero. As John started to rely on oil? D Rockefeller, auto magnate Henry Ford? I and Microsoft Corp founder Bill? Gates and others are known to every family, American individualism, caused the enterprise management focus on practical and pragmatic spirit of science and culture. An invention or discovery is accepted by the enterprise, the key is that it can be applied in reality, can produce effect in social life. CNC Machined components

So in the United States is produced at home can work on business management in the United States for individual enterprises to create value, that is: no matter what method you use, my business whether you, as long as you can finish your duty is OK. The United States management second:

Individualism and pragmatism in American social culture reflect the cultural value orientation of Americans. This value orientation is reflected in the management of enterprises and forms the pragmatic characteristics of American business management culture

Let’s talk about Bill Gate,, President of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd., Dr. Gao Qunyao said at the entrepreneur forum: “the Internet has created an innovative model.”CNC Machined components

In these invisible things, how to manage, how to measure the value generated, resulting in the value of such people how performance evaluation? Technological innovation is very important, more deadly. The importance of innovation management innovation of enterprises in the United States, and innovation and personal struggle and are inseparable. So what is the result of innovation evaluation, then I see the market reaction, the American character has decided the enterprise innovation should pay attention to usability. CNC Machined components

So no matter whether it is the United States, the management of personal heroism or performance focus on practical, in fact also explains that some American enterprises with “loose” individualism of staff management is actually a good incentive, performance appraisal and pay special attention to practicality.

After the United States for overtaking is Germany. By 1913, Germany occupied in the world industrial production in the proportion of the first time surpassed Britain to become the world’s second largest industrial production in China. Unlike the United States, Germany’s rise has brought to the world a great misfortune.

“German enterprise management mode is: core technology + strict quality””

First, from the German speaking character, my colleagues on a business trip to Germany, this is back and I said: German emphasis on everything from the perspective of pragmatic, honest and reliable, take their house construction as an example, although not beautiful, but in the fashions of chastity, neat and generous. Each kind of material, such as glass, lock. Hinge, hinge, switch, lamp shade, curtain, rack and so on, even if is very small, too fast stable, not sloppy.

Would rather lose their heavy, very reluctant to shoddy. Germany Park, station and other public places to decorate the statue, mostly lions, horses and muscular men, women rarely use for publicity. This is the German character portrayal.

Strict quality:

It can be seen the Germans put national culture onto the business management above, management of German companies, the staff attitude is very strict, in the international market, made in Germany and the German standard usually represents high quality, consumers can completely trust. In this respect, even has always been to high-quality Japanese have to win show the white feather.

The German enterprise attaches great importance to product quality, a strong sense of quality has become the core of enterprise culture, deeply rooted in our minds. The public employees the company has set a strict quality consciousness in the staff, emphasizing the occupation moral edification of workers in the enterprise establish the quality concept of excellence.

SIEMENS company to “new win, win” concept, make SIEMENS an invincible position. They pay attention to product quality, they believe that consciousness and high quality high-quality employees are inseparable, pay great attention to training with specialized skills and knowledge workers, to improve the quality awareness of employees.

Take SIEMENS, they have their own training schools, as far as I know Suzhou is the annual SIEMENS will choose 5 people to go to Germany for training, the training time is 2 years, the equivalent of China training Technician Diploma Certificate, the expense is all is the company, after coming back wages rose 50% to 8 years of service in the company before you leave. Trains also is the German technicians.

Technology in germany:

German special technician system. In fact, the German technology to our country a serious lack of professional and technical personnel of the state, I think it is very necessary, instead of spending so much money to go out is not what training of college students, as to promote the technician to know.

German technology embodied in the research and development, is the concentration of superior forces, in-depth study of finite fields, resulting in remarkable originality and uniqueness. Technician system and research and development of originality is the two commonly used methods for German companies, one of the basic reasons for this is the German economy strong and lasting.

Japan and Germany experienced the same, but Japan’s real catch-up and rise in the last century in 70s.1971, Japan’s industrial production in the world’s industrial production accounted for 5%, for the first time than Britain and France

“Japanese enterprise management model is: Japanese team + training”

Because I have done a few years in Japanese funded enterprises, the Japanese enterprises management mode relatively understand:

Team spirit in japan:

In Japan, although at present, enterprises have changed the previous system of life, but the Japanese generally speaking, will be done in the enterprise for life, this is caused by their corporate culture

Japanese companies as a whole is to win, they can in a relatively short period of time will be the whole enterprise into second stages of development of the organization, the organization entered into a whole with the tacit understanding, in the whole business in the form of unconscious between an employee with the tacit understanding, the entire organization has the highest efficiency. It can be said Japanese not necessarily Chinese than we do good things without Chinese flexible, but he is definitely a team magic combination.

Total quality management in Japan, is to make every employee to participate in all aspects of business activities, to participate in and improve all aspects of the work of enterprises, through this way, let everyone to join the organization, coordination and collaboration to form a whole!

Japanese companies are not pay attention to the overall effect, highlight the individual. They are about a successful team and the organization as a whole, pay attention to the whole organization and sacrifice individual, this is Japan’s social atmosphere, but also the Japanese companies the core of the enterprise culture. It is this kind of organizational identity, so that Japanese firms can quickly rise and success at the end of the war.

The training system of Japanese funded enterprises

Did the Japanese enterprise friends, probably all know that, in Japanese enterprises inside, you go in (of course is equivalent to the level of engineer level) will have the training opportunities abroad, generally in their business to the company, and will you sign a contract for 3 years, I also said examples for everyone:

SHIMADZU instruments in Japan, there are factories in China, they are like this to employees:

1) pay attention to staff training

In general, the interview does not value the specific skills of individuals, but stressed that the basic quality. Enterprises generally signed a 3 year contract with you, in second years time to each according to your performance, the general will be sent to Japan for training, usually in 2-5 weeks, this will give employees a chance of development, it is also retain employees an important point.

Japanese companies generally will be from inside the school directly into the internship, Japanese enterprises pay great attention to cooperation with the school. In different schools, enterprises think good school students better, more willing to give priority to. He told the students’ comprehensive quality requirements are relatively high.

2) focus on internal promotion

In Japanese enterprises, generally when there is a new job, it will try to train the existing staff, through internal adjustment to meet the needs

In Japanese enterprises, external recruitment to management personnel, regardless of their ability, not a long time familiar with the internal system, and up and down to establish close working and personal relationship, it is difficult to carry out the work. At this point I estimate stayed in Japanese enterprises business people should know.

“Chinese people do things flexibly, it can be said that the world is famous.””

Say a bad joke: General in Russia will be fined for speeding Chinese equivalent to RMB 200 yuan, when a lot of people China to Russia to do business, there is a Chinese open car for speeding by Russian police signal to stop, Chinese directly to 100 yuan pocket money in the traffic police this shows that in front of the system. Chinese will go to the loophole.

In China Huizhou merchants in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the history of our country about more than 400 years of existence, the merchants with its flexible capital operation; good market; business with ethics, emphasis on credibility, good at developing the brand-name products, the trade activities throughout the country, the merchandise has been sold to the world market and popular.

From the world, the United States has no management mode, management mode and management mode of German Japanese, China in the current situation, we as a country with 5000 years of history of civilization, in the era of globalization China should transcend the narrow nationalism, treat the Western civilization with more rational attitude.

Treat development better than our country, we need to inherit the tradition of Confucian culture based on the acceptance of western technological civilization, Western individualism, freedom on our traditional injection, Confucianism spirit, innovation factor, make the China truly become the world leader, not a follower.

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